Best Microphone for YouTube Videos? (Review and Tutorial)

Review and tutorial of the best microphones for YouTube videos! **** Check out the BEST microphones for YouTube video series here:

**** Show Notes, Video Gear and Microphones ****

1. Boom Microphone Stand and Accessories (For if you already have a shotgun microphone)

Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

CAMVATE Mic Screw Adapters

25-Feet Nickel Plated 3.5 mm Audio Extension Cable

2. Complete Studio Boom Kits

RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit ($179)

RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit with windmuff ($199)

RODE VideoMic Pro R Studio Boom Kit ($259)

RODE VideoMic Pro R Studio Boom Kit with Wind Muff ($289)

3. Microphones Tested and Reviewed in the Video (In order by price low to high)

BOYA BY-M1 (Budget Lavalier Condenser Microphone)

TAKSTAR SGC-598 (Budget Shotgun Mic)

Rode VideoMicro

Rode VideoMic

Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R

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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media talks about the best microphone for youtube. What are the best microphones for youtube and the best microphones for youtube videos? Check out the video for details. This youtube microphone review and microphone tutorial will help you level-up your audio in your videos. The best microphone for youtube recording depends on the situation, but in this video you’ll learn about a budget microphone setup and see the best mic review!


KraftDonut says:


Like The Video says:

Enjoyed this, keep them coming good video

P1X4 P4T1 says:

Talented, very talanted even ! top vid

UhoohExtrA says:

Hi Sean, I went for the Boya BY-M1 Mic you featured here which you suggested in one of your older uploads. It helped me a lot. Previously I was trying to record straight from my iPhone which was not great. I have to say I think your advice always prioritises your viewers benefit before your own. Which is a fantastic trait. Your advice is always spot on. Thank you

Lucky Braxton says:

Great video as always. I’m using that same video mic. I also picked up a rode video micro as well as a rode mic me. That boom pole is something I’m actually looking into so great share. I currently use a 3 dollar tri pod from a thrift store that I attach the mic to and put it below the frame pointing up at me. But the boom pole is more ideal because I’d rather stand than sit when I make videos.

Dark Blue Nutrition says:

Sean, do you have any advice for someone with a canon g7x that doesn’t have an external microphone jack. I hate that I feel that my only option is to buy another camera because I love the camera otherwise. Thanks!

kaylian vanhadenhoven says:

Do they have a boom kit whit the pro plus

teste teste says:

Enjoyable and nice Work


Any European links Sean?


I use Rode mic

skalinter says:

I think the this video here that you made, would have sounded better if you sound fixed the room with acoustic foam tiles to remove the echo of that room.

Ileana Harvey says:

HELP!!!i have a canon t6 rebel and it doesnt have a mic jack . How can i connect a mic on my camera if there isnt no where to connect it ?

P1X4 P4T1 says:

better than the stuff i usually watch !! loved it

HeatherStylesXO says:

Love this video and deff going to check out some of your options but quick question before I buy… I film most of my hair & makeup videos in my hair studio..very high ceilings marble floors so it echo’s horribly! Not looking for subs but heres a video I did and you can hear how bad the audio is and I was pretty close to my camera with my Rode mic attached that came with my Cannon.  I don’t really want to wear a small mic clipped on me because I move around a lot in some of my videos…so do you think just getting the boom stand with my rode would be enough to cut out all the echo? Or do you have any other suggestions that might help? Thanks so much!!!

Anteaters & Foxes says:

I had a Purple lav but my pet chewed the cable up so just ordered the BOYA.

EpicMango says:

Great video. I have a $10 lapel mic from seacue. Not too bad for the price

Shawn Tubbs says:

And once again thanks so much!

ImDarkFoxXx says:

killed some time ! adding to favs!!!!

GhostGround says:

Which of these work on ps4 because I upload gaming videos

dani kl says:

Cool !! thumbs up

Nabeel Naqvi says:

The audio actually get worse when you move to the boom pole. Maybe because it was not directed properly or something lol.

Tá Querida says:

I love your content! It helps a lot! Now I’m using Tascam DR-05 for recording.My microfone is the A.lav Aputure. I like it, but I don’t know how to edit de audio well. I also use a Rode on the top of my camera, but I’m definitely going to try this tip! Thaks again!

Indigenous Destiny says:

Was the Takstar used in this video?! I’ve been looking for audio options for my videos for the last few months and considered getting the Rode mic studio boom kit, but if the takstar sounds just as good, I would definitely get that instead.

Anna Guyon says:

So helpful! Thank you so much, I was just looking into purchasing a mic, and this video helped tremendously

Jeremy Atkins says:

What’s up with all the reverb on this video? Specifically, in the beginning when you’re not testing the mics. It’s not there in your other ones.

It's Me Michelle says:

Hey can you do a video on how to do a reaction video?….. Your channel is the only one that makes since when explaining things….I love your videos I never get bored while watching your videos……

PetersonDN says:

next please . good video

ItzDilzz says:

thanks helped me alot!

teste teste says:

Swing and a Miss! but still !! thumbs up

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