Looking for a new microphone to take your gaming to the next level?
Well, Razer has you covered with their Seiren X microphone. Very good audio quality at a good price, defiantly one to check out.

Big thanks to Razer for sending over the Seiren X for this Review.


You can Go Buy it here




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Tornado Watcher says:

I got the mic recently and I got to admit it’s really good. I got it for $90 thanks to a razer promo code.

Hawk says:

I want a mic for when I do voice chat in my games, do you think this would work? And if not do you have anything you could recommend me?

AndriPC says:

I had this mic. It’s awesome

Not Eighth says:

Does anyone know what adapter I would need for the Razer Seiren X for a standing arm? I just got my standing arm today and it doesn’t fit the slot for it.

aaronitous says:

The Seiren Seems over priced considering it’s a usb microphone. Compared to similar options from Audio Technica and Samson it just doesn’t seem worth it.

RENILO says:

is it fun being white in South Africa?

Justin Charest says:

Does this mic work with razer synapse? WHen i plugged it in it didnt rcognize the device.

Galadex Gaming says:

Love your videos
Keep up the good work

Rodrigo Gurrola says:

I have one I selling it for 60

TheMcsqueez says:

Can you ask razer for the next step up Mic and compare them!?

Cuwtie :P says:

But should i spend a $100 on a pretty simple microphone that’s Razer but there’s alot of plastic

Vertxc says:

does it work for discord?

the death says:

Can we use in pubg

ScarMafia Gaming says:

i got the mic but my friends says it sounds kind of like crap but i dont know why or what is wrong with the settings

AiZeK says:

you can also get the audio technica in a usb version for 145

Sundr0wn says:

I cant deicide if i like the sound of this mic or the Blue Snowball more, since i could get both for the same price. What do other viewers think, which one do you like better?

Matt Price says:

Dude, I LOVE your desk setup (completely off topic from the video content I know, great vid by the way).. Can you share details on the desk setup, where to buy, etc?

DamTheFam says:

Well finally someone who knows how to do a mic test, im pleasured, thanks.


I GOT it for 3 minuttes ago in my tine

Harith Ramlan says:

what the my mans is south african gg ez sub for him

Adam Todd says:

What mic do you have if you don’t mind me asking so I can also take a look at that one

Evan says:

If anyone is thinking of buying and doesn’t like how the cable doesn’t have much room, I just got mine today and the cable is a L shape now so no worries!

TheMcsqueez says:

What fans are those in his pc?

NamiTheFvckTV says:

Do i need audio interface or a soundcard for it? Or just the mic will be enough?

AiZeK says:

legend says if you get enough razer products you can use the boxes as one green screen

Kian Kian says:

how do you live in south africa, and you are so rich and white?

Daryll Wajendra says:

60% of wtf

Steven says:

No matter what game of Rainbow Six I play, there is always someone whose mic sounds as if they’re located underwater.

SwtorNerd says:

i have razer naga and neewer white microphone i liked vid and subbed keep up good tech videos if you have any other white gear that could improve my setup please respond to my channel

White Vanilla says:

Does This Require Bluetooth?

TrickZone says:

Can it go on a different stand

GrexyyMC says:

So if i have a blackwidow x croma the Keys isnt to loud ?

Kingshuk KsS says:

Can I stream on 1080p using ryzen 5 Apu ??

Esseeja says:

Mate real quick will this work for discord?

Last mod anything you know on minecraft says:

I think the 20k sub was 2milion sub the video is great to be 2000000 views

Peyton Bodin says:

*A light steel*

CHEMICAL Deranged says:

Ps4 using elgato how do you remove the button noise from ps4 controller ?

Polk Games says:

Whats the stand called at 5:20

Mojox90 says:

Should I get a pop filter for this?

gtpc says:

This mic sounds so gooood

Ruan Rossouw says:

Subscribed because you are South African

YeahIAnimate says:

Does the Razer Seiren X work on XBOX One?

Anthony I says:

Low Key the Seiren X sounds better than the audio technica. Like if you agree

BenM says:

You Can probaly adjust in razer synapse

d Burk says:

What would you suggest for headphones to go with this? My budget is around 100. Im sick of buying a headset for around 100-150 dollars just for it to crap out on me a year later. Thanks!

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