Best beginner microphone (18$) – Neewer NW-700 review (YouTube, streaming, instruments…)

Today we’re taking a look at (what’s in my opinion) the best beginner microphone out there! I’ve used this microphone for voice-overs, guitar recording, vocals and basically all my YouTube videos. If you’re a beginner at recording audio or just want a budget microphone option then definitely watch this video. 🙂

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Chinmay Marathe says:

Hey dude… Great video… I want you to answer my one question though… Please tell me if i still have to buy a phantom supply if i have a 40w amplifier and can plug it in that and then output the amp in my pc?

Synonym Rolls says:

I don’t usually buy things and look up reviews but your such a cool dude I gotta sub!

DragonFangpt says:

Hey Friend , I am a streamer and I have to say your video was very very helpfull , just about to get affiliated with very rapid channel growth for me to go any further I need better quality stuff so thank you for your reviews your helping me out alot man

Wiktor Drzewicz says:

Do you need phantom power with this or will it work without it?

curtis paul says:

You said a person needs the phantom power supply if using it with a laptop?
I read somewhere that if you prefer connecting it directly to the laptop, you need to connect the laptop to an electrical outlet
What do you think?

pariahcellist says:

what’s the beat at the beginning? gahdamn

NightmareNuclear says:

im glad this piece of shit stupid scam mic helps u because it sure as hell broke on me after 2 minutes of setup *DONT BUY*

Kiwi says:

I recently bought the same mic, but it simply doesn’t sound as good. I have the exact same setup with the power supply and all, but it just sounds so much worse and I have no clue why

Kermez says:

Im getting this mic today its being delivered now and its here in 10 min!

Victoria Wagner says:

Excited to buy one of these mics and start recording! Thanks for the great review!

Clynton Esmenjaud says:

is this good to record a song?

elborgund says:

Phantom Power is normally 48 Volt. Your Phantom Power supply uses 18 Volt and boost / convert it to 48 Volt.

The rest of the review was great. Best wishes, Just do som research first :p

In 1966, Neumann GmbH of Berlin, Germany, presented a new type of transistorized microphone to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. Norwegian Radio had requested phantom-powered operation. Since NRK already had 48 V available in their studios for their emergency lighting systems, this voltage was used for powering the new microphones (model KM 84), and is the origin of 48-V phantom power. This arrangement was later standardized in DIN 45596.

The ebay listing have the same Phantom Power supply you use. Just reed the deskription, it does state 48 Volt.


Franko Marušić says:

jedi voća i idi malo vani prošetati

SwissMangle says:

Does the Phantom Power come with the Input Cable for the mic to PP?

Graham Hull says:

does it work with fl studio 12?

Mythic says:

Quality video man! :DDD

Nathan Moore says:

is it better than the tonor xlr?

Q3 Media says:

I just want to say your videos are so professional and I am so confused how you only have 220 subs. You deserve at least 10k

Roblox Muffin says:

I might use this soon.

MattasticVlogz says:

I will let u lick my Lilly pop girl XD

Ernesto Rodriguez says:

music too high voice too low.

ngl tv says:

is a good microphone, I used to record my show for the radio with this one. I got two of them on eBay for 12 dollars each.

Mary Designs says:

keep going man amazing work you , put time and effort in to this good luck

Fuqq Uuuu says:

I have a laptop and I bought the setup you have but I need to connect it to my Laptop.. so you said in the video I need an external power source/phantom box to plug it into my laptop, right? Is the phantom box the external power source or are they two seperate things? And Is that all I need and if that is all I need do you have any suggestions/links to ones to buy? Please and thank you!

Spanocracy TV says:

will my canon 80d run this without the phantom

Wajd Alsafadi says:

Would you suggest this or a simple 50 dollars USB mic ? (using with a laptop for now by the way)

chinmaym245 says:

thanks man!!!

wanteddeadoralive66 says:

i just got this for 20$ ebay. for my phone

SlyFox211 says:

which brings me to beleive that u are using diffrent mic to voice record would explain why ur lips dont sync even close to ur voice xD

Thomasaurus says:

this helped alot, Thank you

Elthoro says:

I get so much white noise, when i use the microphone. And you dont? I have 48+ V Powersupply.

KrayzieBankz K says:

I Just Ordered A BM800

Jonah Strong says:

do you need audio interface

Bob Reviews Everything says:

“youre not going to regret it”
Well, I regret it. Big time. Mic has a high noise floor, and super low recording volume. Returning it.

Video Production says:

Hey, I have a problem. When I record the audio is really quiet. So can you say some to fix it? Thank you. (I wrote this like an email lol)

Minecraft and More! says:

What’s the music at the beginning????

AdeilSidd says:

that was a good review.. thanks man

Synthematix says:

Quick question, great review by the way, will this mic work with the beringher Q502 USB mixer? i think it outputs 15V phantom power

Alexandra Nicole Quispe says:

Thank you so much for this review!! It’s so helpful 🙂

Fashionable Frank Cronin says:

Hey Antonio, I wonder could I ask your opinion on the light boxes you reviewed on Amazon? I have a fashion youtube channel. Check it out?

CreaTiiveGaming says:

Do you need a audio mixer or software to get the full potential of the mic? I dont want the mic picking up everything i do just my voice if possible.

Adit Kapoor says:

I was getting a lot of static when recording with this mic 🙁 how can i fix this?

Daniel Soriano says:

where i get the power supply at fam

Carson Zubaly says:

great review but whats the name of the song in the beginning

ReviewTube says:

Since some people think I make these microphones and they blame me when they break, let me clear something up for you: I am in no way responsible for the production or quality control of these microphones. I just bought one, it was very good so I decided to film a review of it.
You have to keep in mind that these are very cheap products that are produced in thousands with minimal quality control (that’s why they’re cheap) and if you receive a bad one contact the seller/Amazon/eBay and demand a refund or a replacement. That’s why returns/refunds exist.
I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad experience with this microphone but you have to let someone know and fight for your working copy of the product.

Mythic says:

Wait why does this look like the NW-800 Model? D;



Yankee Drummer says:

I worked in a sound studio for several years and as a gigging session musician and this is not a Mic to gig with but for a home studio solution this is well worth the cost of adding an audio interface with phantom power…..btw excellent review thanks

SlyFox211 says:

Lmao i have this mic sounds nothing like this

David Chung says:

Do u connect your mic from the power supply to your laptop via USB or 3.5mm jack ?

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