Best $50 Microphone? Rode VideoMicro Review

Check out the Rode Video Micro!

Takstar SCG-598:
Behringer B1 XLR Microphone:
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer:

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Audio-Technica AT2035:
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer:
Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 (Secondary):
Neewer Microphone Arms:
Alphacool Build Mat:


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Aluminum Man says:

I would like to know how you chose your mixer.
I’m looking for a mic & mixer to get, but I’m not very specialized. I want to do voice over stuff, and entertain friends in Discord.
Does anyone know of a jack-of-all trades solution for around $100?
Currently, I have a Modmic 4.0 unidirectional. I get complaints on occasion because Windows will reset my mic volume and make it screech when I speak.

TrektNation says:

The t-star sounds better in my opinion but the rode is a comparable good mic

jamie 711711 says:

The mic sure is nice, sad that most cameras have shitty preamps.

Asen Georgiev says:

Will this microphone work on an Android phone? (I have the LG G6)

Chase Adams says:

Awesome video, my Sony rx100 iii censor just broke and I’m gonna use my iPhone X to vlog. Will this work for the X, I know I’ll have to use the lighting cable adapter ?

Chemy Torres says:

I knew this particular model before, but nice to see the tests, samples and comparisons, nice vid

Hermes King says:

the Rode sound more “voiced” and in the Behringer u sound with more base ! XD, btw i have 5.1 audio set

53iBro says:

What do you think about this Rode Mic as a desktop / gaming mic?

Md. Imamul Islam says:

@Science studio Could you please review Audio Technica ATR 2100? I don’t have a recording studio and don’t want to go for a condenser mic.

Luke G. says:

Whats that blur on the camera when pointed at your face? Is it a censor problem?

Frederik K says:

I’m really conflicted about your content. On one hand you have interesting tech stuff to share (not always in my eyes, but that’s beside the point) on the other, you provoke me intensely every time you finish with. “… thumbs down for the opposite *or if you hate everything about life* “. What’s up with that?? Why not stop before that last part (about hating everything)?
Have you run into so much crap/toxicity making YouTube that you consider a viewer watching your content to the end being so negative that you feel that the “option” should be there side by side with not agreeing (or whatever) and thus the viewer is giving you a thumbs down cuz the person “hates everything”?? Or do you just find it “funny”?
I’m baffled!! And just be clear:
I’m NOT a hater. If I don’t like ,or even dislike, some random thing like a YouTube video, I look the other way, change channel or, like in this case, try to express my point of view. Even if it’s not in my native language.
So I just hope you’ll stop encourage/justify a Dislike/Thumbs Down by stating “… if you hate everything about life” cuz you are NOT helping.
People that just hit “thumbs down” and move on to the next video, often repeating them selves, without leaving a comment are often the same that just want to things BURN cuz they are in bad place and can’t find any other outlet or help. Those people need help… not “encouragement or justification” – and that’s what you give in form of that last part of your finishing sentence.

Wow this became way longer than intended, but if just one person that reads this & gets the point it has been worth it 😉
The point is: Be positive!! Too much good is already being “burned” in our paradise of a planet… Don’t help the *negativity* along even if is meant as a form of a joke. Negativity has too much momentum already from misinformed people ect.

Mr. JAM says:

Nobody reads sennheiser as cenheiser omg!


Just bought one few days ago nice review!

TtH Assassin says:

imo the videomicro sounds far better than your xlr

Tabeeb Rahman says:

Finally a lively intro!

sanjin jakupovic says:

Im searching for a mic for my Huawei Mate9, i do some videos but when the wind hits, you can no hear me and the audio is horrible

Outdoor Adventures says:

My girlfriend bought this model n this microphone sounds worse than the my mobile build in micro phone.

Masticina Akicta says:

At least the G85 has decent in build AMP’s
If your DSLR/System camera doesn’t has a good clean AMP well.. welcome to Hiss Valley.
Still, $50, … there is a lot worse.

Comet Trust says:

The røde onesly sounds better.

Yiğit Doğan says:


TCSwagz says:

Can I use this for gaming

Arif Hassan says:

I didn’t notice any difference on mobile

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

i’ll buy it

Shrey's Tech Tips says:

nooooooooooooo. use Multicam in premiere to sync audio in a few seconds!!!! plz

Филип Пешић says:

Are you using DAC or have you used one before? Maybe you can do a review / thoughts about DACs and their advantages vs. internal PCI(e) sound card and even integrated one.

Alexander Rex Evensen says:

The quality you lose by being farther away is more about the room though, at least the echo, so a more padded room will have less of it. Good video and review as usual 🙂

Scooby Dooby says:

Now I know why your audio sucks.. =D

Philafxs says:

Mic needs a better placement and your room seems to need some serious treatment. None of the mics sound particularly good to be frank (of course much better than any built-in microphone still). The Movo/Boya version of this mic, and any powered microphone including the Takstar, blow the VideoMicro out of the water any day, but microphones will always be limited by their surroundings, and quite audibly so in this case.

Alexander Mustermann says:

personally don’t like the sound. I guess it’s ok for the price, but could be crisper in the highs and muffle less.

Nor Azam says:

Greg you should close the curtain, it is so overexposed

Daniel de Villiers says:

Did you know that Premiere can sync up the audio between different sources for you? All you have to do is select only the audio from the cameras video file (by alt + clicking the audio part in the timeline) and then shift + click the audio you want to sync with it. Next you right click and select synchronize.

Vincent Forest says:

Could i use this for playing videogames and or streaming ? Of course i would need a 3.5mm jack upgrade for the lenght. If yes, take this over the blue yeti ?

Gustas2467 says:

Did you know that Adobe Premiere has a feature, which lets you automatically sync audio tracks with the video?

Badass Unicorn says:

How the fuck did I read microscope instead of microphone. I was thinking “That’s interesting, haven’t seen anybody review a microscope before.”

Rebekah-Chris S-K says:

This is awesome sauce stuff more reviews like this please lol

Lord_Doz says:

This vs blue snow ball and yeti?

DIY Tech says:

Thumbnail Rifle scope

Jason Nguyen says:

How come you don’t use the autosync feature in Premiere? It makes it super simple with it to do dual system audio. Still, the Micro is awesome (especially for Panasonic and Sony cameras).

verts_tv says:

Looking into improving my audio, anyone using a at2020 with a scarlett solo?

Ryan Frick says:

Im honestly more of a fan of the rode mic, i think it sounded a bit better than your regular mic

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