Behringer B-1 Condenser Mic Review

Today I review the Behringer B-1 Large Diaphragm Condenser. This thing is boosted 10dB in the higher frequencies while the mids and lows are relatively flat. This gives the microphone a somewhat thinner, more sibilant sound. I think it may work well for singing in a mix, but it may be over boosted for many other applications.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:26 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:46 – What’s in the Box
01:11 – Build Quality
01:43 – Specifications
02:05 – Flat vs High Pass vs Pad
02:20 – Windscreen Test
02:31 – Polar Pattern Test
02:44 – Background Noise Test
02:51 – Distance Test
03:09 – Music Test
03:41 – Pros & Cons
04:38 – Recommendation / Conclusion
05:11 – Outro

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Could you review the Sennheiser MKH-8050 next? Oh while you’re at could you also review the k-tek boom and the Orca Or-30 Thanks buddy

Hurley Elizabeth says:

hey Podcastage, thanks for your good review

La novedad Al momento says:

WOOOW i think is cheap, seems very good. but sound like there wasn’t too much energy to make it work

Jean-Francois Prince says:

What is the box you keep your pre amp in

David Ploss says:

I just wish their color palette extended slightly past metalized vomit… I owned a car in the early nineties the same color as their flagship ( *gesticulates mystically*) EGYPTIAN SANDS!! woooOOOoooOOOooo! color…

McNasty says:

i have a question. do you think a Behringer xm8500 would work fine with an xlr to 3.5mm cable plugged into a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard on my desktop? or should i just invest in a behringer um-2?

CynikalSnail says:

It actually sounds really good, especially for making youtube videos, just wish it didn’t come in such an ugly color but that’s just me.

darkmew64 says:

Yep, this one is definitely too bright for spoken word! Nice review as always 😀

Dana's #1 Fan says:

*Can you try the MPOW usb headset from amazon?*

Synca says:

better than blue yeti?

Up All Night says:

Sounds fine to me. I don’t think I’d pay ~$30 more than for an MXL V67g, but the MXL doesn’t come with a shock mount or that sweet case.

Alex Alencar says:

This or alctron um900?

Killah Doll says:

Better than the Blue Yeti imo, they’re also the same price. The Yeti is too loud and harsh. This one compared to that one is quiet and smooth.

John Jackson says:

With that much of a high end boost I don’t think this is justifiable at $100. It looks solid and does have the high pass and -10 dB pad, but unless you’re recording drums or sound effects I doubt you’d need the pad. There are so many options (including used gear) in the same price range. You could get the AT2020 for the same price, you could get the MXL V67G, 990, or 770 for significantly less, you could get some higher end stuff used as well. If you got this at a reduced price then maybe, but if you’re just going to be using it for singing, voiceovers, or with an amp then there are a lot better options.

Rikard Landberg says:

Test the MXL CUBE! 🙂 And Mackie Onyx Artist 1.2

Sonny Larsen says:

I’ve been using the B1 for about 8 to 10 years. Your review is dead on pretty much. I use it for singing, VO and acoustic guitar, mandolin and ukulele. I have to throw some eq in for the spruce/rosewood acoustic, but my cedar/mahogany needs very little since the boost the mic has is complementary to darker sound. It is the only condenser that I have ever had but its been doing fine. Honestly it is a definite upgrade for vocals from my sm57, at least for me and those few others that I have recorded.

Strygger says:

I’m still waiting for the box to hit those mics behind you.

john santos salazar says:

Akg 120 or b1 behringer

Tyler Larson says:

I see you mentioned two use cases. Would you endorse a third use case of using it for a Podcast? Have a neighbor looking to offload one for $45 and after watching this great review, sounds like it could do the job fairly well.

Music Cover says:

Your sound is so amazing and beautiful I really adore it

Madev RSP says:

Hii bro very nice review! Pls do a test for lewit 440. I will be waiting

Stefano Pavone says:

I don’t understand why the bass roll-off and attenuation pad are on the same switch (it would have made more sense to have them on separate circuits like on the SE Electronics X1 series).

Johnhitbox says:

I use a Behringer ultragain pro….i hate behringer so much.

Darkguard says:

Can u make a video on real headphones Vs gaming headphones

Pro 559k says:

Very helpful videos that you make thanks brotha

officialcarl says:

Please make this video… Will you get good audio with the NW-700 without anything (usb soundcard audio interface etc.)

Sacred Pharaoh says:

can you make a obs audio tutorial with filters etc. please

Mac Florlie Uy says:

Great! do a VS for B2-Pro pls 🙂

VelocityShy says:

3:30 New song by podcastage #1 hit called: no sticker

Mixed In says:

No sticker?

Rick Budzak says:

My dad gifted me two of these after they sat on his shelf for 10 years collecting dust. I like them quite a bit! Thanks for doing the review!

СМР says:

AT-2020 vs Behringer B-1 ?

E. Dean Sahutske says:

Picked up a couple of these mics about 12 years ago. Can’t beat the price. Used them to mic the cymbals in this live recording from 2006

Tempest says:

Maybe behringer is not gonna give u stickers anymore cuz they saw ur XENYX Q1202USB review

Electronics For Fun says:

no sticker in the box? they must watch your reviews lol

Earl Monroe says:

Audio Technica 2035 vs Rode NT1a

Vequv says:

thanks i realy want this review <3

mehsen says:

This is the review I was waiting for. I just love my Behringer B-2 Pro and I wanted to hear your thoughts on this line of mic. I think they are the best in their own price range.

GoodeisSXE says:

You’ve been getting a lot of mics without stickers………

Sarah Lloyd says:

Oh and the no sticker thing is a big fail ….

reggiep75 says:


Damned blasphemists!

G- Nova says:

Can you please review the blue raspberry??

Mark Stratton says:

Good microphone. I use it for my solo voiceover work. It’s far superior to my Neewer 1500s.

Stargate Pioneer says:

Wait. You complain if there IS a sticker in the box and now you complain when there ISN’T a sticker in the box? I’m so confused.

Beats and Speaks says:

Another solid review, Bandrew! I’ve never been a big Behringer fan, but I might actually pick this one up! No stick though?! What gives?!

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