Audio Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Review

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INN0V4T3 says:


Velocity says:

You need phantom power just for it to work? Cause I bought this mic and I didn’t know that and it’s coming tomorrow

Michelle Rene Crossman says:

Would this mic work if I’m recording my vocals on it with my iPad?

*Supernova* says:

where can i get that stand?

Keim says:


Olga-Maria Smock says:

I have this microphone, and I’m trying to connect it to a mic stand with a pop filter and it’s just not coming together. Are there stands that just will not connect to this mic??

AAtticus says:

When comparing this mic to a Shure pg42 which would you recommend? The price difference is only about $45 depending where you get it, I am also upgrading from a Blue Yeti because it is giving me too many problems with clipping if that helps at all. I am a fairly loud person would be curios to see what you think I should go with to avoid clipping and the Yeti’s static problems.

Cooper says:

Cardioid Capacitor Microphone…..okay for one its Condenser and most people do use this microphone for instrument as well because of the low base cut on the back and -10 Decibel pad on the back or labled -10db for short for close up and loud instruments please tell me how its not ment for instruments plus its a microphone they are also used for Singing or Voice overs just had to clear that up also you will need phantom power as you would with all Condenser microphones such as the Audio-Technica AT2020, Behringer C-1 not the C-1U which is the usb model the MXL770 now Dynamic mics are different you turn phantom power on you’ll break the bitch okay just to educate you on that microphone it requires at least 11v of phantom power meaning a $20 interface with a xlr connection to the microphone to the interface the a xlr to 2.5mm cable of course xlr to interface and the the 2.5mm to the microphone port on your computer case should power this and get good audio so now thats out of my system please if you review something please know the facts and specs abd what other people use this microphone for besides commentarys

Michael Styles says:

Which mic makes the voice more bass, 20 or 35?!

Twinkie says:

is this mic good for when plugging your headphones into the mic itself and playing pubg fro directional sounds so they arnt messed up.

x.pozhr_ says:

I have a question: will AT 2035 work with the Singtrix karaoke system? Thank you in advance.

Sheldon Dinkleberg says:


NoisyToaster says:

What stand do u have ???

Cooper says:

Also you can get the umc22 audio interface for $40 on B&H and its like the scarlett solo just cheaper just saying

Aluchi Del Pasado says:

amazing sounding microphone. I cant wait to have it for my home vocal recording. I am upgrading from the Shure sm58 that was not hot output enough. Thanks!

Ken Sherman says:

i want this mic really badly but I am just not sure if I have everything needed to use it. People keep throwing out power phantoms (which idk wtf that is), softwares they use, and all this stuff and IDK if i got any of it. Is there a way 2 check if my pc can “handle” this mic or?

ChickenMandy says:

Thanks 😀

Cooper says:

Also forgot to say the $20 phantom power is by neewer abd forgot to state you need to plug it into a wall to help receive the power

Brad Cabbage says:

hi tim

Don't Take This Seriously says:

@timmytechtv In the background i can see you have the same “boom arm” as me, i believe it’s the “Neewer” boom arm. Is this mic compatible with that? Or did you have to buy a new one?

Jesus Orozco says:

I use an XLR to USB cable directly to my HP Laptop it shows up as USB PnP Sound Device but it doesnt “listen” i talk into it and its like it doesnt work, Can anyone help me please??

Centiliter says:

Older mic, better quality than my microphone that is from 2015.

Rimoo says:

Is this USB? answer fast <3

Dazed Allday says:

hawks for life

E-Way 33 says:

whats the phantom power? and do i have to use it ??

Martin E. says:

So if I buy the phantom power I don’t have to buy the focusrite scarllet?

ConnorEdmo Plays says:

wait cant you just plug it in do u need to buy the phantom power for it to work?

djsjdh hoahdi says:

where can I get that stand or a good stand for one?

Will C says:

I disagree with you that this microphone is only good for vocals. I use it all the time to record acoustic guitar with great results. I have a lot of other mics but for the money you can’t touch the AT2035.

Dominic Ma says:

3:24 heh heh heh, he says penis

Steven Anderson says:

2 feet sounds great.

destinite says:


I have the AT2035 myself with a audio interface called:
AudioBox iOne PreSonus.

The interface is on but when I go to skype I see the interface as the mic but when I talk, It doesn’t record my voice nor does it even register it. Please help me <3!

TheMountain.MRVL says:

I just got this mic, but it seems like when i use it to chat to people on the Xbox App on my Windows 10 Pc, their telling me it seems kind of far away even when im upclose talking in a normal voice, i have to talk a bit louder for them to say thats pretty good. and when i got about 1-2 ft they say yea it seems far. i also tried it on my skype app as well and when i do the skype testing call you can barely here me. but when i go into my recording devices and check listen to this device, it sounds loud and clear to me and also when i record something on like a online mic recorder to test my mic, it also seems clear and loud to me. idk why it seems low and far while using the xbox app and skype app.

Jonas Bladtkramer says:

What mixer or Audio interface did you use? and does the microphone fit on the Neewer microphone arm? the one you have in the background 😀

renato a says:

Compare this mic with Newman TLM 102???

954SONIC says:

What stand is that for the mic?

brodie meeks says:

I bought this mic and a focusrite scarlet audio interface. Will I be able to use the mic still or do I need that phantom power box

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