Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Mic Review / Test

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Steve Roginski says:

These are excellent mics as I own 5 of them. Use 3 to mic my drums with, one to use with acoustic, electric or bass guitars and another I just picked up a few weeks ago for doing instructional videos. The sound I get from using 3 of these mics on a big drum kit is amazing and rivals a full drum mic setup using 5 or more dynamics and two overhead condensers. The vocal quality is outstanding although they are very sensitive so if using for podcasting or any type of voice over, a quiet room is a must and so is a pop filter. By far the best $100 mic out there and if not looking at wave patterns on a monitor, the sound is just as good as mics costing hundreds more. In fact, I like the sound of these more so than some condensers that sell for $500+.

Homie ML7 says:

hi i have a quesion which mic is better for recording rap music AKG-p120 or Audio-Technica AT2020 and which cart son is better focusrite solo v2 or M-audio M-track 2×2

rfop392 says:

Hi. I’ve received an AT2020 with an UM2 about 2 days ago, and I’ve been getting this weird hiss noise that is fairly noticeable in almost any recording program. Are you getting this too, or is it just me? Also I have to put my gain really high just to get me to a normal level. So far I have tried setting my volumes through my desktop to 80 with a gain of 50 percent and it still seems really quiet. Could you help me out?

Brandon Johnson says:

So can you plug this into your laptop or no?

Nicholas Clegg says:

Would the AT2020 be a better choice for a podcast-like setup than the SM58? Currently just looking to upgrade from the Blue Yeti and using the Scarlett2i2 as an interface.

Pode Flutuar says:

Is this microphone better than the mic that comes with scarlett 2i2 studio kit?

ProfessorMagus says:

Dammit! I never expected to get Rick Roll’d!

TheHunMLG gamer says:

pop fucking filter poiiiii

Jad Sobh says:

Does anyone know if these mics would work with a zoom h6 handy recorder?

Nick Mitzuk says:


anddecay says:

nice tele bro

Cameron Powell says:

This was an excellent review in general. Thanks! 😀

nurı genc says:

s ssounds very much

DonGotRacks says:

what xlr cable is that ?

Rex Holes says:

Theres a USB version of this if you don’t have something to power it

Jad the Magnificent says:

We got rick rolled…

Ardito Goller says:

Hey please help me, which one is the best for recording vocal and accoustic guitar, is it this mic or at2010? I heard they have similar specs but the at2010 come with handheld and “still” can use without phantom power. Which one is best do you think? Thank you so much for your awesome channel

Thorny says:

i want to record my acoustic guitar and electric guitar.Would you reccomend the Behringer B-1or Audio-Technica AT2020? i would like to hear your opinion..i’ve made many bad choices on my setup i dont want another one…….

Aji Setiawan says:

You’re my favorite mic reviewer, EVER!!

Motorsport Factory says:

hey there. i have this set up i bought it cause i watched this vid and loved it. but the main issue im having is when i a record for podcast i get static,white noise, hissing type sounds. what do i need to do to fix this issue ?

kevin winklaar says:

Hey bro … can i mail me some fotos of the mic boom you have on your right?


nice review, everything I needed to know.

Shir ROSENBERG says:

Could you please review the Audio Technica P48 condenser mic?

SinglePlayer BR says:

this is an idea for a video that could help me:
I saw your review on a behringer b1 and audio technica at 2020, but is really hard for me to pick up the differences, and although I think the at is better that was not my impression on your videos. Could you make a comparison video on US$100-ish condenser mics for streammers/youtubers/voice-overs?
I think it would be nice to make up my mind about the upgrade from a bm800

Doom Guy says:

Does anyone know what kind of key switches he is using?

brandon pak says:

Your sound is too small. not good one!

Omar 1 says:

I have the audio technica at2020 XLR version. I have the newer 48v phantom power supply. I have the Xlr cable that’s connected to my mic and the other end is connected to the input on my phantom power supply. I have the xlr to USB cable connected on my output and the usb is connected to the back of my computer. I want to record music but even when I am not saying anything, you can hear static like sounds in the background and it doesn’t go away at all! Please tell me what I’m doing wrong or what’s happening because so far I am very pissed with this microphone!!

Kacper Seven says:

With intention of using this mic for streaming and casual talking via discord, will i need to have this mic in front of my face and could i have it above my head at an angle??

CooltrainerChris says:

This wasn’t a real review? It was just a rick roll? Well played sir.

Simone Amadio says:

Is this mic good for streaming as for studying sing?

UltraAssassin25 says:

So I’m hearing this stupid beep noise that’s constantly going on and I can talk into it but there’s static also, so my best way I’m gonna get the best out of it with the issues gone and good quality is to get the interface? Someone please respond I’ve had this mic forever and I wanna use it but I get useless info and it was a too many pennies so please someone help me it’s really appreciated!

kJayy says:

Can you link me to a microphone cable? Im not sure if it’s the male to female or something else.

Jonas Lopez says:

Does this come with the xlr cable?

Hail Storm says:

That rick roll…

y channel says:

Thank you amazing review
I only have one question
What do prefer
At 2020 or the shure sm58 please answer if you can

Centiliter says:

Loved you choice of song to play on the electric guitar. <3

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