AT2020 Audio-Technica XLR Microphone Review / Test (Made a song)

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What should I review next?


W Wells says:

Perfect video bro you help me out a lot

Luana Staack Camargo Vieira says:

ok. now im ur fan

Vexii says:

Holy shit your fire!

L Sutton says:


YXNSTA says:

U should drop a video on how to edit our vocals

deepak attri says:

At2020 vs mxl770 which one is better ?

rezhand says:

Awesome review vid! actually put the reviewed product in use.

GUDZ says:

does the mic work with a behringer xenyx q502 audio mixer

Fallen x FreaK says:

I subscribed!!

LUQ. says:

I just need to know what kinda autotune this is ;o

Mitchel Robertson says:

What program are you using to record that?!

Lzl-Frxsh says:


YolOr3stis youtube says:


Huncho _V says:

Got Dayum ain’t never test my words witout the pop filter dat shit terrible

right what can i think of says:

berington AT2020 ? nice i thinkin 2buy1,

SchmauSy.Official says:

Can you remake this test “Audio-Technica AT2020” + add “dbx 286s Channel Strip” you will be shocked i think.

MaJo says:

What autone plugin dy use?

woke says:

Damn, this guy made a review *and* a song!

Belmaris G says:

“pop filter Pop Filter POP FILTER”

Prohvoke says:

This video was fire specially at the end

Just King says:

you got a subscriber

Juri Jurgen says:

great flow man 😀

TangyTomcat716 says:

can someone plz tell me how to adjust the gain and sensitivity and volume on the usb version

Enem Official says:

Do you use this to record your musics?

Kaleb Hausley says:

New to this… what do you mean it requires “Phantom power?”

Gunner Tierno says:

yoooo those bars at the end were so lit! best mic review ever! subbed!

Dylan Johnson says:

Hey man I have the same mic but it’s the usb version I can’t seem to get good audio or good quality how can I fix that like when I record with my vocals aren’t clear

Shreyas Trehan says:

should i use noise reduction in music recording

90sGamer says:

i have the same mic and i have a usb audio interface too called the steinberg ur12, but its nowhere as loud as yours. did you use any 3rd party software to make your mic sound louder? my mic’s input set at 85-90% inside the audio interface and its not as loud and doesn’t sound as great as this

Podda says:

I’m Like motherfukr……. you are damn good with rapping dude

Beya209 says:

Honestly most entertaining and helpful review of the audio Technica I’ve watched haha I loved it! Love your energy 🙂

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