AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone Review / Test

Today we’re looking at another new budget USB condenser microphone from AmazonBasics, the AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone. This is clearly trying to copy the Blue Yeti, Samson G-Track Pro, and the M-Audio Uber mic, but it fails miserably. This is a perfect example of throwing too many features in one device, and not mastering any of them. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MICROPHONE! But in case you don’t care what I think, feel free to use my affiliate links below 😉

Buy the AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:23 – Setup for Testing
00:43 – What’s in the Box
00:56 – Build Quality / Walk Through
01:51 – Specifications
02:15 – 360-degree Polar Pattern Test (Cardioid)
02:33 – Polar Pattern Speaking Test
02:51 – Background Noise Test (Boom Arm / Desk Stand)
03:28 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:39 – Windows 10 Test
04:03 – Preamp Gain Noise Test
05:12 – Music Test (All 4 Polar Patterns)
06:23 – Pros & Cons
08:02 – Overall thoughts
08:56 – Conclusion / Recommendation
07:27 – Outro

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NomeDelCanale says:

basic and pro in the same title….. :MMMMMMM: intensified

Mauro Leonardo Mondal says:

You are the Microphone King for me…

ThornyJohn says:

I personally didn’t think the microphone sounded that bad (you’ve had worse-sounding ones in this price range…better ones too, admittedly) and the stereo effect was interesting, to say the least, but yeah, the whole control interface is a huge pile of…you get the idea.

ZoidASMR says:

Amazons taking over the world

kmg501 says:

On a positive note … uh I got nothing.

S1 CalebLegend says:

Great vid bud!❤

Ellef says:

Why would anybody copy such an inefficient design? Just for the (undeserved) hype?

Lucas González says:

Today I bought a microphone and just had to throw the box behind me. You are a role model.

Lazy Mitchell says:



KiloSierraAlpha says:

Awesome review! And based on what I heard, I agree with your assessment.
PS: What’s that spectral visualization app/plug called?

Pat Moffat says:

Love the windows 10 check…great addition.

K- Flow says:

can you please review AKG P3S

Johnhitbox says:

Fork knifes my favourite game too!!

AvocadoAtrocity says:

I knew I was right to worry. Needless capacitive Touch means form over function.

Mauro Leonardo Mondal says:

“Amazon is coming for your soul” the song is actually pretty good, beware they might use your song 🙂 hah… Can’t they just give you a job of a mic expert at amazon. You deserve it… :p

Kyle Lebron says:

I thought it was a fair review. Listen, if a mic is a turd…you gotta let us know. That is one of those microphones that is in a price range that people may consider this as a viable option whether they’re trying to do voice work, podcasting or stream on YouTube/Twitch. You telling folks the mic is poop is doing them a service.

Stefano Pavone says:

I was debating whether or not to get this – now I know not to.

Kotoba says:

Amazon went from a pretty good low priced mic to a crap high end one. How do you mess up like that?

StaidArcher 2198 says:

Great video

Yasuh says:

It picked up the electric guitar so faintly that you probably didnt even need that warning lol
(Disclaimer: always keep the warning)

Exo Ceed says:

Please test the Aston Spirit Microphone 🙂

Cracken News says:

Let’s not be politically correct here… It’s A Piece Of SHIT!

Steve Seguin says:

It sounds boring; clean but so very unsexy. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the SM7b though? The cardioid pattern didn’t seem very tight either, but at least it had a stereo pick up pattern for ASMR.

Seems feature rich, but based on the review, those features fell flat anyways. I’d rather the mic gain be controllable via Windows than with digital buttons.

No plosives is actually impressive, particular for a condenser. Many Twitch streamers with Snowballs have pop filters, and that is a major hassle.

Chances are this mic will see major discounts, so perhaps it could compete against the snowball eventually.

Yeti is popular, although my test unit was picking up my cellular GSM signals as interference. So annoying. It also looks phallic, which isn’t something I care for.

Anyways, thanks for another fun review. Sorry that this video didnt show up in my feed like the last amazon basic mic review did.

Easy Post says:

Exactly !
Why buy this mic when you can buy the Blue Yeti at the same or lower price ?

ThekidEdwin says:

Do you know why my microphone properties adjust by itself ? I put it at 80 and it goes down to 60 by itself

S1 CalebLegend says:

Dammit this thing would have been a great idea in theory they need go remaster this!

badmiddens says:

Seems like frustrating crap.  I too must throw a mic box behind me soon.

Maxago says:

All those beautiful buttons!

Shawn Grant says:

For some reason I didn’t think this was a side address mic

Mitchell T. says:

That fornite bit was so funny lmao.

czdaniel1 says:

Hate capacitive touch!
Put your hand on it…nothing happens…Wonder: AMI A GHOST??
Also needlessly complex switch…designed to fail

خلوودي نوور says:

Wow very good .
And thank you , this is was very good and benefit review.

Just a question
Which one is best for Voiceover samson G track or this one ??

Simon Yami says:

Amazing video keep going 🙂

Sound Speeds says:


This review surprised me. I would have thought that the $40 mic would be garbage and this would rock but… shows what I know. Honestly, Amazon has no excuse for screwing up on the multipattern sound. They’ve been using it on their Echo (Alexa) technology for years now. Oh well…

Kragatar says:

Amazon is coming for more than your soul. At the rate they’re consuming every industry in existence, it won’t be long before this is the United States of

AgentBubbles says:

I still prefer the blue yeti

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