AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone Review / Test

Today we’re looking at a new budget USB microphone from Amazon. That’s right. AMAZON! They’re making mics now. This thing has a bit depth of 16-bit, sample rate of up to 48kHz, and decent enough noise floor, and a surprisingly good sound. If you’re in the market for a good budget microphone option, this may be the one for you.

Buy the AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Disclaimers / Price / Setup
00:50 – What’s in the Box
01:09 – Build Quality
01:52 – Specifications
02:16 – Polar Pattern Test (Cardioid)
02:36 – Background Noise Test
02:45 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
02:56 – Plosive Test
03:09 – Windows 10 Test
03:23 – Preamp Gain Noise Test
04:09 – Music Test
04:43 – Pros & Cons
05:46 – Overall thoughts
06:41 – Conclusion / Recommendation
07:27 – Outro

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9002 says:

It was probably made by Newwer or Tonor with the amazonbasics brand on it

naftali DG says:

I’ve been using your videos for tutorials. My only problem now is XLR cable, for some reason it’s hard to find one here (I’m from the Philippines) and either the XLR cable does not have a brand name, Tourtek Microphone Cables or a UGreen one. Do I have to buy expensive a XLR cable?

Midski says:

I know this might not be suitable for the video, but since this seems to be a decent community I’ll try to seek help without getting shot down. You might have seen my earlier comments regarding my Rode Procaster wired up to the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I had some problems with that, and actually switched it out with a mixer. I am now running the Yamaha MG10XU. I was hoping to be able to connect it to my pc, and control all sound via the mixer. As I have used it for a while, I can see no way to make that possible. I also tried to connect my headset to the monitor, so I would hear myself. I used a adapter, and the audio is terrible to say the least. Only in the monitoring though. That is my 1st problem. Next is that I can’t actually seem to notice the isolation that a dynamic mic should have. It picks up everything. And I mean everything. My fan noise on the pc is almost increased 30 percent, and I can’t even hear clicks with my mouse. It seems weird, and I wanted to ask if there is anything I am doing wrong. Thank you beforehand

Steve Russo says:

Which pop filter are you using with this mic?

alova says:

It’s only 18 bucks these days.

S1 CalebLegend says:

have u tried out the fifine mic that goes fo 47bucks?

badmiddens says:

Woof, that’s one ugly mic

MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ? says:

WHY ARE YOU SO MAD ABOUT AMAZONBASICS????? :ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Sam Hyena says:

Amazon trying to capitalize on cheap mics to get more Twitch Streamers

Salvatore Trecca says:

is better this microphone, the samson meteor, the fifine k669 or the klim voice ? I’m not sure that you write this because I’m Italian

Mac Junky says:

That sounds really good for $40

Z Alves says:

I can’t believe this amazon thingy already has more views than the RE27. cheap mics ftw.

Alessandro O. says:

Dude it’s the same microphone made by 1byone that you reviewed 1 year ago 😀 Amazon is just rebranding them and selling at a higher price (I guess thanks to the fact that there is a higher request for mics since everyone is becoming a streamer these days)

Jason Kirk says:

I was shocked by the noise floor.

BlueShell says:

Surprisingly good. I also saw Amazon has a Razer Siren/Blue Yeti looking mic. Should test that!

Ken45 says:

It’s on sale for like $16 now… Now I feel like buying it even though I don’t do so many videos, lol.

reggiep75 says:

Bezos the Goblin Lord is trying to ensnare all victims and delivers a microphone to try fish money out of the pockets of young musicians.

He should be ashamed!

netpagan says:

Blew me away, It thought you were going to trash it though

Joshua K says:

It’s on Slickdeal now. I appreciate to this in depth review.

Ajay Pratap Singh says:

A good usb mic after a long time. It is clearly the best mic that we can get under 50 bucks. Bendrew what about if we compare this to blue snowball ice which will win

MeTuLHeD says:

That HAS to be some of the best off axis rejection I’ve heard in any of your reviews.

Ashutosh Nirmal says:

I’m using Amazon products like tripod or speaker and they’re good for the price but never expected that they’ll go for a mic. Good one for first attempt.

TheChampionHardy says:

any thoughts on their “professional” condenser mic and how it compares to the mini?

Paul Aulridge Jr says:

For someone completely new to podcasting or streaming, this is ideal. The sound quality for spoken word (with a pop filter!) is acceptable. Sounds worlds better than the Blue Snowball.

CorsoDuke says:


To Cool4You says:

Can you please review the Sterling ST 155. I think it looks so amazing and if it sounds great too I’m gonna buy this thing but there are no good reviews at youtube so please rview this Microphone

9002 says:

Try out the AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone, it’s kinda like a blue yeti.

I’d like to know if it sounds as good as a yeti or siren

Don't Ask Productions says:

Hey bandrew, Amazon doesn’t make this. Remember your 1byone mic review? I mentioned it then and I’ll remind you that this is a Neewer style situation where a mic company sells cheap mics to other companies so they can put their own branding on it. I bought mine from RadioShack about a year ago, there’s a review for it under the name Send-it (or Project-it), You reviewed it under the 1byone name, and now Amazon seems to have taken up where RadioShack has left off.4 different brands selling the same mic. Like I said, I’ve been using it for e-sports tournament commentating and it’s been working well for me. Gotta do a bit of post processing for plosives and background noise, but it’s a great affordable mic.

Björn Fischer says:

I totally forgot that you have already reviewed the 1byone UM-97. Sorry. Do you still own this microphone? Would make a nice “Versus Series” Episode.

Hellthrasher says:

Sounds very bad and poor.
For this price, and if you’re a total beginner, you’re better off getting a Tonor BM 700 -at least you’ll get a boom stand, pop filter and other neat items. . in addition being a XLR cable output, not direct usb.

Aamil Ali says:

FeelsBadMan Pepehands

Mauro Leonardo Mondal says:

0:15 whohhh my God! 😉 although you seemed happy in this video. It’s nice to see you…

KitWongHK says:

Spoiler Altet: This is the only mic which makes PodCastage said *fuck*

Buying On a Budget says:

Indeed a very respectable first try from Amazon!

Quality Content Guy says:

Honestly any sort of Neewer/ Cheap xlr plus a phantom power supply should outclass this. Hell I got one for 5 bucks with a killer 80 percent off coupon. I also believe that kits with phantom power supplys and proper mounts are around 45 bucks

Kyle Lebron says:

I was surprised at how well it sounded too for spoken word. Bravo to Amazon. This lowers the barrier even more for people looking to get into streaming with the C920 and this mic. For about $100 bucks, you can sound and look more than decent.

Lil_Nutz_Official says:


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