AMAZING Cheap $20 Lav Mic Review! [Purple Panda Microphone]

In this video I unbag, test out and review the Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone kit that is currently being sold for under $20 on Amazon. It comes with so many accessories for the price and I test it out to see how it stacks up in comparison to my Rode VideoMicro.

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+ Røde VideoMicro:
+ Panasonic G7 4K Camera:

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Derek Johnson says:

Yeah, purple panda sounds better than the Rode shotgun. I think shotguns are overrated to use for many things

DirxClvck TM says:


ToTech says:

Nice video bro, keep it up!

apollos roberts says:

Great video, it’s there any particular software you can use if your mic is connected to an android phone for vlogging, interviews or lecturing.

Chris Vlogs says:

you should do a test to see if it works with IPhone/ how well it sounds on iPhone

Electroblade says:

There is a 1.20$ mic on the internet but it kinda sucks when you dont use audio editing, though this is a way better choice for people with a little more money.

Admiral Wolverine Lightningbolt says:

Very nice review, well executed and amazing job with the editing! If your link was affiliated i’d definitely buy via it!

NYC Dating says:

whats the mic your using before the test?

Thardog612 says:

Hey there Shooter. My iPhone 6 isn’t detecting my PP Lav in the Voice Memos App. Any suggestions?

Niall Wood says:

$20 is a bit steep i think, but i think it sound the best

kenneth williams says:

Dude your AWSOME‼️

Brian Wilson says:

Great job on the review Carson. How well does it sound while holding the mic itself about an arms length away? I’m wanting to use it for vlogging while hiking, but don’t like wearing them on my collar like you don’t. I want a lav mic because of the price and being lightweight. My plan is to keep the cord wrapped tight and just let the mic hang or ride somehow on the camera…just wondering how well it would still pick up my voice while holding out in the “vloggers” pose?
Thanks again for the review

Diego lourenço gurgel says:

i’m definately taking one of these! thumbs up! congrats for the editing!

AskMrTowers Photography says:


BNKG says:

Purple Panda Microphone

ceejay says:

That transition at 520-522 tripped me the eff out.

jeffmurnahan says:

Sounds muddy

Stanley Denman says:

Trying to use with Nikon D3300 for video. TERRIBLE hissing, DLSR camera mike is much better. What a ripoff this product is.

Edgar Martinez says:

As of 7:35pm PST it’s at $11.95. Thanks for a great review I’m buying this today. Great video Carson.

CJN says:

sounds good

TWHD. says:

wtf this thing sounds better than half of my shotgun mics that are like triple the price. im definently gonna pick this thing up


i have one for $7, it sucks

The Sidturbing Element says:

It is definitely a steal for 20 bucks, but Rode had more clarity is what I felt.

Justin Ortega says:

what video camera are you shooting w ?

Real GuyWithATie says:

I bought it, it arrived, and its sick

szisziszilvi says:

the purple panda is currently $100 on amazon. a bit more than you suggest. I understand that this is a video from June, but still, $20 was a special offer only, not for reality.

Angel Orduna says:

wooooouwww !!!

Galvanny says:

thanks 4 the review

Jacob Person says:

Thanks for posting this video. I had a rode VideoMicro for starting my channel and I was very unhappy with it for the distance I had to stand from my camera. I purchased this mic based on your review and I am super happy with it so far. My first video with it comes out on Tuesday!

MVH Dk says:

Good video! its on my Christmas wishes 😀 :3

Pule Dress Designs says:

Thank you for this helpful video!

imani Menefee says:

hey does it work plugged into the camera or do you have to use another device to record?

Niall Coyne says:

Notifications squad

DR. Cubist says:

“giant little wind sock”

Zingoalla says:

You are the best YouTuber I know!!!

Double Gaming says:


Jerry Sifuentes says:

It does sound good. The wind goes away.

hunt3r says:

Stumbled upon this video looking for a good lav mic. Looks like this is the one, haha. GREAT video by the way. Liked and subbed.

Chosen Idea says:

Well, it’s a little dead cat rather than a wind sock. A wind sock is one of those things you’d see attached to a pole (like at an airfield) that looks like a sock and tells you the wind’s direction.

Raychristofer says:

good job on this review especially all the syncing in post you had to do in editing. peace.

Rodney Clark says:

Thanks, great video young man. Keep it up.

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