AKG P220 Condenser Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the AKG P220. This Is 1” condenser microphone that has a very flat mid section and a boosted high end. This leads the mic to sound a bit top heavy, brittle, sibilant, and breathy. The only application I really liked it for was on acoustic guitar because it adds a nice percussiveness to the tone.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:22 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:40 – What’s in the Box
00:56 – Build Quality
01:32 – Specifications
01:56 – Polar Pattern Test
02:15 – Background Noise Test
02:23 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
02:37 – High Pass Filter Test
03:00 – Music Test
03:18 – Pros & Cons
03:45 – Overall thoughts
04:29 – Conclusion / Recommendation
04:46 – Outro

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key anarchy says:

I click on this video so fast i love akg mics

Armin Sarajlic says:

I already bought a Rode NT1-a but I still enjoy watching these videos

FailoPlays says:

Nice Review as always!

vex says:

Great straight to the point review. Thank you!

Insanejughead says:

I personally find that this mic sounds great!

Ultra-Niche-Gaming says:

Review the Fifine k670 microphone please.

Jun Wei says:

Hey, there’s an obscure cheap microphone that I think would be extremely interesting.

The below microphones are very popular in Russia and there are reviews in other language, but not in English!

Alctron MC410 – I have heard this is an excellent microphone from rough Russian translations, but would love to hear your thoughts!

iSK AT100 – This is a cheap $30 mic that seems to have lots of audio samples on YouTube, but it’s mostly Vietnamese edited stuff that I can’t decipher.

There’s a ton more microphones from these companies that come in under $100 too!

It seems you might be getting tired of Neewer microphones as well!

You can find most of these mics on lots of Chinese online retailers (AliExpress/BangGood/FastTech).

VEX3DZ says:

What usya is good microphone for streaming gameplay? I have a yeti, but want an xlr microphone.

Lazy Mitchell says:

I dont ever plan on buying a new microphone but I still watch all your videos lol.

Clarimeh says:

I have the p420, i really like it with winds instruments like clarinet. U can hear something in my video but i processed a lot. 😀

Jajaka Waluya says:

review alctron UM270 pls

ThekidEdwin says:

I would say there’s more mics out there that are better for 150 USD

Ethereal says:

review some compressors. I really want to try out a distressor on my vocals.

nerdyneedsalife says:

I was wondering if you’d ever consider reviewing the Shure 565SD. It’s very similar in looks to the 58 but some people say the bass isn’t as noticeable due to the proximity effect.

Pioneer_1492 says:

Podcastage, I’m very confused as to which mic I should get. I’m between this and the at2035. I am mainly using it to record music (saxophone mainly). I am also looking to pick up the Berhinger ucm22 with the microphone. This is my first xlr mic, as I currently use the Blue Snowball Ice. I want something a bit clearer and more consistent. Please help me! 🙂

If there are any mics in this price range that are better than the 2 mentioned, please let me know. Thanks!

Emil says:

WOW! That microphone was so expensive $149.

Aphasia K says:

Is there a difference with AKG P420?

Player 1 says:

AKG P220 or SE ELECTRONICS X1 S or Rode NT1? who better

DarkPa1adin says:

so this mic is for ASMR productions?



Iohanan Carvalho says:

Hi there. Can you help me out? I have a Nikon camera that doesn’t have a mic imput. Maybe I will get another one later, but I already have an external recorder Sony ICD-PX312. I am thinking on upgrading my audio gear for short films and documentaries. In Brazil my options are: Just getting a shotgun mic (Rode Videomic Rycote vs Audio Technica Atr6550), just getting a better audio recorder with XLR imput (Zoom H5) to get another mic later, or getting a lavalier mic and a cheap big shotgun (Ht81 or a Boya BY-PVM1000-> any good?). What do you think would be the most intelligent purchase and why? Thank you!

Eze Alves says:

* throws the microphone keeps the case *

Gio says:

This is one of the most neutral mics I’ve heard. Very interesting.

Kragatar says:

I was terrified for your guitars when you threw that heavy case.

MAKZ says:

Nice video, as always. Could you please do one for the Editors Keys SL150? Thanks

Notorious Goblin says:

Hey man i love your videos. im currently using a mxl 990 but im looking to upgrade, whats your personal opinion on the best microphone for rapping/singing, my budget is about 200$ id love to hear back from you

Marius Video says:

Mhhh sounds good

Kynun says:

Podcastage, im french and i beggin vidéos on Youtube. I want a good microphone, not expensive, knowing i record in my room with background noise, but i dont know what can i buy ? I Wait answers ! Thx !

KixyGaming says:

Can you make a new review on the Blue Yeti

TAMPGaming 1216 says:

1st viewed and comment

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