AKG P120 Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today, I review the AKG P120; a relatively budget condenser mic that rivals the AT2020. This thing sounds great all around, but picks up quite a bit of background noise, but if you’re not concerned with background noise, I would absolutely recommend this mic.

Buy the AKG P120
US: http://amzn.to/2qpk1D1
UK: http://amzn.to/2pEdQxy
CA: http://amzn.to/2rkI7is
DE: http://amzn.to/2etQjLA

Buy the Scarlett Solo
US: http://amzn.to/2oZrjhG
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AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone


XxMikeGBSxX says:

Hey bandrew whats better umc404 or 1202usb (sorry for bad english)

MichaelMicMicHoiLong says:

Rode nt usb and AT2020 USB+,which one is better?

Satish Sarawagi says:

Great Video mate
Is this mic better than Audio Technica AT2020

And I do have a 48v phantom power but like USB Mics
I want to record acoustic guitars so is AT2020 USB a better option ??

Thanks ..

KingStivan says:

amazing sound from that mic :O

Vishal Adhikary says:

Pls suggest a good microphone. I hv budget for these.
1. Audio Technica AT2020
2. Lewitt LCT 240PRO
3. AKG P120
4. Audio Technica AT2035
5. AKG P220
6. Rode NT1-A
Suggest at least top 3.


Does 2i2 2gen support win10 32 bit operating system?

Ronnie Kollman says:

Hey Bandrew! I have a question, I bought this mic a while ago as my beginner mic, but found that it had a ridiculous amount of hiss (even more than you had in the review). Do you have any suggestions on how to fix?

Mukesh Verma says:

so which one is better according to you at2020 or akg p120 ?

News Update 4U says:

plz do iRig Mic Studio vs blue yeti vs at 2020 plz if you cant plz suggest between these

SneakyPenguin says:

AKG P120 vs neewer nw 800 plzzz

TechReflex says:

Bandrew I really like your reviews, but I think that as most of them are in a properly acoustically treated room, it is difficult to know how much, and what kind of reverb they pick up. If you could also include a test where you test these microphones in an untreated room, I think it’ll be a great addition for people who can’t afford to get their room acoustically treated, and are looking to make videos with good audio.

Talaman says:

Can you please do the box content part using “special asmr techniques”?

youtussimo says:

Hello Podcastage, comparing to the MC25 from Focusrite scarlett studio pack,, What will you recomand?

this is for recording voice and classical guitar 😉

Thank you

YoungKilla says:

Most underrated youtuber ever!, Your videos are amazing

MrGamingFox says:

Is this good as the AT2020 or not?

CallMeKota says:

Hey there kind sir! You’ve earned my subscription, though that’s nothing special, just know I’ve been using YouTube since I was little, and you’re one of my now three subscriptions. Keep up the good work, my friend!

EpicGam3r TV says:

that hat tho…

Conrad Johnson says:

people who have more then enough act like they cant share one of what someone else cant get or cant afford i would if i did think about that person who only have one crappy usb mic and never get some i believe if you love music as much as that person and microphones you would i understand were im comming from but we live in a world were people like everything to there selves

Recover says:

hi, what type of cable are you using? I have a scarlett to

Advanced Microphone Reviews says:

i kinda want this mic. i think i already said that but still do. freq response looks nice but i ruled out the p220 earlier.

threenani says:

Could you possibly review the Aokeo AK-80? It’s had good reviews on amazon would love to hear you thoughts on it.

Jeffrey Obney says:

I was looking for a mic to record some let’s play style videos but with two people sitting side by side. I would also like to record some group tabletop role playing games with people sitting around an average sized dining room table. I was hoping to find a single mic solution to keep the budget down. Would you recommend something like this? If not would would be a good setup? I know these are not optimal scenarios.

Elite cuppeeh says:

Do the Mxl studio 24 please

Electronics For Fun says:

cute hat. XD

logan schmidt says:

please review the frisby stand alone microphone bandrew


Trust Emita anyone?

Arnab Mukherjee says:

great find
what a meaty mic

Nykotendo says:

can this Mic might be good for gaming

TechyRodsWire says:

great video i initially wanted the at2020 but after taking a wasted trip to guitar center ” South FL “coconut creek” location which they said they had in stock and waited 30min and nothing. while walking around and quick google search of this mic i bought it and its been nice. funny how i stumbled on your video.. thanks for the info and great video

WawiK says:

hi! I´m new here and i´m under a budget of $70…. i was thinking on the Samson Meteor or the MXL TEMPO KR… which one is best for the money and if you guys have another mic better than this for my budget plz throw below…
its for gaming.

Satish Sarawagi says:

Great Video mate
Is this mic better than Audio Technica AT2020

And I do have a 48v phantom power but like USB Mics
I want to record acoustic guitars so is AT2020 USB a better option ??

Thanks ..

FancyWigglyPanda says:

Do you recommend this Microphone for Gaming?

MeTuLHeD says:

I’d LOVE to see a review of it’s big brother…the P220. It’s transformer coupled, which supposedly smooths the response. I think it would probably also perform better at rejecting off axis sounds.

Adriano Magalhaes says:

Hauahauau I d like you droping the box..

Conrad Johnson says:

all them mics and some of them im pretty sure sit around when can be use with some else who have talent also not to sound like im hating but its true

Einyandh Sum'harrier says:

Information is very worth it.. Yah, I VOTE (I think you deserve to get YouTube Verification) . Thank You

Rotten*Sludge says:

Just got a P120 because I liked how it sounded in this demo. After the first test I’ll have to say it sounds damn awesome on every thing I tried it so far!
Thanks for your great vids!

Człowiek Major says:

My favorite budget microphone. 🙂

VJ says:

hey man, great video, can you do a review of the sE Electronics X1

FieryDiana says:

hmm… hey, that’s pretty good

El Chay says:

Hai could u suggest which is better when it comes AKG P120 and AT2020 for recording vocals and guitar

Productionz says:

Can you test this mic: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MA300
Like your videos, it helped me choosing new mic

DJ Samy J says:

which one better p120 or the at2020

I am actually thinking of opening a home studio for recording and producing songs

can you kindly help me out

kevino Ast says:

Subtitles in Spanish, please

Felix Richter says:

short, funny and informative

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