Will Wilde reviews the Yonberg D2 Storm Harmonica.
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Omnidrummer says:

I couldn’t really give a shit about the fancy ass harmonica, however that solo was juicy af. You just inspired me to learn third position, nice one.

Christian Rodriguez says:

Totally badass design

Paul tidiman says:

Cheers Will,,nice one,,enjoy your vids,,and conccerts,,ccool,stuff,,all the best,,funkem up,,lol,,big love Buddy Paul,,

Derek Garforth says:

Got a Typhoon in C and a Storm in Eb both great to play and like you say overblow straight OOTB. There is a Wind version but that has brass reeds so I wouldn’t have one of those. The best value is the Storm as it has the same reed plates and reeds as the Typhoon but is cheaper to buy. I bought these as like you I love the 1847’s. Think they’re still my favourites but the Yonberg is very close!

harpmason1 says:


Scott Taylor says:

Cool. I’ll have to check those out.

Dennis Moriarty says:

That is some soul-drenched funk you played. Mega-respect!

Kryynism says:

It’s pretty silly man. I prefer traditional look, that looks like a toy.

john hanrahan says:

Very easy to play. Very comfy in the hands.
Of course. I don’t sound ANYTHING like Will!
But, boy! If I could!…
MAN! Oh man can Will play!

LuvBlues64 says:

Awesome playing Will,I have a G and a Bb Storm. I can’t fault them at the moment,they both play loud and are airtight and responsive.I did have to gap them both at first which is part for the course with most harmonicas.They bend easily and also play easily up the top end…I also like the Seydel harps so the steel reeds are a bonus.

Ralph Walton says:


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