The Best Harmonica for Beginners? All the Answers Inside!

Do you want to start playing the harmonica but you’re not sure which harmonica you should get? You’ve come to the right place.

Other questions you might have and I will address in this beginner harmonica video:
– Which harmonica brands are the best?
– Which key should I get my first harmonica on?
– Should I just get a 10$ harmonica to begin with, or should I invest a little more than that?

Harmonica Jamz is an interactive, revolutionary, and INSANELY effective video course that within just several short video lessons will teach you how to jam BEAUTIFUL music on your harmonica with friends and play all the songs you love.

Yes, even if you never played a music instrument before!

By using the revolutionary combination of the highest quality video lessons in the market, with a never-seen-before interactive & instructed HD video jam tracks, (learn more below) we will get you on your musical feet so fast that you wouldn’t believe it. Get ready to fall in love with the harmonica!

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Note: I am not endorsed by any specific harmonica company.


Alon Cooper, (born 1990) is one of the leading multi-instrumentalists and lesson creators on YouTube, with a special passion for creating “musical shortcuts” – which help beginner musicians reach the level they want to get to – in the fastest way around. Alon is the founder of, one of the top five most read guitar blogs worldwide, and of Harmonica Jamz, a unique interactive system for learning how to play and jam on the harmonica.

Over the last six years, Alon has spent many months backpacking through four different continents with his guitar and harmonicas, jammin’ and teaching music around the globe – online and with local students.



Champak Das says:

I’m here for the configuration, not for the brand!!!

Finn Koppens says:

This was made on my birthday

Warm sunset 62 says:

Sweet – appreciate your advice & opinion.

Moi Remoi says:

marine band is harder to play, on the marine band holes are the smaller

Aslam Hussain says:

What about Hohner silver star

Jonas Svedas says:

I don’t agree about getting Hohner Marine band for your first harmonica. Sure it sounds and plays good but it has a couple of issues especially if you plan to practice a lot like couple of hours a day. My first problem with it is that it has a wooden comb and wood does not go well with long practice, sessions. I personally own a Marine band and I can say that after and hour of playing the wood starts expanding from the humidity especially the parts around the holes and starts scratching your lips. The other thing I don’t like about this harp is that unlike in the special 20 the brass plates are extruding from the tin cover which is also rough on your lips if plan to do longer practice sessions.

Ald Ino says:

what is the easy one 10 or 24 holes.

Adil Giara says:

Special 20 or big river ? Which one to buy need to upgrade ?

Saurav Ray says:

How’s the Easttop 1040 Key C for a beginner?

Harmonica Jamz - Alon says:

Learn harmonica with me: Start the Harmonica Jamz video course – learn how you can play ANY song, and also how to sound excellent while jammin’ with other people – for example with friends who play the guitar:

munda papu says:


Balasubramanian Thangamani says:

Which mouth organ will be best for starter ?? Any link to buy in online bro?

Didyer Barrera Estacio says:

the Seydel models are too a good reason to play the harmonica. they’ re very cool, and very responsive. check it out.

Old School says:

Great idea putting it out there up front. You’re spot on with the Marine Band. I just upgraded to the Crossover Marine Band for my diatonic. Super 64 for my second chromatic. CBH 2016 for my first.

Tom Hindes says:

Trying Lee Oskar wow

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