Suzuki Overdrive harmonica – review and tips

In this video, I review the unique suzuki overdrive harmonica, and give you some tips for how to make the most out of it’s innovative design. Sorry that the video ends rather abruptly(!) – I apparently ran out of disk space on my phone! 🙂 All in all, I’m happy to own this harp, but I wouldn’t buy another. I see it mainly as a learning/practice tool, rather than a practical solution to the overbend technique. It’s a fine quality instrument, and perhaps future refinements to the design will make it more practical to play in real performance situations.


Jan Songs Productions says:

So, you mean you snip-snapped out a few dividers that the comb has between and below the cover plate holes on the low end?

Harmonica Rack Player says:

Hi! After watching your video I also tried to buy overblow harp. (on the Amazon) This is my first trial:

Floyd Amason says:

Great review, although I could never see myself using this harp in concert. I don’t think I would have the coordination to even hold it – LOL    –   FLOYD

Francisco Orrico Junior says:

Muito bom! Poderia me tirar uma dúvida? Com uma overdrive posso tirar facilmente a escala cromática completa ou ainda fica incompleta ou difícil de ser executada? Vc indica essa gaita? Ela pode ser usada no lugar de uma cromática tranquilamente?! Obrigado! (from Brazil)

Hunter Gibson says:

Hey we follow each other on soundcloud

Noemi Cavêdo says:

Parece um Trompete com surdina o som dessa gaita haha

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