Suzuki Manji Review – Hohner and Suzuki Harmonica Comparisons

Feel free to ask any questions, hope this is useful to those finding/choosing between various harmonica models.
Harmonicas Compared: Marine Band, Bluesmaster, Special 20.


Spandex'd Beefheart says:

what’s your favourite ?

Raymond Chew says:

Yes, I share yr thought thinking of getting Promaster C key and Olive low F. But share yr concern about reeds rattling hitting the cover for Olive low F. I couldn’t get information of Olive low F whether facing rattling problem.

Emanuele Scotti Abbusco says:

I’m a totally beginner and my choice is between bluesmaster and manji…I Like the sound better for the manji but for learning it will be easier with the bluesmaster? Thanks

Don Keath says:

Thank you for your detailed and helpful review, but it would be better without the background
music , so I can hear you more clearly.
Thank you for sharing. Don

Brad Kimo says:

Do you prefer the Manji or the Promaster? And why? Thanks.

Yu Beniya says:

Thank you for your comment for Suzuki Harmonica. We appreciate it.

ElveyGooch says:

Another great review. Thanks, John.

Ema Banana says:

Thank you for the review, it is really helpful!

Raymond Chew says:

I just bought Seydel Blues 1847 session steel A key and like it. I practice a lot. Same song but with Hohner special 20 key C, Suzuki Manji G . The next addition probably a Suzuki Promaster and a Olive ??? Key?? One of the them will have C key, Promaster C or Olive C? Which key should I go for but I do not like too high key. Main time, I continue to enjoy playing my 3 harmonica C, G & A key.

Little Sparrow says:

Great but please reduce the playing in the background.

9876543212001 says:

Johnoh, Thanks again for your in put. I just got My first Manji , sounds similar to the others but there it ends the Manji has such sound volume and and a nice crisp sound to it. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about harmonicas ,I wouldn’t  make it their first choice because of the price but if they come along far enough where people and friends say you use to be awfull then you get just bad then they start saying that’s pretty good or that’s not bad, then you might consider one. Thats my case. Thanks again and they don’t take much breath to play.

Paul says:

The video overlays are anoying, otherwise thanks for the review.

Yu Beniya says:

Thank you for your explaining about Suzuki Harmonica especially for MANJI M-20.

Laurence Mann says:

Hello Johnoh, I recently bought a Hohner Crossover and I’m really impressed with it although it’s not very comfortable to play due to the sharp over lapping ridge on the mouth piece so, my question is this, does the Suzuki Manji have the same problem?

9876543212001 says:

How’s it going  Johnoh, 
I have several special 20’s and marine bands. I’m interested in getting a Manji but my question is I have lee oskar but it seems to take more air to play, is it the same for the Manji ? 
Thanks for Your time.

Raymond Chew says:

Suzuki Olive C and Promaster low F or versi versa. Since I already got a Manji G. Anyway how does Promaster low F vs Manji low F ?

Hafiz Rahman says:

The marine band or the suziki Manji, which is better? In terms of sound and quality.

Rey Rey says:

Great great review and comparison! You’ve helped me make a decision and that’s what people watch reviews for. Keep up the good work!

Vn_ says:

which tone has the suzuki manji you are reviewing is the G ? 

Raymond Chew says:

I already have a hohner special 20 major C, Suzuki manji G key. I thought of getting another 2 Suzuki ( major C and major A). Olive A & Manji C or Olive C & manji A. So what do u recommend?

Nick Google says:

Hi Johnoh,

thanks for your harmonica reviews. 🙂

I started with Bluesmaster (have 5 keys now) and I am interested to learn more about the differences between the Manji and Bluesmaster. 

1) Is smaller holes “better”? Because being able to play faster seems to me better 😉

2) Where does the sound difference between Bluesmaster and Manji come from? Is it mostly the different reed plates or the different cover plates and / or the comb sizing?

When exchanging the reed plates between Manji and Bluesmaster what will you get? I ask because this could be an interesting exercise, because the Bluesmaster is very comfortable to play (and not too expensive). It could be an interesting “upgrade” to use the Manji reedplates, when they need to be changed.

On the other side I wonder how much of the warmer Bluesmaster sound stays when using the Bluesmaster reed plates on the Manji?

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