Suzuki Folkmaster Harmonica

Suzuki Folkmaster can be bought here
Key of C:
Key of G:
Key of A:
Key of E:
Key of F:
Key of D:
Key of Bb:
Set of 12:
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Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas can be bought here:
Key of C:
Key of A:
Key of G:
Key of Bb:
Key of F:
Key of E:
Key of D:
Set of 5 with case:
Set of 3:

Jake recommends these instructional books.
Harmonica for Dummies:
Blues Harmonica for Dummies:


Eric M. says:

You really should check out the Suzuki Bluesmaster – I love them! The things you didn’t like about the Folkmaster – the Bluesmaster doesn’t have them due to it’s different construction. It’s twice the price though but still cheaper than others.

Randal Cousins says:

darn it! you sound great even on cheap harps, and I suck

Synic says:

I’m pretty sure it’s Japanese made lol

Irene Beaudoin says:

Hi Jake, I’ve initially had one key of A , 2 years ago, I played it every day for practicing scales, and was my go to harp when I jam out.Yes I agree with all the drawbacks, but….what a great econo harp, I’m a Lee Oscar guy usually, but I realized with these is the thinner reeds, do bend quite nice but respond real well to soft breath control. So I bough a whole set of 12 keys 2 months ago (for practicing to jam tracks), and they all sound great.I am going to get my Son to make me a few brass combs for these to see if can improve the air leak (just to see).And maybe open the cover plates a bit for volume. I’m a hobby player and keep my good harps, for when I go out.Also noticed, if a beginner blows or draws too hard, some reeds will stall or buzz, so for me, these make me try to control my breath more.That is my 5 cents.Great review Jake, thanks for sharing.Ed

Mel richards says:

that`s not what you said last time jake! If you want a`bargain` harmonica, go for the Easttop oo8k series,this harp is in my opinion the very best money can buy! very airtight,smooth to the touch, heavy and well designed,and at about the same price.

Bruno N. says:

muito bom!!!!!!

ch-ris127 says:

These things are freaking horrible to learn bending with. I started with a Folkmaster and spent weeks trying to bend, only to realize that it takes a ton of air to do it. Ended up gapping the reeds manually and suddenly it becomes way easier to bend with the same technique. Really unrecommended for beginners who are short of breath.

MediaNocte3000 says:

Would you recommend sanding of filing the folkmaster if it aggravates your lips a lot or would that affect its performance significantly?

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