Suzuki Bluesmaster vs Promaster Harmonicas – Review & Comparison

The difference between Bluesmaster and Promaster Suzuki harmonicas. At least from what i can hear 🙂

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Diego Cristiano says:

Que legal gostei da comparação, comprei uma promaster aqui no brasil a promaste é o dobro do preço da bluemaster espero nao me arrepeder

Mahameru Music says:

Agan-agan info: buat yang cari Bluesmaster bisa di Mahameru Music gan. ID Kaskus : MahameruMusic.
Oya, kita juga ada Hohner John Lennon Signature. Cek aja gan :D

José Damián Bazaga Ruiz says:

Thanks for the comparison. It is important to know about this differences because the Promaster is quite more expensive.

Still both sound good.

Rocky Jr 000 says:

btw my harmonica bluesmaster is key of c.. thnx.. pls help me which key in Girl be mine by francis m song. so that ill buy it asap. thanx

Kevin Price says:

Hi Johnoh, thank you for the excellent reviews. I have both the Bluesmaster and Promaster, and I agree with your review. I have not tried comparable Seydel models. How would you compare them?

ok tchau says:

I would like to add that the plastic case of the Promaster is amazing, while the Bluesmaster’s is just ok.

Ralf BBHarpy says:

you are palaying out of tune…. most tones in your playing are flat …  sorry … at first start to Play clean than do a Comparison ….

Caleb Wong says:

Hi, I’m new to your channel, and I have to say I’ve watched many videos to help me decide whether to get the bluesmaster or promaster. You have been the most helpful by far! So, thanks! I have a question, where do you personally get your reedplates for the promaster? Beacuse I trust your recommendation. Thanks again.

Jack Woods says:

Thanks for the review. I went from the Bluesmaster to the Olive, which is a nice compromise. Very nice blowing.

thesilencer23 says:

Hello !
I have read that the Promaster is not a very reliable harmonica for hard blues.
What is your experience ? Will it last a couple years ?

Rocky Jr 000 says:

hi. thanks for all ur tips and advices.
we did a cover
I think I did a great job. i mean i did it perfectly. what do u think.? thanks a lot again

Brad Kimo says:

How would you compare the Manji to the Promaster in the same criteria you listed in this video?

DustyCowdog says:

Nice video… I am a little slow though. Why does someone buy a harp in the key of say C and play it (somehow) in a different key, like ‘A’ ? Why not just buy the harp in the key of ‘A’ or what ever? I am very much musically challenged. Thanks!

Simon Ritchie says:

Hey Johnoh, thanks for the video, again, it surely helps in decision making. Was curious, I prefer the recessed reed plate, the comb sticks out slightly and is more comfortable. I know you prefer the manji, that’s one of my options, but it appears that the bluesmaster has a protruding comb as opposed to the manji. Am I correct, or what’s your take? Thanks!

Hiren Panchal says:

hi johnoh, and thanks for the excellent video, I’m a starter, have already bought crossover key G and marine band key b. would you please tell me which harp would be better in terms of bending notes, manji or Suzuki bluesmaster

mailvilla says:

Hello again, could you explain why the 2nd draw note (G note) on all harmonicas is dull sounding, or  raspy sounding, or buzzing sounding? … It just does not sound like a clear tone.  Is that the way it suppose to be?

Nasim Ahmed says:

hey if u have played suzuki harpmaster-which one u find better?Suzuki Harpmaster or Suzuki Bluesmaster?

jgibson111 says:

Great comparison.  Owning both models in various keys I have to agree with your conclusions.  For live gigging, especially with a tube amp, I prefer to use my Bluesmaster.  Crunchier, meaner, kind of raw sound.  I’m a lead guitar player at heart but can’t play guitar so I riff jam on my harps instead.

Hafiz Rahman says:

Hello again Johnoh. I want to ask you, which is a better harmonica on quality of sound, durability and bendability. The promaster, hohner special 20 and Suzuki Hammond (HA-20) ? I’m thinking of buying the Hammond.

Rocky Jr 000 says:

hi.. i just want to ask what harmonica key used in the song “GIRL BE MINE” by Francis M. i have a suzuki bluesmaster. but it doesnt match d sound
i think in the girl be mine solo part its more higher pitch than c. what key will i buy. to perfect the girl be mine song … pls help me

Krasimir Dimitrov says:

Thank you very much for this video, thank of it I have finally realized what kind of harmonica do I need, seeing that I have some troubles to bending. And you are a real master of harmonica 🙂

Allan walker says:

cool………just ordered the Bluesmaster set…………wish it would hurry up and get here….hahahah……I’m a new harp player of a few months…..I am seeing the difference now between the different models….I started on a Marine Band Blues harp, and now I play Lee Oscar,,,,really looking forward to the Suzuki’s !!!!!!!

Rocky Jr 000 says:

thnx. but mine is a little low. in 6th hole. maybe I should buy folk master harmonica. what d u think. and wat is d difference between folk master and blues master when it comes to sound

Zakaria Mechati says:

Thanks from heart 🙂

Caleb Wong says:

Thank you for the quick response. It was very helpful.

mailvilla says:

I an a beginner, and bought the Suzuki MR 350V “valved” Harp with aluminum comb, which makes it feel heavier than any other Harp).   I have other harps, such as the Golden Melody and the Lee Oscar.  They are all in the key of C.   I did not know anything about a “valved” harp, so I researched it.  It has thin plastic looking reeds on the opposite sides of the brass reeds. These plastic valves do not make any sound. But, they do stop loss of air, so they can actually give you additional notes.  However, these harps are trickier to play and will not give you Blues notes bending.  And, if  you blow a little too hard, it is totally blocked any sound.  So, what I did was take it apart and simply pulled off the plastic valves (only glued on), and now the MR350V plays and sounds great to me.  I love the look and extra weight of this harp.  It looks like a professional instrument and not a plastic toy.  However, it is pricey, and I can get a Lee Oskar half the price.  Plus Lee Oscar sells replacement reeds when you need them.  Out of the three harps.  The feel, weight, and appearance  is the MR350V, and as far as ease of play ability the other two are first.  But, they pretty much all sound great.  So, don’t panic, if you buy a valved Harp and do not like it.  Just pull the valves off, and it will still play like any other Harp. Last word about the MR350V.  I can slightly taste metal from the aluminum comb.  But, this is no problem for me.

Geri Syandra Yusman says:

halloo. Thanks for this helpful video. I was a beginner harp player from Bandung, Java- Indonesia. PLease tell me why Mr.Johnoh about my problems :
Hole 1 = Blow Bend NO, Draw Bend NO,
Hole 2 = Blow Bend NO, Draw Bend YES ,
Hole 3 = Blow Bend NO, Draw Bend NO,
HOle 4 = Blow Bend NO, Draw Bend NO,
Hole 5 = Blow Bend NO, Draw bend YES,
HOle 6,7&8 = Blow Bend YES, Draw Bend NO,
Hole 9 = Blow Bend YES, Draw Bend YES (but the level & quality tone is a too poor)
HOle 10 + Blow Bend NO, Draw Bend NO.

My Questions……
1.What should I do Mrs. Christelle if I wanna do a bends in all 10 holes? (I’ve tried but (some hole) the semitones can’t appear)
2.Am I wrong choose the harp type? (i use BluesMAster diatonic key G)

azmildman says:

You sold me on the bluesmaster, for sure. I was trying to decide between a bluesmaster and a manji. Manji is nice but not that great, leakiness wise. The brassy shrill sound is what I look for in blues harps. Thanks.

GeekVasion says:

After I watched this I found my 3-6 year old Harmonica that I still don’t know how to play and think I sound like a robot in. It’s a Bluesband Hohner International.

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