Seydel Session Steel Harmonica

Get your Seydel Session Steel Harps here:
Key of C:
Key of A:
Key of D:
Key of G:
Key of F:
Key of Bb:
Key of E:
Key of Low C:
Set of 9 with case:
Set of 12 with case:

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Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas can be bought here:
Key of C:
Key of A:
Key of G:
Key of Bb:
Key of F:
Key of E:
Key of D:
Set of 5 with case:
Set of 3:

Jake recommends these instructional books.
Harmonica for Dummies:
Blues Harmonica for Dummies:




Persian Bright says:

Is session steel different from Seydel blues Session? I think I purchased the wrong one the blues session is just a trash

Steve Scott says:

I was telling my wife about your bad day catching your mustache hairs in the harp. Now she has renamed it hairmonic. LOL

bloochoo says:

This is one of my favorite harps, plus I think it is the best looking plastic comb harmonica out there! Very striking and individual! Love it, I also love the Seydel 1847 with the wood comb….so beautiful and lovely to play! Have you done a video on those?

Daniel M says:

Do you like them as much as Lee Oscar?

Brian Bombay says:

A Seydel harmonica with a “recessed” reed plate. A must if you have facial hair.

Claudio Zuim says:

Very Good!!!!!
A hug from Brazil!!!!!

Wanderer x says:

Die Schalldeckel stehen an denn Ecken sehr hoch so das eine Rille entsteht, wo man sich schneiden kann.
Ich selber musste die Schalldeckel auf Schmirgelpapier glatt schleifen.
Gruß aus Deutschland

Paul Paul says:

Having different specific keys, does it means that i need to have i of every key so that i could play every song that i want?

Steve Scott says:

I’ve just bought one in the key F. I wished I had bought all the keys.

Robby Goetschalckx says:

I got the Low D, and Paddy Richter G. For Low D, it’s the first one I got where the 7-hole reeds did not wear out after just a few months.
I love the mellow tone of the session steel. For clean, crisp sound, I would go for a Hohner Special 20 or Suzuki Manji instead.

Jake 3752 says:

I’ve heard good things about those. Myself, I’m more of a wood comb guy. While I haven’t been able to scrape enough money together to get fancier harps like the Rocket or Manji, I usually use Hohner Blues Harps. I’ve tried Lee Oskars (awful high range) and Marine Bands (swell and break easily), but didn’t much like them.

Domenic Raye says:

Seyden Sessial s-Steel

Shamsher Singh Mann says:

Great video. Cheers

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