Phil Duncan Reviews the Country Tuned Special 20 Harmonica

Mel Bay Author and Hohner Endorser Phil Duncan describes the differences between the Country Tuned Special 20 harmonica and standard tuning at the 2013 SPAH Convention in St. Louis. He demonstrates the country tuned Special 20 by playing Georgia On My Mind at the end.


Alex Tripodi says:

Since you now have an F# instead of F natural on a C harp, 1st position now gives you a lydian scale (or mode) rather than ionian (or major). This is equivalent to 12th position on a standard tuned harp. Keep in mind that, as Mr Duncan said, you can bend that F# down to F natural, so you can still play a C major scale in the middle octave. Good luck, and feel free to message me if you need help with any of the theory here.

shanti gohil says:

Hi Phil
A lovely demo on this harp.I have just bought one and i am only a beginner.I have a question for you.Can one play 1st position on this harp or is it tunned only to play the Cross position.

Judy Parker says:

i would like to know the answer also to shanti’s question . please answer  thank you

Stiff says:

The Harmonica in the background sounds like Mario. I really want it right now. (That’s what she said)

Sonny Boy Terry says:

So if the music is in D for a song like Silent Night normally played on a D, which country tuned harmonica do you need?

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