Low Tuned Suzuki Manji Harmonica Review


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freereeder says:

Basically, I play chromatic. However, among my diatonics, I do have an American-made (many yrs ago) diatonic on which the reeds swing so far that I had to shim the plastic comb to avoid hitting the covers. One unanticipated advantage is that the shim is of a different color, so it’s easy to see which side should be up….I never start playing at the wrong end! I do like the low sound of that Suzuki; the one I shimmed is in A, also low in pitch compared to a normal C.

msattler111 says:

Love the growl….great tone.

Dave Almeida says:

I’m looking to buy my first harp- thinking about getting Suzuki manji- I know to go with a key of c but am now confused what tune to get? should I go with low?
also, how do you feel about the Suzuki harp master?
thanks again love your vids

LuvBlues64 says:

Great sounding harp and nicely played…

Carlos H. says:

Hey Jake, pls do a review of Hering harmonicas, from brazil. They are kinda cheap here and i would like to buy one.

Paul Lay says:

Great review! I love your passion for the instrument man! 🙂

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