Lee Oskar Harmonica Review

Feel free to ask any questions. 🙂


Ted Cheakalos says:

Background music very annoying. Please ! We’d rather hear YOU, clearly.

mythyas says:

looking to buy a new harmonica do yourself a favor and get a hohner special 20

Sam Murray says:

Background music and PIP video too made for a pretty distracting audio track 🙂 

Justin Williamson says:

i saw on musicians friend that lee oskar harmonicas are tuned to 441 hertz, wouldn’t this sound terrible with other musicians who tuned to 440 hertz?

bralis2 says:

I play LeO’s. I totally agree with what is being said about leakiness and bending problems. LeO’s are not consistent harmonicas, one is quite good, the other total crap or it takes too long to play decently. Now I want to try a Hohner Golden Melody because I am looking for the harmonica with overblowing possibility right out of the box.

TigerClawTV says:

Very informative. Just getting into the instrument. Still picking out where to start. Might pass on this one until I have been playing a while. Interchangeable plates sounds attractive since I don’t have a lot of money, but I don’t want to have to learn bending on a 3rd hole that’s going to let me down.

stan broniszewski says:

Nothing wrong with the review, but that harp playing in the background is a real pain in the ass. It’s drowning out what’s being said.

אלמוג שוב says:

i dont realy understand if this one is good for beginners? i mean- this is good for my first one?

JohnohMusic says:

+Sam Murray – Thank you for the constructive feedback 🙂

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