Johnson Blues King Review

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Johnson The Blues King Review with a comparison to a Hohner Special 20 harmonica.
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Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
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C_ Farther says:

You give great reviews and have saved me from making purchasing mistakes. Love your presentations. You are such an extraordinary, fantastic player, how long have you been playing the harmonica and what harmonica player was your greatest influence?

Julio Ortiz says:

Great playing!! and great review! You the man Jake!!

tubiharp says:

Hey when I first started harp I bought set of 12 they where cheap and really shit but what could I know then I’m talking 13 years back or something like that
Now I only use golden melody sp 20 and marine band
But must say my preference are gm
They almost all custom built by sugar cain in UK

John banjo says:

I use my Hohner blues harps(C,G)for my band,but have a back up set of Johnson blues kings (all keys) It’s not the greatest harp in the world but it has helped me out in an emergency when a song is in C# or D#.

LafayetteLeSaint says:

I bought four of them over the internet for under twelve dollars. I knew before I order them that they were bad, but I was wrong they weren’t bad they were horrible. I was really suprised at how really bad they were.

The reason I bought them was so I could experiment on them and not feel bad about messing up a good harmonica.

I wish there was a law to keep Johnson from selling these crappy toys anywhere. The people at Johnson should be a shame of themselves for selling such an embarringly inferior product.

I strongly urge all music stores not to carry them. Selling this product they are going for the short term profit instead of the long term profit. If they want customers to come back to buy more they need to give them a good reason. Buying a decent (not great) instrument for a decent price is a good reason to come back.

I have another reason for my displeasure. I’m assuming that parents want the best for their children. They not only want their offspring to grow up to be happy they also want them to fullfill their potential. If your child has a musical potential giving them a Johnson Harmonica isn’t going to help them attain their true potential.

Ask yourselves would you rather lose $30-$40 on a good harmonica or have your child miss making good money in a music related career?

Des Kennedy says:

Hi Jake, I’m a busker I have two routines. 1. Harmonica with backing music. 2. A solo one man band thingi with vocals, guitar and Harmonica. Here’s what I found. Special 20 Harmonicas can work out expensive when you use them 5 hours a day as a busker. So I use Johnsons and Hohner Silverstar. Thing is after a warm up my lips seal around them tightly enough and because I am miced up I have control on Volume.

When I listened to your demo I noticed a very slight difference in volume only. 

sometimes I find the expensive harps resonate too much within themselves examples are the Hohner Marine Band Deluxe and some Suzukis too. And I have to play more controlled giving less air.

But I will admit though….Quality control on Johnson is hit and miss. Hohner Silver star is harder to play and bend but I have become so used to them now that it doesn’t worry me.

Koobi says:

Nice video man!
I just got one of these Johnson Blues King harmonicas from a friend, much better than the one I already have, also a Johnson, but looking forward to getting a real proper harmonica!

Nice review and good playing!

BionicPete1 says:

Good review that harp is a piece of crap!!

Malacoda says:

So sad that im playing this harmonica at the moment and everyone says its bad haha! I do have the other one you mentioned. Perhaps I should switch over!

Tristan J Ross says:

Bloody love your playing mate! I just bought a set of 12 of these for $89. I’m only a beginner and I have a couple of special 20’s but just needed a whole set so I can start learning some tunes for my acoustic solo act until I can afford a set of hohners.

Look forward to going through your other vids now!!!

Cheers mate

Robin Khalawan says:

Johnson The Jester. Great for tiring lungs and mouth and good for little else. A dozen of these and of similar brands are not worth one Hohner Special 20 or a Hohner Golden Melody .Great review as usual.

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