Is This The Best Harmonica Ever Created?

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Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
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kingnish says:

Hey Jake! Can you please do a Manji vs Crossover?

Huh. Interesting says:

Jake, is there anyway I can message you? Like on, email or somethin’ like that.

I’ve got quite a few questions regarding my harmonica.

Pleasures to be with you.

TalkingPoints1 says:

Hey man, thanks for the post and some great commentary. You are surely a top shelf player. I just wanted to say that while I like Manjis–I have more than a few–I dont intend to buy any more of them. Here’s why: I dont like the tone of Suzuki harmonicas. I think the reeds are too tight and the sound isnt bluesy. The tone is too sharp and piercing. The tone sounds like tinsel compared to German harps. Suzukis do not have warm tone at all. I didnt know that Manjis had phosphor bronze reeds. I thought only Bushman Delta Frost had that. (I like Bushman harps but I’m furious with the company for taking FOREVER to send them once you pay for them. Sorry John Hall, but truth is truth. I paid for two Bushmans nearly 3 months ago and havent received them yet. How hard is it to mail a package?? And that happens EVERY TIME I have ordered off the Bushman website. Online stores like Musicians Friend or Sweetwater dont carry Bushmans for the same reason: unreliable supply. I saw RockinRons Music say that he wont deal with Bushman anymore. I really like Bushman harps; I just wish they werent IMPOSSIBLE to get. But back to Manjis. Another thing I dont like is that the cover plates have no underlying support and they crush far too easily. Manjis do last a long time. For my money, I like Seydel Session Steel and the very best blues harp you can get is the Marine Band Crossover.

N2 The Mystic says:

I’m pretty much a Lee Oscar player. It sucks that you can’t try a harp out without buying it first but whatever. The Lee O. Just feels like it wants to be played. Bends come so easy. I recommend everyone who considers himself a harmonica player try a Lee Oscar and if you don’t think it is an awesome harp. You can gift a great harp to a nephew or a friend…but I guarantee you won’t.

Kathrine working-on-it Honour says:


Kerry Crowel says:

I have a Manji (in C) and I do pick it up now and then, but I’m generally disappointed. For one, it’s not as responsive and also it lacks a certain natural tone the Marine Band has when playing chords.

Shawn Mulrooney says:

Been playing special 20 s. Hurricane Irma sunk my sailboat and all my harps were aboard. Going to try your advise. 20 off right now. If it proves as good as you say will replace entire set.

Dan Bunn says:

I agree beautiful harps very rich sounding harp

synopsis8 says:

You just keep on publishing dozens of videos claiming your very latest purchase is the greatest harmonica every built…

Carl Wilson says:

Finally we are in agreement. I have over 60 Manji harmonicas. 3 complate sets from G to F# and low tune harps from C to D including Eb and F.
This is the best harmonica for the money.
The reed plates are also priced right and come with new screws.

Simon Ritchie says:

In my opinion it has a lower volume than many other harmonicas in the same price/quality range, but easy to play and comfortable as well. I still say that the Seydel 1847 classic is the best harmonica out there and one of the most expensive as well but worth every penny. It was the Seydel 1847 classic that I attained my first overblow on after attempting it on the Manji, Rocket, Marine band deluxe, and Special 20. Can overblow on all of them now but couldn’t at first until getting it on the Seydel. It’s a toss up for 2nd between the Manji and the Marine band deluxe, but the Rocket has similar openings in the comb(wide) as the Seydel 1847 classic.

R. W. says:

The fact that the manji doesnt have assisting frameparts, the coverplates are a too “squeezy” for me, same as the 1847s from seydel. I prefere harps like the Sp20, Session Steel, Promaster and so on. Squeezing is poison for my beard. It makes the front of the coverplates slowly “omnomnomming” my mustache.

Steve Scott says:

I found it leaks a bit. Also, it does catch my facial hair.

Sviatoslav Bozhko says:

Woooh! New intro )

Richard Sneed says:

Id rather give my money to Germans.

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