Hohner Weekender Harmonica Review

Get your Hohner Weekender Here: http://amzn.to/2kJsUUs

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The Weekender harmonica is cheap, unique, and kind of fun. It rattles like crazy…but what did you expect for that price? http://www.zzounds.com/a–3161136/item–HOH98114BX


baxwala says:

i am beginner  about harmonica and  i want to buy one of weekender and ocean star . i know ocean star has more reeds than this but i dont know that it may hard to play or may not for me  . Which one is better  , are both  same about sound quality ?

Poliwoks Synthesizer says:

Complete junk)

3RROR 5AN5 says:

1: how in the fuck do you play one of these 2: can you play blues on this thing: 3: HOW THE FUCK DO YOU PLAY THIS THING?

Brianth Pinto says:

Podes do a cover of the crazy old band

Dr. Dedrick Hilton says:

Hey jake I also have the weekender cool harp hey are you on facebook

Pralka TV says:

thanks for this film, very useful for me

Nashid Farhad says:

Thanks a lot for this awesome channel. I recently bought my sister this hohner weekender 16. The hohner website gives tuning chart of nearly all the models but it didn’t have chart for this. Would you please give the chart? As we’re new and aren’t sure about which hole is playing which note. Thanks in advance.

Orias X says:

Is it good for beginners?

Gary West says:

Hi Jake I just looked at the Link you posted, $11.95 +$2.99 for shipping so $15.00, I just picked up a Suzuki Humming-Tremolo-21 Harmonica on sale for $29.00 free shipping Amazon, granted it is double the price but it is 10 times the harmonica, I have looked to see if you have reviewed this Suzuki but did not find anything, cheers

KEG Johnson says:

Hey Jake sounds great. I would like to talk to you about my harp microphones. Are you on facebook?

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