Hohner Marine Band Crossover Demo and Review

Here is my review of the Hohner Marine Band Crossover in C. I’m absolutely loving it despite one or two little annoyances.

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Паша Столяров says:

I have heard a much reviews, what Crossover can be broken very easy with begginer skill of playing.

rura58 says:

I want to play violao and harmonica together ….. what harmonica would you indicate me

Jairo Mato says:

Excellent demo and review!!! Im going to buy a Crossover now!! Thank you very much!! Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Derek Garforth says:

I quite like my Crossover in Db but I still prefer my Seydel 1847 classic!

Gary McCarragher says:

Thanks! I love my new Crossover. Is the sealed bamboo comb safe to immerse in water?

Jeevan B Manoj says:

Hohner special 20 vs Hohner Marine band crossover , which one is easier to play?

Iva Petrak says:

Hello Tomlin!What you think about Hohner Marine band Deluxe?I own one key of C.

Heideggerr1 says:

Hey Tom if you want more hits on your site minimal talking with the voice, maximum talking with the harmonica. Tip: make a concise script of you want to say, read it over about ten times in the mirror and then shoot your video, reducing your words by two thirds.


What key would be best for intermediates?

James Rainsford says:

I agree. The Crossover is in my opinion the first reasonably priced Hohner diatonic to really impress me with its overall performance, bendability, and build quality. An all round excellent instrument.

Persian Bright says:

I cut my finger when trying to play with the expensive crossover I purchased and yesterday when I contacted Hohner to ask if it is ok to wash my harmonica as it is not wood but bamboo to my surprise I was told it will swell so why on earth should I pay for this expensive harmonica any more. I have marine band, marine band crossover , rocket and special 20 but it seems paying more does not always mean you get better product 🙂

Willyblues Senkiwsky says:

Tomlin I find the biggest drawback is the price! On amazon they run from $61.01 to $89.99. I started on > $1 kiddie toys bought 1st Marine Band, about, $2.50 in 69 I believe. I was turned on to Crossovers at amazon bought at $84.99, 4 I think. Great Harps. As to are they better? That’s like saying “my girl friend is better than yours!”

Gabriel G. Rodriguez says:

Crossover VS Manji????

Kerry Crowel says:

I recently put together a Frankenharp – A Dark Comb, Crossover plates (in Ab) and standard MB covers and it plays great, mainly due to the Crossover reeds. I’m looking to get a C next.

Chris Godfrey says:

Hello Tomlin. Thanks for the review. I have one of tjese on order in Bb. Live in the Philippines so it will be along wait. Have a question. I normally play Suzukis (Manjis, Olives, Promasters) and I’m paying about twice as much for the crossover on Amazon. Do you think its worth the extra $. Thanks again for all your great lessons.

Bruce Kilgour says:

The name “Crossover” seems to refer to the switch from pear wood (MB) over to bamboo. Nothing more, nothing less.

kingnish says:

I own one in A. Love it.

Wanderer x says:

Hollo Tom,
Thanks for the video, unfortunately, I do not speak English
I am writing to you since I have the crossover in C and A major.
I play in tongue blocking
Bending very good Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Blans bending channel 10, 9, 8 very good
Overblow Channel 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 very bad
Bamboo cane and pelvic plate leaking
Triple screwed and is not so good
Playability very good very lip friendly
I’m going back to the Hohner Golden Melody
Overblow, Bending, Blasbending much better, tongue blocking much better
What is your opinion
greetings from Germany

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