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I am part of the global harmonica community. I guess being interested and involved in the harmonica community over many years has lead me to be elected as Chairman of the National Harmonica League in the UK, and that’s quite an honour.

When I heard Elwood Blues playing blues harp in the Blues Brothers film from the 80s, I couldn’t get over the crazy sound of the harmonica. I watched the film over and over – even watched it last night! Had to get me a harmonica…

Seeing Paul Lamb playing the Station Tavern in London was the final straw – I started having lessons from him and became a Sonny Terry nut. From There Little Walter, Big Walter and gradually found out about all the greats.

Brendan Power introduced me to other players such as Charlie McCoy, JJ Milteau, Howard Levy and then I was hooked – a dead duck!

I started teaching professionally in 1995 while studying how to teach and began running workshops in London inherited from Brendan Power as he was joining Riverdance. The first lesson in school I taught in was Dulwich College in London and then in Bristol.

I’ve had the luck to study personally with Howard Levy (one week residential), Paul Lamb, Brendan Power, Joe Filisko, Richard Sleigh, Carlos del Junco, Sonny Terry (recorded lesson) and in workshops with Charlie McCoy, Lee Oskar, Steve Baker, Keith Dunn, Rick Estrin, Rick Epping, Adam Gussow amongst lots others – and thanks to all of them for the help which I now pass on to other students.

Performance wise, I have played in many blues bands, and different musical groups as well as performing solo and on cruise ships. I’ve played on the same bill as Larry Adler in 2000, jammed in concert with Jools Holland and had a long, hilarious and fascinating lunch with Billy Connolly showing him some harmonica techniques he wanted to know about.

I now offer private lessons on SKYPE. Just send a contact request mentioning HARMONICA LESSONS to SKYPE ID – benhewlettbenhewlett 

Fine players of the harmonica include Big Walter, Little Walter, Sonny Terry, Sonnyboy Williamson Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Magic Dick, Robert Plant, Steve Tyler, Taj Mahal, Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Reed, Larry Adler, Dave Gage, Furry  Lewis, John Popper, John Sebastian, Neil Young, Bruce Willis, Sugar Blue, William Clarke, Paul Delay, Tom Ball, Mark Hummel, Jerry Portnoy, JJ Milteaux, Rod Piazza, Gary Primich, Rob Paparozzi, Joel Osborne, Shakira Starr, Alanis Morisette, Bono, David Bowie, Darth Vader, John Mayall, John Gindick, Jonny Mars, John Lennon, Allman Brothers, JP Allen,
Types of music to play to play on the harmonica: Blues, jazz, country, rock, bluegrass, folk, funk, classical, rock, hiphop, rnb, r and b, reggae, r’n’b
Makers: hohner, seydel, suzuki ,hering, sonnyboysmusicstore.co.uk
Models: Marine band, crossharp proharp crossover, big river, marine band deluxe, special twenty, special 20, pro-master, blues bender, golden melody, Richter tuned



pabslondon says:

Didn’t he use a chromatic on his most famous harmonica performance: ‘Love me do’?

KIRICHannel says:


Vincent Connell says:

Yeah, I’m going to stick to my MS series. It looks grand and all, I won’t lie, but in the true spirit of the beautiful messages that John tried to get across, I’ll spend less money on corporate products and more money, time and energy on making the world a better place.

fariborz koh says:

@2:41 how did you do that? 🙂

CarEdy23 says:

i’m so glad i subscribed to this channel

bxs204 says:

Thanks…nice review. Keep smiling and have a great day!

JohnJAD101 says:

Ben, You play a great harp! Enjoyed your vid!

Italo Zimbaldi says:

Very good! Great sound.. but the drawing is John himself, not Yoko 😉

Hendrik Huizing says:

thanks excellent I know what I’m looking for 

Samantha Muir says:

I’m going to write to santa….!

A Fender guru says:

Great review, thanks. I’m gonna get one.

Zooney1 says:

Ben I’m getting a bit confused about harmonica keys. Does John use a C or a G harmonica on “I should have known better”?

Marshal "Banzai!" Pear says:

Ben, if we compare it with Special 20 which do you think is better?(responisveness, tone etc.)

gordon butterfield says:

tis bloody ya cant see me im in aussie

Ben Hewlett says:

Excellent – enjoy it!

MrRoundel says:

Nice review. FYI: The image on the harmonica is John Lennon’s self-portrait, and was not done by Yoko Ono.  John has a significant body of work in such cartooning. Yoko probably owns the rights to the image though. Cheers.

djskobie says:

I just bought one, cant wait to give it a go. Never played one before, its going to be fun learning a new instrument 🙂

majikkool200 says:

Getting one for Christmas <3

Charles Bukowski says:

Only worth getting if you’re a diehard Beatles memorabilia collector. Otherwise you can get the same quality harp for half the price with the HOHNER MS models which this is based off.

Stingingnettle says:

I just bought mine! I love it to death! Now time to learn how to play…

Norman Buffett says:

I like your reviews….do more

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