Hohner Harmonicas! – What’s the difference?

Hohner makes many different diatonic harmonicas. All of them are tuned to the same notes, but what makes them different? This video demonstrates the main differences between each type we have in stock.

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TalkingPoints1 says:

I’ve given up on Hohners. Blues Harps are useless. Their reeds aren’t responsive (you need breath that approaches a hurricane to get a note) and quality control at the factory sucks. I bought a Blues Harp in a Bb and the 3 draw reed simply didn’t play. Into the trash it went with its $40 cost. Furthermore, Hohners simply don’t last. A Golden Melody sounds great but the reeds are weak. Special 20 is a good harp but it too is short-lived. Switch to Seydel.

Laugh Out Loud says:

where is blues viper

vaguelyreptilian says:

Do all the MS harps have the sort of… Top-vented boxes the Blues Harp has? I’m a hiker and probably won’t carry more than one at a time, but it looks less durable than the special 20 box (yeah it is a super specific concern and not a deal breaker either way, the idea of being able to replace parts if it gets damaged is enough of a selling point)

Bob Aldo says:

The life of any harmonica is actually measured in just a few hours of hard playing. That goes for harmonicas all the way across the price-point spectrum.

Брандон Веракка says:

Finally I just wanted to say that I haven’t had any problems with wooden combs. Hohner does a wonderful job of sealing the wood with a finish that keeps moisture out. Both the MS Blues Harp and the Marine Band have wooden combs, and I love both of them. I have some with a lot of use and age and they’re still in great shape. Don’t fear the wood, it sounds great!

JM 74 says:

Very cool. Thanks.

Glass Man says:

Buy a Hohner and you will be replacing the reeds within 3 weeks to 3 months.

blacksabbath666420 says:

the marine band is just as easy to take apart 

madogblue says:

Blues harps are supposed to be easier to bend, but the reeds burn out fast. Special 20 and marine bands are the ones to play blues on

Travis Yeager says:

why not play them……

Carlos Azteca says:

Would somebody tell me which is the best key to play classic blues ??? and also… do you know what harmonica key is played by Mark Farmer from the Grand Funk Rail Road in “Inside Looking Out” ??? Tks in advance for your help !!

twitchster77 says:

Get them all! 😀
I LOVE collecting harmonicas! And I’m not even that good at them yet! lol
Great video! Thanks for uploading this.

BlueNation09 says:

I know Free Willy in the movie the boy used a marine band but im not sure what key and brand it is in.

loren parks says:

Thanks man. Wish u would have played em.

James Gilberthorpe says:

Thanks this makes some sense I replaced a Marine band with a cheaper blues harp and cant get the full sound I want for one of my tunes.

john appleseed says:

or what key is the closest to a saxophone in order to choose which harmonica to get?

kish bhar says:

all sound same dead quiet

bal p says:

I like your presentation. Thank you. It gives me idea what I want to try. I am leaning towards Hohner 532 Blues Harp MS-Series Harmonica, since I love the blues.

LFOVCF says:

Certainly good info, but without a demo, it’s like buying a car you’ve never test driven.

Norm Christopherson says:

Sorry, but this video was NOT informative at all.

stan broniszewski says:

I love playing harmonica, but I have a gripe with any harmonica manufacturer. It seems that you can buy a harmonica (ie: a Hohner Blues Harp) spending about $35.00. But if you need to replace the reeds, the cost is about $27.00 for a set. That’s only a price difference of $8.00. My logic being, if you’re going to spend the money on a set of reed plates, why not just buy a new harp for a few dollars more.

kisho bhar says:

so they are all silent..only the guy talks,,we see

Bobby Brown says:

Good review,..We all know you cant lip them,.. a bellows  doesn’t do any harp justice,..and I learned some things ,…thanks,…

BackAwayBub says:

Pound for pound, buck for buck and blow for blow BUY LEE OSKAR harps! The best diatonic harps around and I’ve played them all. A good sound from a soaked Marine Band can’t be beat for dirty and fast blues! Sand down the wooden separators and they won’t tear up your lips. Wears them out pretty fast though…..

Daniel Blanco R says:

I think I’m going to buy the Blues Band, if I like playing harmonica, I’ll buy the Special 20, it seems its pretty famous 🙂

FullStepBend says:

Surely you should only sell the John Lennon Harmonica in Tuscon, Arizona right?

MisterFinkMusic says:

I’ll second the comment about the sealed wood on the Blues Harps. My Marine Bands would swell pretty quickly, but the Blues Harps are really stable.

Also, don’t forget the Blue Midnight, my new favorite Hohner! The Just Intonation tuning makes for really sweet sounding chords (just the opposite of the Golden Melody). Listen to “I’ll be Seeing You” on my YouTube station to hear what I mean.

Elias Hawly says:

So usefull

twitchster77 says:

Get them all! 😀
I LOVE collecting harmonicas! And I’m not even that good at them yet! lol
Great video! Thanks for uploading this!

Tim mi says:

Thank you for the explanation.
It would have been very very very nice if you had played a few notes on each one.
Many of us are coming here to learn the difference in sound, in order to make a choice.
Perhaps an idea for a next video.

john appleseed says:

hey im just now getting into harmonicas and my question is there any type of harmonica that resembles close to a saxophone?

SITARA1979 says:

what s the harmonic tha brian jones played in you firts album lp the rolling stones 1 ?? iam a king bee , i just wanna make love to you babe ??

Metallic Hawaii says:


aqureshi62 says:

sir what is the difference between Hohner M27001 Super Chromonica /Key C Harmonica and Hohner 270 Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica C

ZooDSSfirst says:

Мусор. Он не играет, а только говорит.

JeffreysWorld says:

Do the letters on the top left corner mean anything? Like is that a certain key or something? I’m new to this.

George M says:

Which one do you recommend for a beginner that knows nothing

Steven Giles says:

man im sorry, I am rarely negative on youtube, but why the hell wouldn’t you blow a few notes on them???? you pretty much described how they look. not very helpful when youre needing to HEAR the difference.

Joe Graham says:

I have just ordered a set of Hohner Blues Band in the key’s of A;Bb;C;D;E;F and G, I have never used these harmonica’s I’m  was just wondering if there are any good? I have just started playing the harmonica and I have a harmonica in the key of C. I used to be a guitar player but I was in an accident 3 years ago at the age of 20 and  I’m now 23 and I have lost the ability to use my right arm hand and wrist…. 🙁 and is there any advice you could give to a one handed player? (I can now only use my left arm and hand… I used to be right handed witch suck major ass! lol 

Steven Giles says:

Since watching this, I’m glad to share with everyone, lee Oskar harps are waaaaaaaaay superior to hohner harps. So much brighter and more responsive. Easier to bend, better tonality, everything.

Брандон Веракка says:

I’ve been experimenting with different harmonicas, and I’ve bought just about every Hohner model.
The MS Blues Harp is awesome! if you’re learning to play the blues, it’s full of tone and is easy to bend notes.
If you want to play beautiful folk melodies, the Golden Melody is an awesome harp. I use it for Christmas songs. The GM has a very rich tone. While it’s tuned in equal-temperament, it still plays dyad (a two note “chord”) and sounds great. Everyone has their own opinions though.

Angel Rivero says:

i thought you were going to play them

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