Fender Harmonica Review

In this video I discuss the Fender Midnight Special, Blues DeVille, and Blues Deluxe. Three different models all courtesy of Fender Musical Instruments in Corona, Ca.


bbqbryan says:


azmildman says:

I will just say THANK YOU, PAUL. You give a really encompassing all round information in details. For lower priced harps, we all want to find that silver bullet that is going to be the low cost excellent sounding Holy Grail of harps, and YOU are good, so you make anything sound good, but you talked about each one, starting with the Blues DeVille, one of which I bought, based on your review.

Ron -RockinRonsMusic- Hobdy says:

Thanks Paul. Good review as usual. 🙂 Hi folks. We met Paul first as a customer. We have now become close friends. Paul is an amazing musician and person. Here is our site. We are a harmonica specialty shop. http://rockinronsmusicsd.com/

stan broniszewski says:

I believe that a company makes the harps and outsources them to Fender. They don’t even appear on their website!

ExpeladeitoR says:

i wanna thank you for this awesome review; i’m from argentina and the price for a regular guy like me, and the difference between Deluxe and DeVille are really big, so you made me save a lot by not leting me buy the Deluxe version for something that is not worth it

nick williams says:

good to hear you like the deville having just bought a set of severn. i returned the so called deluxe set .. to many dead holes

Floyd Amason says:

Great review !!  –  FLOYD

Karl Beerman says:

What keys should I go for. I play rockabilly, and country mainly in keys of E, A, C

Hao Shen says:

HaHa! Chinese blues harp! cool! This harp in china  is called EASTTOP! VERY EASY TO PLAY!.

Germán Muñoz says:

good review, Fender is debuting made harmonicas, i have a Blues DeLuxe and is a good armonica for beginners, here in mexico i bought it for 200 Pesos MX, but with the time, de hole 2 and 3 are dead now, i need a better quality, de Fender Blues DeVille is now 500 Pesos MX.

Steven Rodgers says:

too long..get to the point man!

azmildman says:

Thanks, Paul. I respect you and Spider Lane on here. You are really good at playing to begin with. The Blues Deluxe seems bigger to me and not, as you said, having the best sound. But, as I say, if you have a kid who you want to see if they have an interest, buy them one to get started. I bought an A, C, and Bb in the Blues Deville based on your review and what Jake Knows Harmonica said. One of the first thing that everyone I showed them to notices right away, as you said is, they are heavy as hell because of the phosphor bronze reeds, causing them to have a mellow tone, and I think they are going to give the marine band 1896 a run for their money, considering they are about 14 dollars cheaper everywhere I look. They have a nice tone, accurate keying, and I like them. I use them when I am sitting around at home practicing. I was in my recliner chair and dropped the C on my bare foot one day. I won’t do that again.

Roy Colley says:

I bought the Blues Deville in , A , D , G and your right they are very good and well made. The only thing is they dont stamp the holes 1 2 3 and so on to 10. Also very hard to close the box because of the cloth . I found the cloth is very thick ,which is good, but box don’t close so well because of it. but all in all very good .

Srcaps says:

That didn’t sound like an endorsement of the Fender harmonicas.

Kerkuil's Channel says:

I really love the tone of the Blues DeVilles, but don’t play them often at all. Lately, I’ve found the matte finish on the cover plates to be very irritating. My lips feel unpleasant after playing one for as little as five minutes. I’ve purchased 5 of these at different times in the past. One was way out of tune. The edges (corners) are really really sharp on all of them. On some of them, the matte finish was rougher than on others. Also, almost all of them were shipped with cover boxes that were practically impossible to open. I will not be buying more of these, and sold all but one of them to a friend who knows how to do a good job sanitizing harps.

mythyas says:

don’t buy these fender harmonicas thier junk the reeds are brittle and snap off and fender won’t get back to you hohner special 20s are awesome.

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