Fender Blues DeVille Harmonica Review

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The new Fender Blues DeVille harmonica reviewed by Jake http://www.zzounds.com/a–3161136/item–FEN0990702 is where you can pick one up Check out my site for pictures http://jakeknowsharmonica.com/fender-blues-deville-harmonica


mythyas says:

don’t buy these fender harmonicas thier junk the reeds are stiff and snap off get a special 20

Ken Turetzky says:

Thanks, Jake!

PhatChicken says:

New to the harmonica scene here and I feel like the Deville definitely has a much more powerful tone to it. While the 20 seems more fun and has what seems like a higher tone. It might just be me. Will be ordering one here shortly though!

TheProfunek says:

In my opinion Fender sound is better.

Aaron Griffith says:

Thanks for this demo! you can really hear the tone difference

Olli Lehtonen says:

To my money Fender Blues DeVille is the best harp in my collection so far. I like the sound, the design. Further it is quite easy to bend that it is almost impossible to get a bad note out of it. Thanks for posting!
 Jake really knows!

Karl Beerman says:

I like a lot of Johnny Cash, and Howlin Wolfs playing in terms of harmonica playing, but when I write music I tend to write in the easier guitar Keys such as E, A, and C and go for a combination country, blues, rockabilly. what key and what harmonica would you recommend

PhanTheMan says:

hey jake! my local music store just began selling the fender blues deluxe (not sure if this is a new harp), and i was wondering if you can do a review on it. it’s a cheap harp but i’m looking for something i can use to start with to learn

mxm190 says:

the difference your hearing between the sp20 and the fender is the bronze reeds, the fender sounds fuller and brighter. I have a bushman delta frost that has bronze reeds and its a noticeable difference between brass for sure.

DustyCowdog says:

Holy crap! What an awesome intro!

BionicPete1 says:

You guys all know that’s just a Lee Oskar with black covers right?

robert stockton says:

In another post I said I tried the fender deluxe (10 bucks off ebay) but not the deville yet. But it plays GREAT! plays like a plastic combed blues harp.
I think what we have here is fender building these things in there china instrument factories where they can over see the quality. Because basicaly thats the problem with chineese stuff is lack of quality control. I think prices are down utill these harps get real popular and demand goes up.

David A. Marin says:

Between this and a Hohner Rocket, which one would you recommend? I’ve only played Hohner and I really wanna try something different. I’ve already had reeds jump out on two Hohners – on a golden melody and on a crossover. I like the harps but I feel as if I should try to expand my brand horizons.

C_ Farther says:

There is deville deluxe and just blues deluxe which is only 10 bucks. What do you think of the deluxe for $10.00.

Gwen Patton says:

I just ordered one from Amazon in F, so I can jam cross with my partner when she plays keyboard. She usually plays in C, so that works. We’ll see how I like it when it arrives. I’m fond of both Special 20 and Lee Oskars, and if this is anything like either of those in my hands, I may have another brand.

Steven B2 says:

Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one of the Fender.
It may not be as musically sweet as the Hohner but it sounds more relaxed, broken in – just what I’m looking for now.

Estera Podhorecka says:

hi I buy also this model in internet but i was disapoint when I see MADE IN CHINA does your also got this , if not , please send me link where i can by real nice harmonica made in USA

Germán Muñoz says:

Special 20 es the king for he beginers… fender is a little more treble

Felipe García Patiño says:

how hard is to play harmonica? 

Roy Colley says:

I have most of them De Villies the only ones I need to get is F, Bb , and they are really Good every one of them play really well straight out of the Box. The only thing i would say to fender is , I like the holes marked 1 to 10 ,and these dont have that.

Valarie perez says:

Thank you for this vid!
 I almost ordered this one the other day but wasnt sure if i should go for it! 🙂

Julie Nielsen says:

Sounds real good. I want one.

Aaron Griffith says:

I like mine! I’d steer clear of the blues deluxe ($9.99). Mine is not quite in tune and not all the reeds work.

José Aquino says:

I hear Howlin’ Wolf playing with the Yardbirds with the Fender one, I might get me one!

OkieFats ITCXTC says:

From what I understand, the color on the cover plates comes off in about a year and leaves a bit of a mess.  I have also heard of them having dead holes out of the box.

nick williams says:

don’t bother folk’s.. sadly there not very good (for the price). i bought the set of 7 as i thought a good investment. for a quality brand. but i guess they’re made under licence using the name
theres lots of dead holes on draw especially in my fav key of G .they seem to require servicing too often
i have a cheaper hohner equivalent and its still better.Yea, bit disappointed with these

Chris James says:

Thanks for letting us know about this one.  Order up a C to test out and have been very impressed over the first few days.  It it just shocking how air tight and responsive this harp is.  The reed plates stick out from the comb like an MS, but the comb itself is fairly comfortable.  Not a comforable as a special 20 or rocket, but it feels much more responsive.

Paige Whitelowcountry says:

Would be interested to hear them amplified ..either Acoustic or through a Bullet….I love my Crossovers but like the tone of The Golden Melody on a tube amp….The fenders do sound loud and a little gritty

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