Easttop Blues Harmonica

Get your Easttop Blues Harmonicas Here:
Key of C: http://amzn.to/2rACOLA
Key of Bb: http://amzn.to/2q1UA9w
Key of A: http://amzn.to/2q2buor
Key of G: http://amzn.to/2rmZlym
Key of E: http://amzn.to/2rn0iGW
Key of B: http://amzn.to/2q24mZl
Key of D: http://amzn.to/2rAEhBM
Key of Ab: http://amzn.to/2r1haTK
Set of 7: http://amzn.to/2qGolxO
Set of 12: http://amzn.to/2q58oPV

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Key of G: http://amzn.to/2o9rJmU
Key of Bb: http://amzn.to/2oW5mhO
Key of F: http://amzn.to/2o9Ch5r
Key of E: http://amzn.to/2orEBkx
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Zvika Dror says:

Thanks for the review!
Indeed well made instruments with no surprises, can bend the blues.
Last night I converted A Easttop 008k like this into an Easy 3rd (made Bm), lowering 2D and 3D by whole tone and raising 7D by 3 semitones, to form Reggae chords throughout the harp.
Since this harp is rattling more than others, I don’t like it much for blues as Hohner and Suzuki, but it shines in solo and ornaments, so Reggae chords just became natural vibrating and exciting on a lower key – they should sell a special Easy 3rd tuning and Paddy Richter, which is also nice. You also have half valved version (T008LS) which is interesting to know how it sounds, come in WHITE covers – what a delight 🙂

wladimir daniljuk says:

Много текста.

Marley Cauffing says:

Hohner harps here in Thailand are between 60 and 100 dollars. The three years I’ve lived here, I’ve only been able to find a special 20 in the key of E and a marine band in the key of A – both came slightly damaged form humidity and both cost me the equivalent of 60$ USD! Amazon doesn’t ship out here and all of the local online ordering catalogs require about 35$ shipping fees! That can bring the price of a single harp to 100$ USD!

After watching this I ordered an EastTop harp. Thank you very much, Mr. Jake. This video is something I needed.

Quick note on EastTop. I’ve bought a couple other harps from them at the malls (other models) for around 10$ or so. Some of them sound AMAZING! However, almost all of them have a dead reed somewhere. For example: holes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 all sound as good as my marine band harp, but the 5 hole is dead flat and sounds like a dying moose.

Quanta Sanctum says:

Could you tell me how that compares with the SUZUKI Folk Master?

Dr. Fénix says:

I have the same model but blue, still nice, tuned and responsive after 1 year

utkarsh badass says:

Is it good for beginners and is it light weight

jose María says:

se puede comprar en europa?

Roger Truesdale says:

I really like my Easttop harps (A,Bb,C,G). The tone, tuning and playability are an 8.5 out 10. I have 20s, Manjis, MBs , Seydel and Fender. My 2 “pocket” harps are C/Special20 and Bb/Easttop. The Easttop Bb is my best harp. Because of their low cost i play my Easttops 80% of the time to preserve my “good” ones. Easttop harps are pro grade. To be brutally honest, the buck$ spent on a “better” harp if a semi pro like myself ain’t worth it.

Don Schmitz says:

WTF! These harps are disappearing from Amazon. Shoot a guess. Found out they are too good for the $. What do you think?

Dashing Dave says:

I found it to be very similar construction to a Manji. I already blew a reed (6 blow?) about a whole note flat on my G, expect it to be easy fixed though. Easily worth it. I tried Easttop’s very affordable chromatic, amazing bang for buck also.

corvus crack says:

So what about the bending capacity…in the low positions…
That is the main issue…

Alex Hall says:

Jake – Do you think you could do a comparison between this and other harps? I hear lots of people saying they are good (especially for the price), but where do they stand compared to say a Manji or Special 20? Form factor seems in the Marine Band family, so maybe it makes the most sense to compare it to Manji, 1847 variants, and Marine Band variants. A direct price-blind comparison would be nice so people can evaluate how much more they would get if they choose to spend the extra cash on a higher priced model.

In other words: If I’ve already got an Easttop 008k, what more could I expect if I spend $45, $60, or even $90 on a harp?

raymond wing says:

Great comments on here thanks Jake and all . still getting dead notes on the 8,9,10 draw at times thought it was me but not getting it on Golden Melody ?

David Brock says:

Good harmonica, just got one today from Amazon

Константин Ножников says:

Good harmonica.

Sam says:

Not a bad harmonica. I got it to replace a defective special 20. I don’t really want to start buying chinese harps, but I will admit that I am kind of tempted to buy a lucky 13 now.

Amare Sloan says:

Love your videos man. Thanks for the reviews.

tommy cooper says:

hi Jake
after listening to you review of the easttop harp I got one from banggood.I’ve a full set of marine bands and thought WHY NOT.
wooooo it sings .just sent off for a B my Marine fav
cheers I’ll let you know what it sounds like
playing for 6months

Gaita Harmonica & Blues gaita de boca says:

I had 2 Eassttop, in A and B, for whom lives in Brazil are the best harps https://youtu.be/ncxoG_e98SM

Jose Emmanuel Bueno says:

Hey man, have you tried the G key of this brand? thanks!

Hans de Vries says:

Same harmonica is also available as “Fender Blues Deville” ( which is 2 or 3 times the price )

Ray Conger says:

Was happy when my Bb came a few days ago. But when I played, there was one of Marley Cauffing’s dying mooses blowing in hole 6. Have begun to take it up with them. Am willing to give EastTop another chance if they will make it right.

Mel richards says:

I am very pleased that you`ve finally got around to reviewing this fantastic little harp. I recently started purchasing a selection of good quality top end branded diatonics,then discovered the Easttop 008k a bit too late! i could have saved myself a small fortune. I now have one in every key, and i`ve only had to make a little adjustment to three of them. A bargain at approx $15 each. keep up the good work Jake!

Derek Garforth says:

I’ve got one of their lucky 13 harps which is again very well made and great value. Like you I was pleasantly surprised by the quality at this price point. I generally play the usual suspects, Hohner, Suzuki and Seydel but am now gonna get some more Easttops! Really enjoy your vids BTW!

Wenzhong Kong says:

I love this video, thank you for loving our EASTTOP diatonic harmonica, yes, this model is very popular as it’s good quality with very cheaper price.

tommy cooper says:

hi Jake
after listening to you review of the easttop harp I got one from banggood.I’ve a full set of marine bands and thought WHY NOT.
wooooo it sings .just sent off for a B my Marine fav
cheers I’ll let you know what it sounds like
playing for 6months

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