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Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas can be bought here:
Key of C:
Key of A:
Key of G:
Key of Bb:
Key of F:
Key of E:
Key of D:
Set of 5 with case:
Set of 3:

Get your Easttop Blues Harmonicas Here:
Key of C:
Key of Bb:
Key of A:
Key of G:
Key of E:
Key of B:
Key of D:
Key of Ab:
Set of 7:
Set of 12:

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Jake recommends these instructional books.
Harmonica for Dummies:
Blues Harmonica for Dummies:


Salome Alfdis Lokidottir says:

Hohner Marine Band is the only one I will play!

paul mazurek says:

Grsat review Jake thanks

Dashing Dave says:

Don’t throw out those bad harps you got at the start, sometimes they can be reused for parts when you get skilled! love my hohner rocket too, Jake!

JM Sánchez says:

Hello Jake, I’m from Spain. You’re the best teacher I’ve found on the internet. I’m learning so much with your videos. Thank you

Justin Williamson says:

only harmonica worth a fuck is the special 20 well there are others but special 20 is the most reliable and best price

Mel richards says:

Hi Jake, i forgot to mention, as you probably already know, both Easttop and Kongsheng are both companies that the famous harp player Brendon Power has put his name to re-pro tuning, so the quality is of a very high standard at` sensible ` prices!

Mel richards says:

Hi Jake, just bought another Easttop `Bargain` bucket Harmonica, and it sounds tighter, clearer, and louder than all my pro-grade harps put together! and it only cost me $11.14 !! (sale price). Another very well made Chinese harp are the Kongsheng Amazing 20, and Benders harp also from the same company. These two worthy harps are definitely worth a try at approximately $15—–19 respectively.

dustin griffith says:

Is bluesband a good brand it was about $25? I’m just learning to play and your videos are really helpful.

Jake 3752 says:

I started playing harmonica when my grandpa died. It was on an Opera brand tremolo made in West Germany in what used to be the US area, around 1966. I got it in 2009, rusted, beat up and out of tune.

Luckily, it still was somewhat responsive and surprisingly airtight, so it wasn’t too hard for me (already a trombonist) to figure out the simple tunes, stuff like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Silent Night. Then I picked up my first diatonic, Marine Band in F, 2 years or so ago and I’ve been going since.

So I managed to more or less avoid the whole “crap cheap” line of harmonicas, although I did buy a Blues Band just to make fun of it, and I’m looking for one of those really awful kid toy ones. You know, the neon ones with like 5 holes? Those are totally going to be my gig harps. Only the best for me, haha.

Patty Hays says:

Moral of the story— Germany makes bstter harps than China!

Norwood BayBridge says:

When building a life-long, close, almost intimate relationship with a harmonica, always remember: The more money on a tin sandwich you spend, the better that tin sandwich will be your friend.

Cedrik Pinault says:

i started with a seydel for around 50 euro not knowing what i was doing ( in my mind 50 euro for an instrument sounded pretty cheap ) and later on getting a chinese one in another key from amazon… amosic harmonica. then i could feel and hear the difference. the later one was harder to make the air move in and way less loud. lowest note are harder to work with. ill stick to my seydel i think

Diego Parra Marban says:

Congrats for your channel from Spain. You’re videos really help to get better.

bizzarro V. says:

I do have a question… i have a marine band in the key of g, and it’s not as responsive as my c… is it just bad luck, or beacouse of the tuning? Thx

Grant Smith says:

Thanks for your help Bud

Gene Ruffalo says:

who the fuck is this dude blaming his technique on the instrument. DEAL WITH IT, make the best of what you got. It is NOT THE WAND, it is THE WIZARD.

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