Brand New Hohner Rocket Harmonica Review

The comb is a grey plastic and the Rocket comes with a similar neoprene padded case like the Crossover and MB Deluxe.

Jam Track (Funky Blues in G) comes from the Ultimate Blues Jam Series found here:

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georyans says:

How does it compare to a lee oskar which is my favorite. It seems that the changes are what lee oskar does for $37.00 I find that my special 20 is not as responsive as a lee oskar

janstubemusikz says:

Hey Hi Ronnie, so glad I found your vids.  Couple of questions/comments… I’ve found the bending on recent Special 20’s to have been really disappointing.  Other harmonica mates have had similar experience to where it seems they’ve had a bad run or drop in quality.  Especially the 3 draw bend has been disappointing in control factor, like it went wonky very quickly even after careful breaking in. I can force it do make a nice half step drop, but there is no grace or play to it….  It wasn’t just that, also several of my Sp. 20’s came out of the box with a serious out of tune issue on several notes.  Though they sound sweet and great all told.

I’ve switched to Seydels for now, and am loving them.  I’m playing quite a bit of Irish tuning and those are really sweet.  (although one G came out of the box several cents too sharp and it was unacceptable. The others I got are dead on. To their credit, Musician’s Friend offered to send me a new G right away.) I’m psyched for the Rocket now because of your vid, (and your awesome playing and lessons), for when I want my next regular diatonic harp.  

So does a harp like the Rocket require careful breaking in for long term loving of its sweet bending abilities and sound ? 

Thanks ! 

Jan Peters

Ryan H says:

I enjoyed your review as you actually discussed the product and what made it different/better. You say it plays like a custom special 20 but don’t discuss the most important part of a custom harmonica, the guts. Same reed plate as special 20? Same reeds? The gaps or gapping are the same as out of the box special 20? From what you mentioned it doesn’t sound they are worth the extra dough for guys who already modify their special 20s with better custom combs, open covers, etc.

Greg Parker says:

Special20  has been (for me) the best ‘affordable’ harmonica.If my music shop has Rockets,future broken harps will be replaced by them ($70 !!)  I’ll try to extend their lives with extra care.(I already gave up eating)(I’ll warm em up ,in winter,too) Cheers

Sergey Kolesov says:

Just bought one. Rly great and comfortable harp! And sounds good))

ArtofDreaming1 says:

got to get one, no choice. and the hohner service department sucks, they have done some nice things but they have screwed me over more then any other department.

Doug Burns says:

I like the fact that they have the harp key very visible on the side of the harp. Now I don’t have to add the sticker from the box.

Kerkuil's Channel says:

Currently just over $50 from various online vendors. Some offer free shipping. I’ve just begun learning, and have bought many harmonicas to try, including a Crossover, Special 20, and a Fender Blues DeVille (which I like a lot, even though it was made in China). I won’t be buying the Rocket for awhile, even though I bet it’s awesome.Thanks for the review. If I didn’t have so many harps already, I’d likely be purchasing this one!

hadeslim1981 says:

Thank for the review~How about Rocket compare with Marine Band Crossover?

123eddiemac says:

Can you explain how the harp is more “airtight”as you mentioned, when it plainly has more gaps around the cover plate? Sounds really nice and punchy though, I like it. Thanks.

RC Growling LoneWolf Henry says:

Good Ronnie,
Great playing brother. Play the blues and between looking for a more aggressive harmonica which I think I have found now with he, would you recommend any of the harmonica around the neck holders. Also when playing the blues on my guitar what harmonics keys would you suggest starting out. Have old homer harmonics in G, C, was thinking about picking up one for A and E. Thanks very much, enjoy your playing.
cya onstage…

twitchster77 says:

Man, that opening jam session was just beautiful!

pegauracheii says:

you seem to be more excited than you were about the manji

daddycavefish says:

I just got a manji G and the 2 and 3 draw makes hardly any sound is this an issue I have s A and an C with no issues, is G just a harder harp

James G says:

Ronnie do you get free harmonica’s from Hohner  your a Hohner endoser also learn for the Hohner conservatory for free?

The Henshin Experience says:

Hi, thinking about buying my first harmonica (diatonic), i’ve done my research and was wondering now whether to get a Proharp or the Rocket; which one should i get? (i have been playing guitar for approx 4 years now).
thanks 🙂

Robert Hess says:

Thanks for the review.  Very informative.  Seems like a great harp.

Michael Turner says:

Sounds good. Good review Ronnie. Amazon for $69, saw one on eBay for $58.49 + free shipping. I bought my very first brand new Golden Melody for $7.00. That was some time ago.

jlarrymore says:

How is in comparison to the manji? I have a special 20 but i like my hohner blues harp much much more and i love my manji.

Cora Visser says:

looks a great one ,thank you for showing the rocket.and the video is great to see.

tubiharp says:

Just waiting now when I’ll be able to get it in UK
Awesome playing Ronnie

nacoran says:

I wish someone would change the mold for a Sp20 to have much rounder corners.  (The GM has the rounded edges, but then stabs you with a particularly nasty front plate.)   I’ve got a custom job were the plates were ground down, but you could probably save on machining costs just by trimming the ends and fitting it into a plastic comb designed for it.  For $70 I’ll buy two Sp20s and open up the backs myself.  

Howard Parks says:

Nice overblows in that opening segment 🙂

OmniphonProductions says:

True or False?  Because this harp takes less air to generate the same volume, the reeds should theoretically last longer than the Special 20.  Yes?  I’m weighing whether it is more cost effective for me to buy TWO Special 20s or just one Rocket, and for me longevity is the ultimate deciding factor.  I’d really love to get your input on that.

wmfirefighter09 says:

that thing sounded all kinds of sweet brother !! 

Matheus Jucá says:

dat vibratto x.x’ thanks for the awesome playing man. 

Lybard Hoppe says:

My complaint with ALL off the shelf harps is lack of responsiveness.  My experience is that only customised harps (and a Harrison I had, but that maybe considered customised) play smoothly where each and every note bursts forth with just the slightest breath. You seem to suggest the Rocket is better in this regard but I’ve been let down by Manji’s, Crossovers and MB Deluxes.  While all of them are OK and playable they still often require a little “tugging” to get the note out properly. I’ve been considering Danneckers but they are pretty pricey. I’ll try a Rocket on your advice and hope for the best.

Linda Christopherson says:

Awesome Rocket Harmonica,Ronnie! I own 2 Special 20’s-1Swan Chromatic-1 Golden Melody-and 1 Blues Marine Band Harmonica! I’ll have to say that I LOVE
my Special 20’s the BEST!!! I WANT A ROCKET!!!!! I always enjoy your tips,and enjoy listening to your music!

Harpoman says:

In your opinion which one is the best: the Suzuki Manji or the Rocket ?

mikael26288 says:

Would this Harmonica be a good choice for a beginning. Looking to buy my first Harmonica.

Mick Spitalnick says:

what is the diff as to the screws closer to the front?

YukiHarp says:

Hi Ronnie, nice review! Do you know what the tuning is? 

Franklin McQuaid says:

Thank you for the sharing of this! Love it!

daddycavefish says:

what key is sonny boys trust my woman , can you throw that one down, thanks

Eric Devonport says:

Can you put out any links on where to buy The Rocket? I’m not seeing it at the super G Center stores.

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