Big River Harmonica Review

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Because you demanded it…Jake does a review of the Hohner MS Series Big River Harmonica. Comment to let me know what you think about the Big River. Don’t forget to like my facebook page


lilfrosty says:

fyi the special 20 is more than ten bucks than the big river

Crowbar44 says:

I just ordered one of these.  never touched one in my life but have read these are a good starting point for a noob.  I cannot wait to learn!!  With all the Youtube vids on how to learn and play I think I will be ok!

Lucas Vales says:

this harmonic is advisable to start playing?

Spike Liberty says:

Sharp Edges? Heres the solution: sandpaper. It really orked on mine. Jake what do you think about it?

Gilles Laurin says:

doo review on Suzuki promaster mr350 jake pls

Bubba Zetta says:

Thanks for the review Jake! I think you gave a really accurate fair summary. I recently bought my first BR Harp and agree with the points you make. I was visiting out of town and I actually forgot to pack my harps! I play on Blues Harps and MB. Their cost has really jumped up this year and I didn’t want to drop a lot of coin for an extra harp, so I took a risk on the BR. I was actually surprised at how well the BR sounded. I especially like the curve of the cover plates and the way they fit in my fingers. However I do find the profile is a bit wide in the mouth compared to the BH and the MB. You are dead on about the sharp corners too. But hey it got me through the week. I am going to try swapping the reed plates into a BH comb and cover and see how well the match. Thanks again!

Shaina says:

hohner should pay you to advertise the special 20s xD lol

Carl Wilson says:

The Hohner MS harmonica series leak very bad. It takes too much breath to play. Draw bends and blow bends are extremely difficult. Overblows and overdraws are impossible. Beginners will find it difficult to learn bending the notes. Buy a Special 20. Do not waste your time and money on any MS series harmonica.

LuvBlues64 says:

Alabama blues harps are the same as these the only difference is the cover plate design…There even cheaper only 15 quid in the uk.

PureDynamite Bulldog says:

thx for the Video my friend

Capatana Anghel says:

Big river harp .Super instrument ,sînt posesor si sînt bucuros de alegerea făcută .

oldmanwitherspoon says:

to me, the MS SERIES is a benefit for Hohner more than it is for the player. They can mass-produce The same reedplates and use them for a multitude of harmonicas. I’m sure it’s more economical for them. For you, it’s not much cheaper to repair your harp than it is to just replace it all together. I don’t like it when companies come up with schemes to save them money and they don’t pass those savings on to you.
Now, maybe that isn’t what Hohner intended with the MS series, but I don’t see another logical reason for it

Joe Mamma says:

The MS are discount

blacksabbath666420 says:

u really have no harp skills my man…sorry

stan broniszewski says:

Since all the Hohner MS Series harps seem like they were fashioned after the same principle as the Lee Oskars (replaceable reed plates on all the combs), what is the durability factor going head to head between the two?

Stefan Paul zwolinski says:

Great reviews. Would just like to make 2 points. 1. I believe the ms series all have the same readplates or am I wrong here? and 2. it would be nice to have some inpout on duribility as well. I know that harder especialy when you get a harp that doesn’t play that good to start with but I play a lot and have noticed that some harps loose there tone and air tightness over time. I am actualy really impressed with some of the suzukis comming out now like the bleusmasyer for instance which I have yet to screw up after a year. Anywa I am rambling keep uop the good work.

Marfoir0303 says:

Thanks Jake I like your reviews and you haven’t steered me wrong. I just bought my first Special 20

Steve Walker says:

How come everything turns into a commercial for the Special 20? I find that rather tiresome. I find the special 20 leaky on the second & third draws 

Sarah Armstrong says:


Metalci Kiz says:

Hello, i play guitar and never bought an harmonica is this a good one? And they say you need the change te reeds very fast ia this true

Glass Man says:

Bought 4 Hohner crossfires $79 each they lasted 6 months,bought 1 Hohner Meisterhausse lasted 3 months, bought 3 hohner blues harps lasted 4 months,bought 1 hohner marine band deluxe lasted 3 days.I have 2 Big rivers for over 2 years now. I have a special 20 for a year and 3 seydels for a year now. My opinion is that these expensive Hohners just dont last long before they blow out of key,I know I have a whole drawer full in one year.

MacFeeley says:

I have used this harp as well as the Marine Band, Blues, Special 20 from Hohner, and have also used Oskars, Suzukis, and others. In my history, harps I play frequently, like D, C, and G, last about 6 months to one year before the third or fourth draw reed blows out. Not jammed with something, just blown. And so I consider almost all harmonicas disposable instruments, which is a shame since they cost 35-60 dollars. Having said that, Big River lasts just as long as the high priced harps and is about 10-20 dollars less, so my choice is obvious.

C_ Farther says:

Sounds great!

Dainty Canadian says:

@crowbar44 How are you doing so far?

Jim Nixon says:

New sub…So hi jake
Got a lot of harps and thought i would buy a big river,just to give it a try.

John McKevitt says:

They have the same reeds as the Blues harp and the rest of the MS sires! tweak them a bit and they are good harps.

I have 8 of them, all new all are in: D A C Some them play better than others.
I’m just about to put custom combs on two of them.  I Also have a aluminium comb on a Big river Key C it’s one of my best harps. They are cheap harps Ideal for customizing.   


Kent Whitaker says:

They don’t beat the Special 20’s or the Blues Harp MS but the Big Rivers are affordable and sound pretty nice around the campfire without having a stroke trying to hit some notes. They are my pick for saving a buck for a beginner wanting to learn on a decent harp. My suggestion is buy one to get over the hump before getting a Special 20. The Big Rivers are my travel back ups. Lesson learned from taking a 60 buck Seydel to the beach and filling it with sand. – Kent

azmildman says:

Thank You, I am going to have to get one to try it out. 

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