Best Harmonica For Beginners

One of the most commons questions I hear asked is what is the best harmonica for beginners? There are lot’s of choices and it can get a little confusing. I’ll show you a few of my favorites in this video.

If you are just starting out, whichever harmonica you decide on, get a harmonica in the key of C. Most instructional material and harmonica lessons found in books, courses, tabs and youtube are made for a c harmonica.
Here’s where you can purchase the harmonicas in this video:
Hohner Blues Band key of C:
Hohner Big River key of C:
Lee Oskar harmonica key of C:
Hohner Special 20 key of C:

Published books by Harmonica Joe:
Christmas For Harmonica
Teach Yourself To Play Dobro
Teach Yourself To Play Pedal Steel Guitar

I used this Rode microphone to record this video and it works really well:
The other microphone I really like for recording is the Blue Snowball :
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In this video Joe describes which are the best harmonicas for beginners.


Efran A says:

Thank you

LuvBlues64 says:

Good advice,Special 20s are my pick of these,I’d also say Suzuki harpmasters are excellent airtight and responsive harps for a beginner…

Israel dex says:

Yo empecé con hohner big river

Efran A says:

I really want to learn how to play says:

If you are a beginner, getting a harmonica in the key of C is best because most instructional material is made for harmonicas in C. Enjoy!

nikcobos says:

Hello great video, what do you think about the marine band 1896 for a Beginner? Or should i buy a harmonica with plastic comb?

blg020 says:

I had a blues band and lost it so I got a new one and the 2 hole doesn’t work. I thought it was because I wasn’t good then my wife bought our son a fender blues deluxe for a stocking stuffers and it works right. I was getting frustrated but a poor quality instrument.

ImNotAPerSonOF says:

Is there metal or plastic ones? If so, would the metal one be better then the plastic one?

Zlo Lh says:

thank you for valuable information

melih ata says:

Is Hohner marine band absorbs water?

Terry Thorne says:

I’ve never disagreed with you before Joe, and I’m an avid follower of your channel, but I think you are making the mistake that so many harp teachers make. Instead of thinking price first you should think of quality first. Most beginner’s are happy to pay for quality, and although I’m not suggesting that you recommend a handbuilt Dannecker as the first harp the really good production harps begin at about £60 and wouldn’t disappoint a beginner. You don’t have to start with the lower end of the market first, start with the quality end. I hate seeing ads for harps that say recommended for beginners because they assume that beginners don’t want, and are willing to pay for, quality. Thank you though for starting the debate and keep giving us your quality submissions.

azmildman says:

Marine Band 1896 OR Special 20? says:

Let’s hear about your favorite harmonicas! What harp did you start out on and was it any good?

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