Zoom G3Xn Guitar FX Unit – Massive Sounds Mini Price!

For more info on the Zoom G3Xn go here – https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/G3XN/multi-fx-units/zoom-g3xn-multi-effect-processor-w-expression-pedal

We’re running this in to a couple of affordable amps (The Boss Katana 50 & the Fender Bassbreaker 15). The guitars are a Chapman ML3, a Fender Custom Shop 54 Strat & a PRS S2 Singlecut Satin.

We were really impressed – how about you??


Lee & Rob

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

Twitter: twitter.com/robchapmanmusic
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Ralvene Villareal says:

what’s the setting of the amp?

Doug McMillan says:

no cow bell ?

Convid says:

Does it not have a waa pedal?

Trevor Westerdahl says:

Zoom blew-it… new model, fewer features, same price. I wouldn’t say they blew-it if they simply offered the same features the old model had in a more expensive model… (I get it… they sold a lot of features for the money in the old model) but no! Only downgrades available. Oh, and you can’t see crap on the stage. Looks nice in the light though.

Dima Samukha says:

Does this thing have a digitech whammy effect?

Fulvio Reinero says:

Rob, could you share the first patch that you use in the beginning please ?

Steven Dyche says:

I purchased one of these on release and nearly returned it as it sounded bad plugged into my Rokit speakers. Thought i’d try plugging it into the clean channel of my Superchamp x2 and now i’m getting the best tones i’ve ever had for home playing.
So glad i kept it.

Marcelino Hanandi says:

a post-rock’s patch dammit! I need these one for worship music…

toemanification says:

quid, pounds, what the f is that, what about American money, what does that equate to, c’mon chappers be real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michał R says:

26:19 song?

beanbot12 says:

Hey rob can you please tell me what the settings are set to in the katana? I want to be able to achieve the original sound of the patches from the zoom without the coloration of the amp

Jack Glacken says:

Lads aren’t you not supposed to run amp sims into real amps?….or am I being a narc?

Kylorfo says:

I about shit my pants with amazement when you played on the “birds” effect that was beautiful

The_Swoletatiat says:

Really cool, but not my thing, it just sounds sterile. Still, I think they’re a great idea and great for musicians on a shoestring budget.

venkatraman raguraman says:

Is this going directly to the amps input with the amp in clean channel?

tray allebach says:

can you run this in stereo with the 10 watt blackstar combo? i have one as a practice amp and this would be a great add to that…thoughts?

Andyxeno says:

Great vid as always but I love my phase and flangey sounds and still can’t decide whether to throw my dosh at this or the Boss GT-1. aarrggghh.

Dans Covers says:

cant wait to get the zoom g1xon


WTF? How in hell do you get to be a guitar player over 35 and not know any Zeppelin?? Criminal.

Giancarlo Cellini says:

does the pedal on the right act as a wah?

Tmidiman says:

What’s with all the heavy effects in the intro? Is this a Line 6 demo? Nice demo after that. Thanks!

Angel Martinez says:

Hey great fantastic review as always. Have any of you tried the BOSS GT-1? If so, which is better, for like classic rock sounds, AC/DC, Beatles, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Stones that kind of music. I like metal, but I don’t play metal that much.

Gabriel Marcondes says:

Is there any possibility to change the signal flow??

I mean, invert the effects chain like the old G3 did??

I want to use it with my other regular stompbox pedals and the way the effects chain is shown really bothers me.


Jon'Athan says:

this modeling really sounds like 85% tube? wow

Moses Ranadive says:

does it have those drum beats?

Gustavo Sousa says:

That’s obviously not the point of the video but god that guitar is gorgeous

Ashwin Ganesan says:

Captain is so shy and insecure lol, love him.

lmjs757 says:

Which one is better the G3XN or Boss GT-1? Can you do a comparison between both models?

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