WORLDS CHEAPEST Compressor Pedal review + demo, the Kokko FCP2 Mini Pedal

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KOKKO FCP2 Compressor

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KOKKO Mini Compressor:

9v pedal power supply:

9v pedal daisy chain:

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The Keeley Compressor Plus I mentioned:

The TC Spetracomp Bass compressor I like:

Compression is the best kept secret of every guitar or bass player, it’s probably the most important and underrated pedal on your pedal board. If you’re a pro, you already have one, but if you’re just starting to dabble in compressor pedals, I have a great low budget option to get your feet wet. This kokko mini compressor costs only $18 and works awesome. I’m dan, this is guns and guitars, Here’s the full review and demo:

Just like most of these cheap Chinese knockoff pedals, I got this thing from Tomtop, simply because they had the best price, and they’ve taken real good care of me in the past, but I’ll also put a link in the description for amazon if you’d prefer to pay a little more and buy it there.

This mini compressor came in a surprisingly nice box, along with instructions in both Chinese and English. But, like all of these pedals, it didn’t come with a power supply. They do that to keep the overall price down, and just like most of the expensive brands, they assume you already have a power source for your pedalboard. If you don’t, again I’ve put some links in the description for a cheap 9v AC adapter and a daisy chain.

This pedal is a basic barebones compressor pedal with all the features you’d expect to see on any of the more expensive ones. It has three knobs that control attack, sustain, and overall level.
Attack controls how fast or slow the compression kicks in. For fast compression, dial it down. for a slower compression, which creates a more responsive and dynamic touch, turn this knob up a bit. The sustain knob controls the threshold, which is how much overall compression you want, and how it affects the output signal. Turn it down for really subtle compression. crank it way up and you’ll squash the signal so that your notes ring out for days. The overall level knob is a very necessary control, because as you fiddle with the attack and sustain knobs, it affects your output volume, this way you can dial it in so that your compressed signal matches your dry signal, or you can even use it as a clean boost to kick your amp into overdrive. I’ll talk more about that later. Anyway, it’s time to hear this pedal. I’ve dialed in three settings that I feel are pretty good to accomplish the three things I used a typically compression for….

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Zam Hendrick says:

This or joyo?

meowtrox1234 says:

You play the bass meaner than the guitar lol

FN-2187 says:

I just ordered mine… thanks to you.. my bass sound more tube like with your set up running through an Ampeg SVT 450 (solid state) and growls, no more clipping and the sound is even in every note, no mater how hard I play…THANK YOU A LOT!

garfield says:

is it worth it?

Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

Schematically could you show how this pedal compaired to a fuzz or a distortion or an overdrive are made? Im interested in non harsh clipping
Or more positive wavechange and cant decide on a proper pedal. Dont want hiss dont like gates.

Thiago Pinheiro says:

Does this pedal works with a gun?

elbolegoya says:

FYI, the white indicator on the knobs are glow in the dark. Which I think is cool.

Ricky rk73 says:

It sounds good… just one question… I noticed on other reviews of this item that, when you hit the button to activate (or deactivate) it, you have a very thick (noisy) click that surely would interfere with the sound and the song… is it normal? I don’t think so. By the way in this video you cannot notice this fact because the moments you push on the button to activate the pedal are not shown

James McCutcheon says:

good demo: I plan to order this today~ HEY~~~~~~

Tacticaltaco88 88 says:

I liked it on the bass more

Jorge Leitner says:

You know what, I like the pedal. It compresses hard enough, it seems, and the overdrive effect might be useful. On bass it does sound like a classic tube amp, like an SVT sort of sound. I’m impressed. Thanks a lot for making this video, just ordered one myself.

Simonarne Myklebust says:

ratio not threshold unless its a fixed ratio then its volume in volume out

Rex Mills says:

Got the Kokko comp. pedal and have to say was very surprised at how good this little pedal sounds. Thanks for the heads up on this bargain pedal.

corrda1993 says:

Thats the most beautiful bass I’ve ever seen.

Chance Gaddy says:

Can you do a review on a noise gate? I have a link

Muzizy Noise Killer Guitar Noise Gate Suppressor Effect Pedal – Mini Compact True Bypass

jethro viloria says:

Buy mooer Yellow Comp instead, this one kinda tone suck. I will like this if this has tone knob.

porta says:

Do you ever test guns on guitars you hate?

Indra Ferdiansyah says:

Go to my channel, review kokko distortion, sound is great bro!

Glen Alejandro Guerrero Burbano says:

Help … Which one??? Which is better…. Behringer Cs400 or this kokko compressor???

Kevin Brosnan says:

Thanks Dan, great video, and you’ve helped me undertand the Compressor Pedal. Kev.

Saúl Iván says:

Is this pedal as good as the compressor one of Boss?

John Pruitt says:

Great video. So cheap I had to try it. It’s staying on my micro bass pedal board at the front of the chain. Love the simplicity and control. Goes from subtle to extreme for a variety uses. Thanks a ton!!!

Brian Cherry says:

Ive got an old peavy compressor I bought in the 90’s and its gotten really inconsistent. The noise level it produces changes as I turn the pedal on and off and on again, so every time I click in on I never know what to expect. Time to replace I think. Thanks for the vid.

diregremo says:

Sustain is Release

Matt Pfannstiel says:

FYI the attack setting is the time it takes for the compressor to “clamp down” on the signal and affect it. Turning the knob clockwise isn’t doesn’t affect the gain of the pedal, it slows down the attack.

Simonarne Myklebust says:

the noise isnt neccesarry from the pedal it might come from the noise floor beeing pulled up when you compress the signal enough

The American says:

Bought this little pedal and tried it on different amps. The sound difference is “In-Your-Face” terrific. In short, the pedal far exceeded my expectations – “Big Time!”

din hlonchhing says:

I just can’t get enough of this channel… and yeah I’m commenting from my brothers channel… just couldn’t resist

Tevan Lockhart says:

OOOOHHHHH killin the bass bruh!

Jeff Carroll says:

Gerr. It ain’t 18 anymore. But I still got one.

S. Carter says:

I just bought one of these for those few times I need “reeeeeally long” notes on my bass without requiring a ‘re-strike’ of the string. For some reason, when I have the compressor on (even by itself), I seem to lose volume on my E string and to a lesser extent my A string. Any thoughts? Settings are (approximately) Attack = 10 O’Clock, Sustain = 11 O’Clock and Level 10 O’Clock. It’s 2nd on the pedal board after the Rowin Tuner. There is a Morley Mini-Volume between the compressor and the converted Bogen Tube amp.
BTW – I have been playing in my church Worship Team for 11 years.

Paulhan Wetbe's Uprising Force says:

I have this mini compressor and i really love it.

Steve Mings Flute Maker says:

Hey Guns and Guitars, The compression pedals acuso do great on vocals as well. for singers.

Hugh Manatee says:

Spend the extra 10 bucks and get the Joyo Dyna Compressor. MUCH MUCH better. Im a pro and I use it, love it.

Rizky Hadi Felani says:

how is it compared to other ‘cheap knock-offs’ like the Behringer CS-400 Compressor Sustainer? it’s about twice the price of the Kokko FCP2 mini (around 28-32$ in my country).

i find your comparison of ‘better products’ is too far away in terms of quality and obviously the price.
82$ price difference, thats a huge gap between 18$ and 100$. it would be crazy if those performed worse than this one.

i was expecting that you mentioning something ‘better’ at the range of 20-50 bucks more expensive instead of 80 bucks since we’re talking about a cheap but worth the price pedals here.

quicK! csgoINA says:

can u tell us , what program u used for recording the souds ?

Johnny Walker says:

Hello, do you have a review for a 4in1 mosky redfox or mosky dtc pedal? Do you consider a 4in1 pedal analog? Hope you review one and add that compressor to the chain, i’m kinda curious what it sounds like. Thanks

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