What’s the Worst Pedal Ever? Boss Metal Zone Pedal, Demo

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Mark Doney-Mccloud says:

I totally agree, it is terrible! It sucks! the worst i ever bought overall was the Zoom 505 multi effects pedal – it sucked so much. It’s best thing was the chorus and overdrive – everything else sucked. I know many might say, but Mark you get what you pay for. Oh Contrare mes ami! I bought a pedal for £12 GBP and it ruled! The Danelectro Milkshake chorus pedal – granted that was second hand but it was excellent. Now your destroying some of my favourite tunes i must leave!

Peter Gull says:

It’s a BRILLIANT pedal.

The controversy king Is me says:

My line 6 spiders metal channel is the same as this

Manu Iglesias says:

I got a metal zone and doesn’t sound as bad as in this video, not even close

Andras Nolsøe says:

Metal zone is not the worst pedal ever….
Before you give a review you have to know how to adjust it. Playing it with all the settings in the middle is idiotic .

I have a Roland cube, a kramer with active EMG pickups and metal zone.. It sounds great.

Only problem is that some combos of amps and guitar will make alot of noise through the metal zone. But the sound is decent.

Matt does things says:

The worst pedal I’ve ever heard was the TC polytune. It breaks everything and I don’t get any sound!

In all seriousness, Korg Miku is the worst.

Joseph Maurrer says:

I use a metal zone pedal I think it’s badass .It’s not as cool as the Boss Heavy Metal pedal though

MaxPenguine says:

Best for real trash metal sound like first albums of meta. & meg. It has that something in sound… no deep sound just pure good trash.

AllThingsPaper says:

I just got one of these from a thrift store for 3 bucks!

Niilo Nevalainen says:

Sounds like Dimebag has designed this pedal, so much gain

William Getzstoned says:

I use my boss metal zone on my line 6 spider on the insane channel with everything on full!

ThatOneGiraffe says:

Danelectro Black Licorice

Guilherme Ribeiro says:

how sounds like Arctic Monkeys on the new albun

Nate Landherr says:

It’s ok for Sabbath, AC/DC, and some Judas Priest. Mess around a bit and it’s ok for cheap. If you want a much better sound for relatively the same price, digitech death metal is great, but discontinued.

Harrison Berry says:

The worst pedal I’ve ever heard is the fab metal pedal. Oh my God


Your full of shit. I have one. I LOVE IT.

Hat Kid says:

Not bad, not bad, but doesn’t hold a candle to the Korg Miku. That peddle fucks.

Ramon Strien says:

Try driving the dirty channel of your amp with this thing, sculpting the tone with the EQ knobs, instead of using it on a clean channel.

Dan82W says:

The Metal Zone was meant to be used as a preamp.
Sounds amazing if used correctly, doing away with that terrible tin can sound. Probably one of the most misused pedals around.

Ace It says:

Who’s The Worst Guitar Player Ever? Marty! Look, Haven’t You Heard Eddie Van Halen?, He Sounds Awesome With A Super Sh*tty Amp! So That Means What Really Matters Is Your Playing!

Finnan Cahill says:

I think the only real use for a metal zone is for lo-fi tracks. They seriously are not worth your money. Get like a tubescreamer of even a golden plexi from tonecity.

Music Roller says:

but does it djent?……
asking for Jared Dines

Omar Echagüe says:

behringher it`s the worst

PuNiShEr83 332 says:

All I know is that Kirk Windstein of Crowbar has used this pedal religiously along with solid state amps, and I love his tone, but I dunno.

Dylan Cosby says:

how do you keep yourself from breaking that 1/4 inch off in your guitar?? it scares me

Uriel Arras says:

Your last name sounds like something from rick and morty

Dan Mauro says:

Metal zone mt-2 I have this one but the light won’t turn on! It use to work well, but sadly it won’t work it doesn’t want to turn on even with the battery in.

Kawaii Besu says:


ExoShard Brothers says:

10:56 I say that all the time

Hidde Rodenburg says:

The worst i ever heard

Javier Martinez says:

Marty, do you know the FX Send/Return function? Try that pedal well conected.

Griffin Robinson says:

I have this pedal, it is great if you know how to use it but absolute trash it you dont.

cal_jackman1 says:

people always give the metal zone shit, but they have obviously never heard a dod grunge plugged in

MeHow Krawalski says:

To stupid to play metal riffs, to stupid to adjust MT-2. Look on https://youtu.be/GP0mKB3d3Qg for example…

blue dog says:

Turn down the freaking trebal G many crickets

Peter Gull says:

HERE. Nothing with with it.

Elevation says:

Great videos Marty. I’m honestly curious about my following question. Why do you not set the pedal’s volume level to “unity” with the amps volume? I’ve seen some of your pedal videos and you tend to get the volume output of the pedals noticeably greater compared to the base volume of your amp. By doing that you are pushing the amp’s input gain, which can affect certain amps more than others. Of course there is nothing wrong with that if you are getting the tones and sounds you like. I prefer to set a pedals output to match my amps volume setting. That way I’m keeping overall volume consistent. If I need more overall volume, then I increase the amps volume not the pedal or the boards main output. Increasing volume can give in interesting aural effect in that most people perceive a louder sound as a better sound when comparing the same input single. IOW, even if you recorded an amp with the same settings, but made one recording louder, most people would say the louder one is “better”.

Hvac103 says:

This peddle is not for beginners

xbass97x says:

So far this

eroticblack says:

why do people hate this pedal?? I Like the crunchy, fuzzy, high on treble, and a little low on mid kindda tone this pedal has. I have never owned this beauty. But I always kind of set my eq, so that I could get this kind of tone! Boss is a great company, it is yet to disappoint me! I’m sure i’d love this pedal if I get it, or when I get it! Please tell me guys, why so much hate. Is there anything wrong besides the tone, which I get it people don’t like!

shanerattus says:

Sounds like a bucket full of angry wasps…

Peter Gull says:

Your pedal is broken. They do not sound like that.

Jake Rau says:

I love this pedal

Paolo Santos says:

Well I wouldn’t say it’s the worst i’ve seen but then again the hatsune miku pedals sounds sooo weird HAHA

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