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Danny Gill takes you through the features, demonstrating the gain switch, Pad switch, Tone control, and plays through the pedal with a clean sound through his amplifier then shows you the different features when stepping on the pedal, to give you an idea as to how Joe Satriani gets his sound.

Danny Gill reviews more Joe Satriani signiture pedals in issue 2 of Guitar Interactive Magazine.
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tigerbalm says:

Geez, that sound pretty bad!

barry mccormack says:

I found this pedal to be awful-maybe the quality in the manufacturing of components changed or something. I really wanted to like but no matter what amp/guitar combo i tried it did not cut it. I even went back to the vox stand at a show and their engineers who were not guitarists just did not see the problems -nuff said

Chuck Satava says:

That ESP is everyones bitch…..

Nefta Merino says:


Darwin Alonso Leal Garcia says:

i think more is = a boost switch

Tim W says:

Looking forward to getting mine. Ebay about ~$50.00 Awesome price also n MINT

mhasan666 says:

This is actually a fantastic pedal, keep in mind though that this is not for the metal lovers.  Gain, Tone and Volume knobs are so sensitive that a tiny bit up or down makes a difference.  You will have to sit down and spend some quality time with this pedal to figure out the sweet spot.  I just love the MORE button, pushes the tone over the edge.  Also, with solid state amps, you won’t get much luck out of this pedal.  it will sound paper thin/high pitch fuzz like.  And, this is made in Japan.

Steve L says:

sharp ear piercing garbage

Tomasz Madzia says:

If you want to this one as a MAIN distortion pedal – of course, it sounds terrible. But if you want to use it while playing solos and that kind of stuff – it’s just perfect pedal.. articulation is easier and it does have something in it that makes this pedal ideal for soloing 🙂

Braulio says:

Willem Dafoe’s bald brother!

Thales says:

Hi, I have this pedal and the MORE switch can take you from subtle distortion to like 60% full power, or if the gain is set high, it can give you a full rich harmonic sound, handy in solos… If you try it out, remember to adjust the tone (it’s a trebbly pedal) and the volume (set it higher), then you get a really great tone!!!

Rhys Dennis says:

I was the same, huge satriani fan got the pedal, used it on a line 6 which was crap. Got a marshall, and still hard to dial in a tone, its not always the pedal which you need to experiment with its the amp. Dial in a tone which you like that suits best with the pedal, or really try and do as much as you can with the pedal.

ZEGO24x says:


FunknRoll95 says:

I played this pedal yesterday straight through a Carvin Legacy clean channel set sort of bright and the thing sounded 4 times better than it did in this demo. Sounds WAY too saturated and dark for my tastes in this demo. You got to turn up the amp to really get it singing, and with more treble and presence in the EQ it also get’s one heck of a crunch.  

rmccaw7 says:

actually in this video it sounds pretty good. I have trouble making it sound pleasant, and it seems to react very differently to different volume levels.

David Sanderson says:

Kind of reminds me of a ProCo Rat, but shittier

Daniel says:

Sounds more like a fuzz pedal than a distortion pedal…

Ed Berger says:

Hard to believe Satriani uses this shitty sounding pedal !

Fred Mallma says:

is distortion? 

hazzpolo says:

Why is this pedal discontinued?

John says:

I wish he’s used a squeaky clean sound on the amp. It sounds kind of fuzzy which is ok but doesn’t permit us to truly hear the difference between the JS pedal sound and the combination of amp and pedal.

Bob Smith says:

Save your money, you already have a combo amp. One day if you get a tube amp I would say keep this in mind!

Jim H. says:

I have this pedal and run it through a Boogie single rectifier with a delay pedal and the amps reverb. It has a nice warm fat sound no matter which guitar I’m using and I’m running the amp on the clean channel. Great pedal, but you have to run it through a quality amplifier.

12th Fret says:

I have this pedal and find the tone dial knob really is not versatile. The tone gets very sharp and you have to put it to 6 o clock to get a warm tone. as soon as you put it to 10 o clock over to 4 pm your ears will bleed with sharpness. Overall not a bad pedal and if the price is right buy it.

Merlin Lauert says:

Danny is such a master !

upreydeen says:

I was about to buy this pedal,  but there is some issues,  Joe doesn’t even use this pedal,  he uses his overdrive and distortion from his amps, he stated that the pedal is for those “special” moments (?),  the pedal circuitry is incredible simple,  switches are not mechanical, the pedal was designed to run next  to his  other pedals, the “magic” is on the transistors it uses to boost the signal,..  the pedal still can be customized, I you change diodes maybe you will get a very different tone and distortion,..  but I decided to get something better.

kiranchamling20 says:

There are so many different kind of satchurator pedals. What are the differences and How to figure out which one is the best??

Steve V says:

I like this guy… very nice guy!


i like it

Guitar Debris says:

I have one of these, but prefer the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde. Works for Joe, though, so can’t be all bad.

Nicolas Rivera says:

SOunds terrible…

João Manoel says:

O pedal e maneiro mas o joe satriani que se foda

maher abdallah says:

one day it rocks, another day it is like what the hell happened?!

Martin Smith says:

I have this pedal and a couple of other ODs on my board. It does have it’s own good that is sound but at the settings here. You have to keep the tone below 11 O’Clock and the gain fairly low.. You get a low gain fuzz sound, which IMO is great.

Marathonmarch says:

Sounds like bees in a can with a plastic lid over them to my ears.

coffeewaldo says:

He’s got it too bright. I have it. It sounds better than this.

Omar Jaimes says:

Hey man excellent review, can you tell what single are you using in your guitar? Thanks…

David Sanderson says:

This pedal blows. Ear-piercing with zero bottom end. Look at the Andy Timmons pedal (“The AT”) with JHS for that fusion/heavy rock sound. That pedal kicks major ass.

Carlos Monroy says:

Are you using some kind of Noise Gate?

Misa Santa Cecilia says:

Thank you very much!

Leo Chaza says:

Pelado puto hace mas corta la explicacion la reconchisima puta de tu mama en tanga roja

Stan Bloch says:

Floyd rose special… I have the original but I’d trade it for your skills….

Lion van Woerden says:

So does the more switch provide a little bit “more” gain depending on how much gain you have or does it go straight to max gain. I’m this close to buying this pedal, awesome tone and awesome price. Thanks for the great review.

ZEGO24x says:

I had it and tried it on 2 different tube amps, and a couple of solid states – and I really wanted to like it, being a Satriani fan. But sadly, it made it’s way to eBay.The tone wasn’t versatile enough for my taste, and I could already get the main drive sound with my amp alone… I’m sure others will have success with it, but I didn’t…

Cylo Salvador says:

Correct, more is the booster 🙂

Ghost-ov-Perdition says:

can you switch back from “more” to the previous sound instantly while playing by pushing a pedal?

Ronin 77 says:

It sounds a little like “Monkey Business” by Skidrow

Jaquen H'ghar says:

What song he played at 2:43. I know the melody, but I can’t remember the name…

Uz2Brockstar says:

Exactly…I recently got the pedal and that is exactly the method I ended up using, also thru a mesa with reverb and delay. also try running it with a touch of the amps natural dist and it gets even richer sounding. I run the pedals gain low at 9 oclock. Add a touch of modulation and it nails a tom petty 12 string sound also. I like this pedal a lot but i found you need to keep the gain low to sound best.

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