Top 5 Looper Pedals for all budgets

Here are our looper pedals to check out


TorpedoKiller 4023 says:

Electro hamonix 360 sucks. I had it for a week and hated it.

Boi Mesa says:

Does the first one merge the overdubs??

Paul TheSkeptic says:

It’s such a difficult decision. My RC-3 died so I want another looper. I liked the fact that you could store like hours of your loops on hundreds of different banks but now I’m not sure I need all that but then, I might get back into recording songs and doing a one man band type of thing in the future. I don’t know. I didn’t like the fact that it only had one foot button but it had a hell of a lot of power for a looper. So, I might go with something simpler and cheaper or I might want to save a little and get something really good. Someone push me in a direction. Bring up something I haven’t thought about or something. Lol. Thanks.

AB Baby says:

You must use the Boss power supply, or was that a plug for Boss?

Yosef Harari says:

in with of the loopers you can connect more than one instrument at the time??

pdm1412 says:

Am I a medium level guitarist so I dont know if boss rc3 would be a better choose or boss rc1 is enough

N says:

None of these pedals has feedback ctrl. Dude, do you even lift?

Pigtronix Infinity, Boomerang III, Looperlative LP-2, or any delay pedal > 2.5 sec. If you’re going giant floorboard, Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro plus MIDI foot pedal.

Maz Klassa says:

I own the Ditto stereo looper and notice that the tonal quality of the playback is way duller and lacking tone compared to the live signal which I’ve just played into it. I’ve updated the firmware but that’s not improved the tone at all. Any ideas?

Paul Ray Russell says:

Thanks for posting, but i was seeking bits/ khz. “High quality uncompressed” not very informative.

apislapis says:

Shame you never mentioned the digitech jamman range which you can chain in a master plus slaves arrangement, meaning that various band members can have their own jamman and produce their own loops while being controlled by synching to a master jamman pedal.

Stick South says:

AutoStart is a MAJOR feature and a must have. Don’t buy any of these pedals.

Jaded Eyes says:

“Like all boss pedals are made to last”

In the corner with 2 broken boss pedals

Mike Pokai says:

How long does the battery last

lc94fsh says:

The RC-1 sucks balls and malfunctions all the time. I think it’s mostly when powering it from battery. When it’s connected to a power source it’s a bit better.

Fred Swan says:

Hello, I have a few questions; I’m wanting to use a looper pedal mainly to regenerate my songwriting that’s been dormant for some time. I need a looper pedal that does a few things and maybe you can help me. 1. I need to make vocal loops as well as guitar loops to build songs, with the option of bass and/or keyboard loops as well. I know that the Boss RC-30 (and 300) have these capabilities, but it looks quite confusing and on the pricey side (I have never owned a looper pedal before). I need a pedal with an XLR input for vocals and harmonies. Any number of suggested pedals would be appreciated. 2. The wonderful but annoying things I’ve seen in all looper pedals is the reliance on building upon a phrase or 2-4 measures of music; what if you’d like to get to a chorus or a bridge or split the verse into something more interesting? I assume that these looper pedals that record 5+ minutes are the only kind that you may write a whole song upon and that a quantizing device/click-drum track (I understand the RC-30 makes it so that you can record your loop that will meet the beat of the timing device?), or am I stepping out of what a looper pedal should/can do? Again, in helping with this question, any number of suggestions are appreciated. thank you.

Harshit jain says:

These looper pedal can work also for acoustic guitar??? if not please make a video like that!!! Thankyou

Steve Thompson says:

What do you think about the RC3?

Richard Lopez says:

This is an unintentional asmr video

carl perkins says:

for a street performer ,Boss rc1 is the best comes with extra” input” to connect a pedal to erase the loop song , you dont need to do by hand.

Wyb says:

Can you loop vocals with a mic using the RC1 ?

Eric Volkman says:

Boss RC1 or the TC Ditto? they are the same price and I got a gift card to burn

Danny V. says:

How do you yhink the EHX Grand Canyon will stack up against a dedicated looper like the ones posted in this video?

sexypoetry says:

which one is the cheapest one that starts recording only when it hears the sound….instead of recording as soon as “rec” is stomped….or, in other words: which one is the cheapest one that will never include silence as part of the loop?

Jezus Ziomowski says:

A very useful video. Thanks!

loki665zx9 says:

What about Boss-RC3 / 30 delay that crushes uses in live performance? I read all about it everywhere on forums even after the firmware update.
Any thoughts about that?

Nick Jennings says:

this was very helpful! thanks!

Garry McNew says:

Very good informative video… thanks!

The Vile Irish says:

Sold me on the TC Ditto

alakazam fam says:

for the cheapest pedals how many loops can you have going on at any time? is it maximum, 1 loop at a time per pedal? i just need clarification because i want to have multiple layers of loops. is that possible

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