Top 10 Guitar Effects!

Today I will be using BIAS FX to demonstrate my top 10 favorite guitar effects!!


gi_v## gaming says:

I love how you finally did a nirvana song.

Lee Meredith says:

4:04 was that meant to be a parody of Kirk’s live goof lol

erik kästner says:

chorus is best

SpecTre says:

Poor water bottle

son says:

Haha you are a mad man, hilarious yet informative

Shannon Borgstahl says:

You are fucking brilliant.

NorthernboyinLondon # says:

Pleased tell us your favourite bands (Top Ten)

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

4:35 help identify song

Brian Lee Chee says:

Lmfaoooooooo your reaction to djenting on the d string!! 7:44

C-Funk says:

Fuzz is my favorite

Rokam55 says:

AHAHAH, I love your grimaces, you really got a rubber face dude! Greetings from Italy.

czak11blind11 says:

Oh come on, I discover octaver after i buyed 12string guitar 🙁

Andrew Connolly says:

I can imagine Jared dines smashing his computer screen when you said “Clean Djent”

mandy chlore says:

Hmm and I think u could be a great comedian….. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing seeing you

LordLorz says:

05:22 can someone pleas tell me which Song this is?

Super25Smasher says:

Rush is my favorite band!

Keagan Klassen says:

4:04 fade to black

Саша Плотник says:

Perform the song of rammstein: waidmanns heil please really want to hear from you how it will sound

Henry McNaughton says:

The faces aren’t funny. Calm down buddy

MaggieMui07 says:

I would love to see if you could shred on a lute! You could larp as a metal bard. XD

Zoliqa says:

How you do that when you play, the distorted sound comes back from the speaker? Because when i try only the clean guitar what i hear from the speaker

Smart guy says:

R.i.p water bottle

Miles Andrews says:

What’s the song at 9:24 ?

Katherine Romas says:

i think you forgot to mention that kirk hammett also uses the wah pedal every now and then but not very often

Austin Smith says:

5:46 you’re welcome

StrangePerson12 Gaming says:

This guy is funny

apehangerfan says:

Great video’s!

Anders Nordlund Kastrup says:

I have most of these effects built into my amp.

Sam Ryerson says:

Even Kirk hammet uses the wah wah pedal

Sigori says:

U r getting alot of dislikes

Luca Notarpietro says:

Genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samir Sanyal says:

Which is first delay or overdrive???

annoying_snake 23 says:

this vid explain everything i need to know about some pedal tq stevie

Sam Ryerson says:

What about distortion?

Timjami Virtanen says:

Stevie T: “Top 10 Birth Defects”

Rick Danner says:

you crack me up and dam you can play anything how did you get so good ? Ive been playing forever I cant play or shred like you . Go check me out ! ha ha

Alex Illescas says:

what song is in the minute 10:20??? i dont remember his name

Peyote Pete says:

The Philly D of guitar!

Vala Sailo says:

4:22 tab pls…

Alexandre says:

Man. I fucking hate djent so much.

Samrat Nandy says:

I will never play the intro to one without hearing steve in my head

Pier-Andrea Bascetto says:

2:53 wait us that Meshuggah- Stengah ?

TheSpontaneousPony says:

God this is cringe.

JackFriendly117 says:

Song at 5:25, what is it

Nate the Musician says:

Ill take the delay please…i mean….net neutrality

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