Tone City Pedals – Mini Size, Mini Price, Massive Tone!

Tone City Pedals – Big Tone, Little Price!
If you want to watch a 2-3 minute video of each pedal (no talking, just playing!) go here

If you just wanna go buy one go here!


Lee & Rob

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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mAxi moOn says:

What is the best way to buy Tone City pedals in the USA?

I_Am_Allan says:

Does anyone know the riff played at 12:35?

Kyleplaysmc says:

Do andertons ship to the philippines?

JJWalker says:

But do the pedals suck tone? I know some others do that are inexpensive when turned off.

Nathan Locke says:

Which one of these Tony City Pedals would you recommend for a Punk Rock feel ?

john barr says:

are they still selling these??

Matty K says:

The whole made in China arguement by Lee was really good , i never thought about it that way , such a good point

NizVania says:

Is the power supply still included if you buy two? I can’t find any info about it on the Andertons page.

Promit Roy says:

3:24 telecaster looks like a cardboard cutout :p

ZX7 -RR says:

5:52 Extreme – Suzi (wants her all day what!?) 🙂

Jae-Sung Park says:

The Angel Wing would be totally my thing, I’m a fan of the cleaner sounding ones. I love that one.

Leafyis Life says:


Alexis Harper says:

Bad Horsie is a Klone (Klon clone). It’s made to be used as a transparent overdrive to thicken up the tone, not to be used to create your dirty sounds (though you can use it that way, you just are then wasting its potential).

Edit: Oops. I did it again…

Stuart Miller says:

5:50 Suzi wants her all day what now?

Siraël Sombrelame says:

Woah, that red one is incredible! that Gain knob goes from nice overdriven to insane fuzz, all old school fashion style, I love it!

Copacetic Unleaded says:

12:20 smashing pumpkins they kick ass

todd vought says:

what hendrix song is he playing

Insederec says:

I don’t even own an amp but I want that plexi.

Tone Fingerz says:

bea thru the fuX!

ipadalves 88 says:

Hi Mr Chapman and The Captain

That was a great DEMO. Great sounding pedals!!!

Just wondering is it okay if I purchase these pedals and use them on my acoustic electric guitar? How do you think these pedals would sound if connected to an acoustic electric guitar?

I’m currently looking for a set of pedals to be used on my acou. elect, but the pedals designed for acoustic seem to be overpriced.

So what do you think?

Cheers from NZ

Looking forward to your reply

riisx says:

Realy great pedals

FearTheGremlin says:

The transparency and clarity of the Bad Horse is incredible. Definitely not one that I expected to be one of my favorites.

Cooper Cummings says:

what are the reviews on this “big momas chunky whore house”?


i can see hunderts of pedals in your amazing shop. now after seeing a dozend different videos on youtube about Pedals. i really believe that each and every pedal is amazing good. ! so it is easy to choose. just grap one or more of the pedals and plug them in. and play !

lawfvader6 says:

A lot of Smashing Pumpkins played on the second pedal!

Carlo Monde says:

as you lee….thought the tele was more tight. .

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