Tone City Pedal Review Part Deux! More mini pedal joy…

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Tone City pedals are quickly becoming the biggest selling pedal line we’ve ever had at Andertons, and so after Rob Chapman’s run through of the first 6 pedals, Rabea Massaad is going to take you through the next 6. To check out the Tone City pedal range please go here –

By the way – you’re hearing everything through a Victory Silverback & the guitars used are a PRS S2 Custom 22, a Chapman Ghost Fret, and a Squier Classic Vibe Strat (heavily modded).

If you want to see more of Rabea playing then go here –

Hope you enjoy the video – cheers, Lee, Rob & Rabea!
Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Jeremy Wilson says:

Wow that was the prototype for his most popular guitar. History.

Jeremy Reed says:

, MM,,, m,

Lewis Cherry says:

The sweet cream is absolutely fantastic

James Johnson says:

I bought some! Hey Riff City cookies taste good!

Coulda Woulda says:

I have to say, I am a Nashville native and have been playing guitar for going on 16 years and you guys are by far my favorite YouTube guitar/music-based channel. Great job keeping the videos “light” and “straight to the point”. Was wanting you all to do more of these mini TC and mini Tone city pedals through an Orange TH model. Im a little late to the party, but I am pretty sure that you all have not done that sort of video yet..?.. Thx again for the great material!!

Jacob Price says:

Really want to buy a Golden Plexi from Andertons but Riff City has it for ten bucks cheaper (because of shipping (the U.S)) and I’m broke as shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Andymanaman says:

So Chapper’s just interrupts a video halfway through, kicks Rabaer out and hijacks a pedal review to show off his new guitar? Not cool.

Caleb Whitcraft says:

I watched these Tone City demos, now I have to buy 8 new pedals…

Fil Piovano says:

I bought the Sweet Cream and couldn’t be happier. Adds a lot to your tone and adapts really well to a whole range of styles. I recommend it!

Delta Reviews says:

Just bought the tape machine and the tiny spring and deffo gonna ‘spring’ (see what I did there) for the bad horse and sweet cream and just stack the shit outta em.

Winter Hisagi says:

The Black Tea is one of my favourite sounding pedals I’ve heard so far. I prefer it over most drive pedals two to three times its price. I love tea and Vox amps, so I knew I would like it, but damn, I love the way it sounds. I want to get an Orange Dual Terror and love the gain on that amp so didn’t plan to get a drive pedal, but that thing just sounds so great to me.

Modest D says:

I was just checking out the Ghost Fret on the Chapman Guitars website and I might be in the minority here but I think it looks better in the gloss finish. Maybe they could give the option to have it in a gloss body and satin neck

couchcamper says:

Keith Richards is such a Kafir limey xD

danie9171 says:

kaffir lime also known as makrut lime

Deluxe Memory Man says:

Medjugorje is a holy place, the holiest of holies if you will. Check it out some time. Not sure if that is the pedal reference or not thou. Love your video’s KK

Deceased User - RIP In Peace. says:

Lee is obsessed with touching knobs.

ajeremy09 says:

Chappers crashes Captain’s alone time with Rabea

SgtSplatter782 says:

plexi, angel, and sweet cream do it for me. though the tape machine…..

Luca C. says:

“it took me a while to find the sweet spot there..”
“but there`s always one there every woman!”
*awkward second*
“That`s good. I`m Gonna go back again.”
haha Fantastic

Der Knuspriger Kartoffel says:

Question – do these pedals sound as good in real life as they do in these videos?
Answer – Yes, yes they do. I’ve owned 5 Tone City pedals for about a year now and I’m impressed every time I switch them on, especially the Model V. The Black Tea and Angel Wing are also amazing.

James Fall says:

Yeah the pedals are cool and all but THAT PRS IS GODLY

Alexis Harper says:

Could there just be a package with EVERY SINGLE ONE. XD

Cooper Cummings says:

the sweet cream sounds suspiciously like my tube screamer mini

Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh? says:

what does polarity reversal mean with these pedals? photos of model M show it’s negative centre but advert doesn’t say polarity reversal, it says 9v regulated. but on all the smaller pedals it says different. it says polarity reversal and no indication of whether it’s centre negative or not. so what’s polarity reversal all about?

1997LT1Camaro says:

Rabea is a cool guy. He deserved a little seat time.

FearTheGremlin says:

Black Tea, Model V, Sweet Cream, Bad Horse, and Golden Plexi are my favorites of the range based on these videos.

menosscott says:

His face at 6:42 hahahahaha!

Daan van Keulen says:

Mandragora is a plant. It plays an important role in the Harry Potter books 🙂

Alejandro Rangel says:

Do these work with a common Boss power supply?

Liaz Strumbetter says:

after pt1&2 ya almost go me convinced to order… let me get to GC next week and if they don’t have what I want – I can promise you I’m the type of person to walk out empty handed… sporatic shopping and spores multiply !!!!!

Bob Crosley says:

I know it’s an older video, but I’ve been pedal shopping and rewatching some of these. They all sound great, but at 16:48, when Rebea hit that first note on the strat through the Sweet Cream, I was ready to sell body parts to get that guitar and pedal. Gorgeous tone.

BAgodmode says:

Tone city keeps impressing me.

Jacob Baber says:

kaffea lime leaves, you put them in curries eg. tai green

Tonny Garcia says:

Mandregora sound like a Peavey drive

tillyoudiefromit says:

i live in the US and just bought the tone city tape machine and spring reverb from andertons in the UK i had my pedals in about 4 days for $16 shipping. Amazingly fast delivery. i tried to find these locally and had no luck. Amazing sound out of these tiny pedals. Unfortunately the power supply that was free with my order is useless without an adaptor due to different wall outlets no worries though. Amazing deal for those in the UK, the pedals came in a bundle with a multi-pedal splitter cord and a multi-pedal power supply FOR FREE! very happy and will shop Andertons online again.

November Bees says:

Hey Alan partridge. great video really useful!

Paul TheSkeptic says:

What are you guys talking about? A lot of people want that kind of clean, kind of crunchy tone where you can still hear the clean note. Some amps will even layer both channels. It’s a kind of bluesy thing I guess. Cool, pedals though.

Dan says:

Are these in the effects loop or between the guitar and amp? Also I have a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and am thinking of getting a sweet cream to see what kind of blues tones I can coax from the clean/crunch channels on my amp. Any thoughts on whether this is a good idea?

Mark Gowans says:

I thought was one second when Rob looked at The Captain that he was about to club him with that guitar lol 😀

Simon Lowes says:

effing love these pedal and without typing an essay of a comment, they’re brilliant for the money. Bought my first one second hand, Golden Plexi. I have more expensive pedals but I”m no snob and these blow me away!

Troy Nunez says:

You know….Rabea rips!!! Hard to believe he could play anything but power chords and single finger bar chords with those sausage mitts.

FenderBent says:

What’s that first song Rabea plays on the Black Tea?

Rizzles says:

I know its Rob’s channel but I have to say that I really like Rabea. I think he should do all the demos because he’s a much better overall guitar player I think. Send my sincere apologies to Rob while I run for cover and hire a bodyguard :p

David Parfitt says:

Will the Orange summer “flange” do a cowboys from hell type thang?

Elliott Preston says:

Love to watch Rabea play

infoowetrust says:

Rabea now so much better now on camera…These little pedals are great

v8dreaming says:

Thank you for these reviews. I’m now saving up to buy at least three Tone City pedals.

Sean O'Brien says:

What riff was that at 8:30? The one where he went down the scale? That sounds so good,I’ve been trying to get that, but it’s just too fast for me. Is it from a song?

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