This $20 Pedal Is My New Favorite Tuner! – Demo / Review

Rugged, cheap, effective, and fast! What brand is it? Pick your favorite! Here’s the Monoprice one that I got:

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


batmany2k says:

just got mine i too am dead

Jonnatan Pena says:

Ha, funny you asked!. I actually still have a pitch fork, I bought it about 25 years ago. Of course, I do have my digital tuner as well. I used to use the pitch fork to tune in my guitar and all the other stringed instrument in the band I was playing on, cause I trusted my ear more. Now I only use it for tuning my acoustic guitars, there is something about it that I feel is lost when you use a digital tuner. For everything else I use the Digital Tuner. However, many times I found myself tunng a string or two to my own sense of pitch…I know, picky.

Mobile Gaming123 says:


yaboi T says:

Do a vid on the mooer ge200?

Adrian Tysoe says:

So this tuner can be used as a splitter too. Two output’s with one that can be muted. Seems pretty cool to me. I wonder if one or both outputs are buffered at all, whether there is any noise if both are hooked up.

I might have to get one of these if only because like you illustrated. Being able to use battery power means you don’t have to worry about freeing up an extra isolated port on your power supply.

Quiksilver says:

A Behringer TU300 is around the same price. Not sure if you’ve tried it, to get your thoughts. They do get a lot of flack for using hard plastic casings for their pedals (Behringer) but for home use and using it every once in a while (after 5 songs or so) I don’t think the hard plastic is such a disadvantage

Logan-5 says:

I have a Pitch pipe . But haven’t used it in Decades lol !! My Snark -2 and another cheap no name clip on I got off TopHatters for $6 bucks , go with me every where …

Frans Terhorst says:

another great money saving tip! greatly appreciated!!

Blitz Alex says:

The thumbnail makes it look like he’s holding a boomerang.

Christian Boddum says:

You can never have too many tuners, thanks for the video 😉 I still use a tuning fork when setting up guitars, and I strike my mental tuning fork when I need a 440hz. A – like really. I’ve done it so many times that the sound is recorded in my head XD

LikeMikeSIKE says:

I use this new pedal called Ears. Works just fine, well constructed, and pretty much anyone can get them free of charge!

Bob Busby says:

I never used a Tuning Fork but I did learn to tune my guitar with a Pitch Pipe many moons ago before the electronic gadgets were available. I am going to purchase one of these, thx for te excellent demo and info!

Mark Fuller says:

From experience don’t buy cheap tuners. They break easily and destroy batteries in no time at all. I’ve had two and I don’t own them anymore and not because I sold them.. There is a reason everyone buys Boss, Korg and Polytunes, they are stupidly reliable. You can buy a second hand TU3 for about $10-15 more and it will probably outlive you!! This would be great for a guitarist on a pocket money budget, but if you have the cash buy one of the brands above. Just saying…

Graeme Davin says:

Thanks for review, and I just bought one in Australia. Good seeing reviews on products that are good and don’t break the bank. Keep it up buddy.

Central Scrutinizer says:

Bought that exact tuner 2 weeks ago for $20 bucks.

Kim Thompson says:

That’s a cool little tuner . Nice review . Gonna have to get one !

adrianfytr35 says:

I’m buying this, thanks for the review.

davesmith6661 says:

Thank you for another very informative easy to understand video for an ultimate beginner like myself.

chris o'flaherty says:

Back in the early 80s, I got a BOSS chromatic tuner (not a pedal) and it cost over $100 but all my shit was in tune. Still have that pedal today and it works great. But I’ve added free tuning apps to my smartphone and iPad and they work great, too! This cheap pedal would help me at live shows so I’ll prolly check it out…

Alex Mitchell says:

I keep a tuning fork in the case with my acoustic. Although I use electronic tuners with my electrics, I like to tune the acoustic by ear.

Bob S says:

Nice find! I’ll definitely be picking one up.

Stu Bone says:

Best channel on YouTube. Don’t care what anyone says. Thanks again Max!

Smurf431 says:

I still use a tuning fork when i place my classical / nylon sting acoustic….force of habit I guess, tho I use a foot rest with ALL my instruments when I am sitting down.

Martin Seidl says:

I use a pedal tuner while tuning my digital keyboard.

1972myc says:

Love yout videos!

William Davis says:

Never owned a tuning fork

Lance Emil says:

Tuning fork: only on my acoustic, mang.

Reggie Wallace says:

After this video was posted, the price of this unit went up. The lowest price for this tuner grew to the $25- $30 price rage. As of today, it is available on Amazon for around $20 again so apparently the initial interest in this tuner has diminished.

But another great source for this tuner is Monoprice in California who is selling this direct for $19.99. They also offer a clip on tuner for $5.99 – which is going on eBay for up to $18.

Okay with that said, I purchased on of these a few months ago and put it to the test. Yes, it works, but it’s overall build quality it exactly what you’d expect for a cheap tuner. So for those looking for a more durable product let me recommend that you also check out the Snark SN-10S. It sells around only around $35 — Musician’s Friend, and Amazon, but some dealers are asking closer to $40.

This is the same company who make the venerable Snark clip on tuners. If you like how the Snark tuners work, you’re gonna like this pedal version. It’s display is bright, clear, although the Monoprice tuner’s display is actually quite good. The Snark’s build quality appears better. The Monoprice tuner has the option of passing through the signal from the instrument or muting it when switched on while the Snark only mutes the instrument’s signal while you use it.

With the Monoprice, the battery cover is a simple plastic one that can easily become dislodged and lost. The Snark’s rear cover must be removed to replace a battery, but this can be accomplished with one screw using a coin.

The Snark cost more than the Monoprice, but is worth every penny in added cost. Yes, the Monoprice is a real bargain, but for me the Snark seems more durable and a much better choice for working musicians.

Michael Opel says:

As always, your review was dead on. I bought this pedal based on your review and I love it. I pulled my Boss TU-2 off my board and now use this pedal. Much easier to see and tune with. With the boss there was always too much going on with all the Leds flashing all over the place. This pedal tells you just what you need to know and nothing else. Got it for $18 bucks shipping included on Ebay. Keep up the great reviews!

Tomas M says:

Hmm this looks like my next purchase

Gabe Morehouse says:

i use an old piano that i get tuned once a year… never thought of using a tuning fork. maybe i’ll get one, sounds like it would improve my ears a lot.

Thunder Buddy says:

Looks like a great product! I am sooo sold on my Yngwie clip-on that I am done with pedal tuners. But if I change my mind this will be first pick

SnowdriftBoy says:

Tuning forks, tuners and other instruments with fixed pitches (pianos and the likes), use all. 🙂 Nice work as always!

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