These cheap mini effects pedals are actually AWESOME (most are less than $20)

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Here are the pedals in this video-

TOMTOP links:

Rowin Mini Chromatic Tuner:

KOKKO FCP2 Compressor:

KOKKO FOD3 Overdrive:

EX T-Cube Reverb:

EX T-Cube AD-6 Analogue Delay:

Amazon links:

Rowin Mini Chromatic Tuner:

KOKKO Mini Compressor:

KOKKO Mini Overdrive:

EX T-Cube Reverb:

EX T-Cube Analogue Delay:

So first here we have the most important pedal that every guitar player should own. A tuner pedal. This Rowin tuner pedal comes in at about $18 and has a nice bright led display, perfect for both dark indoor stages, or outdoor sunny stages. When activated, it mutes the signal to your amp while you tune, and features true bypass when deactivated. It’s a chromatic tuner that works for guitar and bass, and when I checked it against my other more expensive tuners, it’s tuning is spot on.

Next we have the next most important pedal that any guitar or bass player should have, a compressor pedal. Often times a little compression can do more for your tone than the rest of your rig. This Kokko mini compressor again is only $18 and has all the features you need to add extra articulation and sustain to your guitar. The three knobs control attack, sustain, and the overall level, here’s a nice sweet spot that I’ve found for it:

See it’s really great for boosting your level, adding definition and articulation to your picking, and increasing sustain. I personally use compression all the time to cover up my incredibly sloppy guitar playing, and sometimes as a clean boost to kick my tube amp into overdrive.

But if you don’t have a tube amp, and you want some of that sweet overdrive, here’s an overdrive pedal that I’ve found almost perfectly imitates my own tube amps overdrive. The Kokko FOD3 mini overdrive. Check this out:

This thing breaks up pretty good for a nice crunch. No need for an expensive tube amp, this little pedal gets you some of that natural overdriven tone, and it can get pretty fuzzy if you want it to. Again, only $18.

Now we have the most expensive pedal I’m going to show you today. This EX T-cube reverb pedal will set you back a whopping $31. But I think it’s really worth it, here’s why, check this out:

Moving on to our last pedal. This is the same brand and series as the reverb pedal, the EX AD-6 analogue delay. This pedal is the next most expensive at $25. Which is an amazing price for an analogue delay pedal. It’s a basic bare bones delay pedal with four knobs which control overall level, delay mix, delay repeats, and the big one in the middle is the delay time (how fast or slow the delay is).
And pair it with a volume pedal for some smooth swells. You know, like what you play at church when your pastor is finishing the sermon and your keys player is still asleep in the green room
Not bad for $25 right?
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Pancake_god says:

Thank you this video was actually very helpful. I’ve kind of blindly bought two really expensive pedals that’s are really great but more than I ever really needed. I was always curious on what would work at a decent price and this helped me tons.

Jay Reilly says:

that tc clip tuner is fckn dope and one less thing in your chain……

Raay Communications says:

Telling me a $20 pedal is awesome? When min. wage is $15/hr, and the case alone costs $6.?
I do not expect slave labour to have any education or QA. ,,,, Hence China, and your dud.
I also do not endorse slave labour. I am not a Liberal.

War Zone says:

No fucking way, a tuner pedal is the least important pedal of all…you should learn to be able to tune your guitar by ear. I started playing guitar when I was 14…I could tune my guitar by ear by 16. E is not a hard tune to hear, drop the line quality drop of the tuner, learn to tune by ear, your better off.

Mat Dubé says:

I actually own that Kokko compressor pedal and it does an impressive job exactly what a compressor needs to do with a lot of sustain. Most importantly no noise and the true bypass.

Jake Jones says:

Mooer Or moer pedals (I can’t remember the name) are such fun little inexpensive pedals. They have quirky little effect ones too.

Punkyagogo says:

Nice review, Dan! These little ammoon pedals are gonna ruin my wallet. Do you think you can review the Caline Pressure Tank? It’s a new chinese compressor pedal that’s 30 bucks and I can’t find any reviews on it yet.

Nick Wright says:

Where the hell has this channel been my whole life?!

Parody says:

Thank you so much, definitely needed this

Kelsey R says:

Whale sounds are amazing

Paul H says:

I’ll never understand the connection between God and Guns.

Dirk Rieger says:

guns,guitars AND church??
i`m confused…..

Danny Riot says:

I have the tuner. It’s really nice.

Glenn Winburn says:

I bought that green koko as a joke 2 see how bad it was. The joke was on me, its on my board n use it all the time, duh.

Bar Goldstein says:

I don’t like compressors and noise gates. They make the guitar sound extremely unnatural and not in a good way

mason mandrell says:

I’m a lead guitarist at my church and I’ve been using a pedal that does pretty much everything but I’m moving on…it’s not her. It’s me

Matt Gilbert says:

Rowin, Mooer, good stuff. Some crap, but some great pedals.
We need separation of Church and Rock

lucasghiri says:

I have that tuner. Sorry man, it sucks.

Jonathan Grayson says:

I hope this guy isn’t a big racist conservative in real life, because his content is rad af.

Enrique M. says:

Can cheap pedals broke your amp? For example if for some reason electronic components inside the pedal got burn, that could cause an amp to fail?

Bigboss Snake says:

got any cheap buzz pedal?

Andrew Chamberlin says:

You once again have shown the tone is in your fingers. I just watched guys play the expensive setups, and I actually like your sound better. But I didn’t see the amp, or you might have said it, and I missed it.

Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club says:

What`s the difference buying pedals individual and just buying a $100,00 Multi effects pedal?

Ricky Racer- Aidan Henson says:

How have I never seen this channel!? I love it, keep it up

Lucas Taylor says:

i got a baaaadd kokko compressor

Jason Austin says:

Did you ever get the reverb pedal?

Siana Gearz says:

Analogue Delay? Is it normal to lie in product descriptions in your industry? Because you can look in there, you’ll find PT2399 IC, look it up. Not that anybody really NEEDS the innards to be an ancient crappy BBD, the electronics isn’t ill designed or anything, just saying.

Buster Näslund says:

Ebay is actually really secure especially when you pay with PayPal. They both are super hardcore about customer satisfaction as far as my experience go. I just got a refund from some asshats who sent me a dud fuzz pedal. They tried to give me back less than half with the genius idea that I should use that money to get it fixed locally. Super likely that I can find some who is able or even willing to fix a $20 pedal for $8 when it’s a super cramped nano pedal with almost only surface mount components. They jerked me around for 2 weeks before I had enough and made a complaint with ebay. One day later I had a refund.

Kakss says:

Buuut compression actually kills your articulation.

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