The Most Versatile Pedal Ever? | OMEC Teleport

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Welcome to my channel! I’m a musician based in the UK. I’m predominantly a singer-songwriter writing bluesy songs on the electric guitar, but, in September 2016, I started a series on YouTube called ‘Tuesday Talks’ that is predominantly targeted towards guitarists and singer/songwriters. I share my own experiences or interviews with prominent artists such as KT Tunstall, James Valentine (Maroon 5) and Joanne Shaw Taylor. A few years later, I’ve found an interactive community who are incredible supportive of my independent artist status.

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Scott - Boo - Mullarky says:

Awesome! Thanks for this. I’ve almost pulled the trigger on buying MIDI Guitar 2 so many times. The Teleport makes it immensely more accessible in a live setting. Didn’t know such a thing existed. The world just got a lot bigger 🙂

Heph333 says:

So….. It’s an interface. A really tiny one. That needs a power supply.

Salt Spring Design says:

this is bullshit, it’s just a usb sound card. They should probably mention that… now if it would download a number of patches and duplicate the sounds shaping possibilities, for example, in Logic or Guitar Rig or something like that well…that would be very useful as there as certain sounds one can simply not get live without using a laptop or iPad for the performance. Also latency is not mentioned here… it should be or some people are going to be very confused/disappointed with this product.

Daniel Minnick says:

Wish it had a port for an expression pedal.

Mauricio Tamez R. Of says:

I watched this on Instagram and I’m here

nemesis9410 says:

Wait, I understand the concept of the pedal converting your guitar signal to MIDI, so that you can make it sound as other instruments. But what’s the point of using it to then emulate an amp in Logic? Like isn’t it the same result as if you put guitar straight into your computer (via interface let say) and put it as input?

Guglielmi Beer says:

I can’t use it at all, realy useless ! No specific driver ? Are you serious ? Maybe im dumb but it inst easy to set up. 100 euros for nothing

4 4 says:

Would be cool if it had a pedal to compensate for any automation.

Renaldo Ramai says:

A quality video of a quality woman showing off quality equipment, whats not to love here.

Rafa Romi says:

guitar, analog pedal (s) and a good tube amp, that’s all you need…who needs all that other crap

Donald Miller says:

That is really cool awesome video

Ctol Keisham says:

I need that one >>>> really soon.

Beat says:

i really disliked how you distinguished between a computer and a mac. A mac is also a computer/PC.

Shal Music FX says:

So it’s an audio interface in a pedal? I can see that being pretty useful. My live setup (once I build it out) is probably going to need more I/O’s than what it provides, but for someone who just uses a guitar, this can open up a whole range of new possibilities for them. Granted they’d still need to lug a laptop, but this is way smaller than a Focusrite, so that’s a huge win. =)

Adrian Reza says:

This was informative and also sensual. I hope to see more reviews, thank you. I hope it was good for you – sure was for me.

Matt New says:

Hi Mary, I find this pedal extremely frustrating to use. I am trying to use this to control sound modules within Logic Pro X as well. But no matter how I configure the input and output on Logic, this won’t talk via MIDI. I have manage to get signal to only some sounds, but guitar signal is also present. Bought this pedal to replace my Fishman Tripleplay, and am very much regretting this purchase. Any tips?

Cankut Bayhan says:

are those cello vibs there?

Craig Fishburn says:

English girls are pretty when they play guitar. Ryan Adams

the D. Willy says:

Me: Wonder what creative adventure Mary Spender is presenting today.
Advertisement: Here is some shit that you searched for last week. I know you already bought it, but don’t you still want to see the same ads about it?
Mary’s Channel: I’m genuinely interested in this thing that I got paid to talk about.
Me: I had to wait through an advertisement before I watched this extended commercial?! Fuck that.

Alex Vanu says:

Haha, enjoyed the teleport joke @7:50. For a moment I thought you accidentally hit your lens with the pedal.

Elisandro De Leon says:

“..guitar sound like a piano”
me: I’lll take 5!

Count Blue says:

This turns your guitar into midi.
So its basically a midi converter.
Usually that comes along with latency issues.

JayLeonardJ says:

I just love the way you film and edit your vids! You really make things super easy to understand yet pack all the info in for the techies too 🙂

fabrizio peretti says:

such a cool video format!

Eric Ottaviano says:

I don’t know metric

adaptiveagile says:

Too much head blowing tech. Must get back to cartoons. Will check with out the pedal—great demo.

Tone Junky says:

Cool AF…

Henry Kresse says:

Great Demo – thank you very much.

Lola S says:

Why did I stumble upon this!? I just swore I wouldn’t buy anymore equipment, but now I won’t be able to stop thinking about this.

Sparks says:

I’m about to watch this video,…. but before I do,…please Mary, can you answer a question I have had for ages now,… WHY a Nose Ring? As a fashion photographer I have never EVER seen a single girl whose looks were enhanced by these things! It’s distracting to say the least. Now back to the video,… I do love your videos and think you are an intelligent person and terrific musician.

Robert Calvin says:

Good useful pedal. Hello Mary – my music here or here

JoFus Mojilliken says:

Sooo, it’s a peddle how? More of an interface less peddle

benlogan100 says:

Nice string bends

Cb K says:

Hi Mary, wanna do things to u I can’t mention here

MomoTheBellyDancer says:

So, what about latency?

Bar Yaish says:

Im sorry… but you are so beautiful!!


But at the end it did “it”? Love the accent yep!!

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