The Coolest Guitar Pedal You’ve Never Heard Of

I just discovered this pedal that does the job of 3 of my favorite pedals in one box!

And if you leave a comment, you have a chance at getting sent one of these to beef up your own rig!

I had 3 Keeley pedals on my board for a long time; the Compressor, Katana, and Modded Tube Screamer. I just stumbled on the Keeley Tone Workstation, which is all 3 of those pedals in one enclosure. I’m really happy this is real.

In this video I play some guitar parts from J.T. Corenflos, Brent Mason, and Brad Paisley.

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And I have courses on Brad Paisley and Brent Mason (and more) on my site if you want to learn some of the thought processes that go into playing like I did in this video!

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Thanks to Robert Keeley and everyone at Keeley pedals for making great stuff.


cmartin1959 says:

nice playin !

TheBamaKid1962 says:

Dude, you are an inspiration to Country guitarists everywhere

Jack Smith says:

nope… I have heard of it lool, but then im a pedal nerd, nice playing though

Logan Gabehart says:

I really love my keeley compressor. It amazing.

Hello says:


cabinderada says:

This looks like a great pedal and sounds like a great bargain! I’m sure that you already gave it away, but in case no, HMU.

garry O'Dell says:

My new favorite pedal too…Now anyway.

Bram Aho says:

what flaws did keeley fix? was it lessening the compression the tube screamer imparts?

Rachel Wyatt says:

Nice pedal. I need to add that one to my collection.

Rayb Ca says:

very cool pedal!

Tony Baker says:

Hey Jim…..Love the channel & your very tasteful awesome playing buddy, I have been considering changing my pedal board for some time now and i think this pedal could be  the future for me, just one  or maybe 2 questions though I play mainly Country, Blues, Rock & Roll & a few  Rock tunes ( Free.. Alright Now is probably the heaviest we get Lol ) and I use a Boss DS1 distortion pedal ( Orange one ) with all the knobs at 12oclock…Would the distortion on this pedal match that kind of sound so I could replace the Boss?? and if so where can I get one…..I am a huge James Burton fan and live in Swansea, South Wales, UK…..Keep on pluckin Buddy….Cheers Tony B…. 🙂

Glenn McIntosh says:

To a fellow Michigander – Thanks for making this all so understandable and enjoyable !

Gold Stars For Everyone says:

Hey bud, late to the game here, but your proposition is wild. I’ve been playing guitar for years, but only building up my board for the past ten months and I’m still getting used to it. Right now I’m just running with two different overdrive/boost pedals, a toneshift/octavizer, an analog chorus, analog delay, and digital reverb, but you bring up some great points for the way a compressor/additional boost could work well in my setup. I’m gonna look into this next time I can afford to upgrade my board, thanks for the heads up and keep on rocking!

Boyd Clement says:

I need it.

John Willard says:

Please pick me ! 🙂

zuppedepeche says:

Thanks Jim. Very informative and helpful. Jim

MarinePilot572 says:

Got one of these on my board and it’s awesome!

James Sharier says:

Love blended stomp boxes, great video

Sergio Escalona says:

This pedal sounds awesome! thanks for your videos! really good stuff!

Mitch Simon says:

That things badass!!

Music and Game says:

Great video!

Anıl Yazar says:

best intro

John Russom Jr. says:

Glad I found your channel, I learn something from every video I watch. Yes I subscribed, you are a welcome surprise.

M Behringer says:

Nice presentation. You covered all the bases with good examples. If I win this guy, great. If not, I may just have to go find it somewhere. I appreciate the space saving as well. I don’t really use a pedal board, just a place on the floor in front of the mike with my noise-warpers. Thanks

Mat Dunaway says:


lee howe says:


Eks De says:

hello people of country music… i am a homosapien from planet earth. i am here to messege you all safety for your own solarsystem. 111000011 111000010 100111101 011111010 . i am not your enemy, i come in peace.

Matt Jarz says:

Loved the video, not my kind of music but great review. You got a new subscriber

frittsy74 says:

I’m new to playing. And looking to find those country tones. Thanks for the info. I’d love to win.

Jay Deester's Music Tutorials says:

Any thoughts on the Boss GT 100 or 1000? Thanks again.

Joseph Custy says:

Hi Jim,
What delay pedals would make your top three?

Johnny Dogg says:

I’m a big fan…of getting to the point. lol
This video has it….playing and quick explanation!! Now that’s good TV!

Lynch Fanatic says:

I liked/loved the Timmy!

Nigel Sims says:

I am becoming a real fan of Keeley’s pedals. With any pedal I am looking for good sound & easy use. This pedal also allows you to have a great stand alone pedal to practice Jam and to play gigs. It is also a great base on which to expand your options by adding other pedals if you need to. Jim. I really appreciate your demos. They are just what I am looking for. Many Thanks

Eric Tomerlin says:

Sweet !!! I i know my next purchase now .Great video .

Chris says:

I do appreciate your direct to the point style videos. Keep up and great work and I’ll try to learn to play guitar!

Harrison Spurlin says:

would love to have one to take the place of my older than dirt boss cs3 and my boss super od, my ibanez tube screamer bit the weenie a couple months ago. this would be really nice to play my Bill Nash T52 tele thru!!!!! Love your videos by the way

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