The Cheapest Wah Pedal You Can Buy! – Demo / Review

By popular demand, I review the cheapest Wah pedal on the market! This is the Daphon Wah-Wah Pedal, which sells on Ebay for less than $30!

Ebay Link Here:

Playing through my Blackstar ID Core 10.

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Motherless Blues says:

Limited wah spectrum,, better for chords only ,,, still you get what you pay

Cosmo Bell says:

Sounded awful with distortion but clean I loved it, thanks

artofnoly says:

Wah ain’t used enuffff!!!

Patrick Foster says:

Plastic hmm. As opposed to a real Dunlop Cry Baby which is steel and heavy enough to drive nails and strong enough to use as a car jack. I got one as a Christmas present when I was a kid in the 80’s and it still works great. A real Cry Baby is worth the extra bucks as they are reliable as anvils. And on top of that they sound the best. Good review though.

楠周 says:


robert bright says:


Digital_Fruitcakes says:

The wah effect is nice, unless you’re Kirk Hammet. He sux dix.

Luca slash Marzia says:


ed colins says:

There’s no cheap amp ?

Trollol Police says:

Buy one before Kirk Hammitt buys the whole stash.

Gerald Hartley says:

Hey Max. You should demo the Sonicake Rockstage pedal. I picked one up for about 65 bucks. Sounds amazing for the price!!

Titus Alfaras says:

Since it is plastic you can easily mod it by transfering the input and output jack on both sides and change the dc jack to a normal 2.1 size or even put led indicator. Thanks for the video and ill get one too!!

Greetings from the Philippines! : )

Kingpin says:

Sounds really bad to me.I had a Morley Pro serie that I thought sounded bad but this one is much worse.Save your money for a Vox imo.

Gerald Clark says:

Sounds muffled to me .Sry.

Jude Estrecho says:

Can you do a mooer ge100 vs nux mg100

Goat From Hell says:

It sounds muted

Dylan Maxwell says:

Is your last name is Maxwell

楠周 says:

im a fresh 。can i use it on my bass?

Thiago Pivatto says:

Man, you rock in the reviews! Nice video!!!

Can you tell me the manufacturer name of your custom les paul?

Thank you man!!

You rock!!!!!!

Gustav Vader says:

You make it sound like the most expensive pedal on the market. Great video!

Jeff Pettit says:

It can totally be over used. The first one I had got way over used. But solid review as always. Keep the budget reviews coming.

Alexander Todorov says:

Can you make review on Proel’s Wah pedal, please ?

the hard rocking devils says:

this guy looks like snape

Ronnie Ravenhill says:

Cheapest pitch shifter?

Mal-2 KSC says:

Time to use cables with right angle ends, just like you do at your guitar’s jack.

I’d buy it just for the chassis and put my own electronics in it, but not at $30. Maybe $20.

cnile cnile says:

I have one of these, it sounds terrific, but it came wired BACKWARDS, so the treble sweep was with the pedal in the “up” position.
I got a Vox, intending to use this as a experimental box for something instead.
It sounds just as good, maybe even better, than the Vox in some ways-it’s “cleaner” sounding, not grainy, I think I got a defect’return item.
I went ahead and kept it-I’m going to put a cheap overdrive in it, and use it for gain, or something like that.
It’s well made, and worth it just for that alone

Andreas Nold says:

I will unsubscribe from all my YT-Channels. Will be a protest since I reached more than 10000 views but will be demonetized soon, because I don’t have 1000 subscribers. So, nothing against you. I will keep on watching your channel of course. They change their rules like underpants. Keep on rocking!

Jay Crutchfield says:

Another great review. Professionally done. How long have you been playing? Do you practice every day–or are you a savant?

Fatal Heart Rhythm says:

Party on, Wayne!

bpabustan says:

for funk and soul musicians like me, wah wah is a necessity. Yes, this pedal can do the job.

José Pérez says:

Maybe, some “L” type jack plugs could fix the problems with the cables.

Charles Rubitschung says:

I like Wah Pedals because they sound awesome

Ronald Mcneely says:

Damn thats pretty sweet

DethVmnt says:

Have you tried the Michael Angelo Batio Aroma Music Pedals? They are very good mini pedals, I have the Overdrive/Distortion version, basically a TS9

Mark Rennels says:

I can’t say i’d get it. I got a Vox after selling my CryBaby, had a Morley long ago,,CryBaby is my fav.

Ryan Kelley says:

That same peddle is on Ali express for $18
I have found many pedal on there for very cheap and think it would be cool to see you review them

Christopher Pineau says:

Kirk Hammett, Trey Azagthoth, and of course Michael Schenker and Jimi Hendrix are my favorite wah-wah pedal users. Most of the time, rock and metal players are unimaginative in their wah usage, IMO anyway. But you get the likes of who I mentioned and also Slash, and magic happens.

You Tube says:

Hey Ma666well how’s Baphomet?

Steven Chisham says:

I have one. Where do I get the adapter for it? 3.5 mm negative polarity jack?

Mark Francis says:

Mate you always ROCK. 27 dollars for a wah. it sounded great when you played it obv, but I could pick that in Hull for 8 quid man.

Lucky Haqeem says:

I subscribe because of the cheap gear videos thank it help me a lot with tiny budget

Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg says:

Garbage!!!!! I will spend the extra 50 for a pedal that will last way longer and be reliable!

Scott Patterson says:

Another great video Maxx. I love what you do on your channel. Keep up the good work brother.

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