The Best Sounding Multi-Effects Pedal

Check out the NUX Cerberus:

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Indra Jaya says:

This is why I Love my Pod500

Gary Clements says:

My GR-55 Puts this to shame. Heck the GT-100 I used to have was Superior to what I’m hearing here.

Dana Everhart says:

Annoyingly boring dude!

pete petrov says:

Very helpful.Will check it out,And looks simple to dial in.

DKT says:



Just hit subscribe button…im a gambler and yea music is win…been looking after some multieffect and yea..i think i found it. Regards from Poland

Otto Motto says:

Better than AXE FX II Woooooooooooooowwwwwww………………

Carmen Dedonato says:


Doug Pinder says:

Can Output 1 and Output 2 go into an amps stereo effects loop (i.e. L and R Return)? I’m referring to a JC 120 amp. I’d run the Dist and Drive through front of the amp and then the Delay and Mod through JC 120 Stereo effects loop.

Dave K says:

Chinese garbage.

aeugmk2 says:

You ripped that demo man! Thanks for the killer playing!

Mystic Dreams Music says:

Will there be any gear-giveaways coming up

Mich Leon says:

excelent work…

David Dexter says:

Good playing and demo video but I don’t like the tone you’re getting from either the guitar or the multi effect or maybe both, it’s sounding a bit too digital in a bad way (the multi effect) and just the overall tone just sounds like it lacks warmth, maybe the guitar? I don’t know what it is but the playing is great and the quality of the video is great too.

Micky Scaramouche says:

In Greek mythology, Cerberus, often called the “hound of Hades”, is the monstrous multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving

Jerome Sutton says:

Sounds like the time I cornered a rat with my broomstick.

Jazz Haze says:


Warrior creme says:

does your guitar have a sustainiac?

Mickeyislowd says:

This pedal reminds me of the Sansamp pedal. Its very close in the preamp department.

Richard B says:


Aaron M says:

sounds like shit – or maybe thats your shitty playing? either way you could be the biggest douche on youtube.

the end is near unless we MAGA says:

This is horrible

Revolution Ink says:

I’m sorry, but that pedal sounds absolutely HORRIBLE in every way. I’ve made to sorry mistake of buying a few “NUX” pedals in the past, and all have been immediately returned, or recycled through Craigslist. I figured I’d check your review, JUST IN CASE I’m missing something. The drive sounded weak and thin, the distortion was also thin and lacking any warmth, the delay, meh, but the MOD channel was GOD AWFUL TERRIBLE!!! I’d be ashamed personally to endorse a piece of crap like this, but to openly LIE and say it’s the best sounding multi effects pedal, well – you just lost ALL credibility there pal 😉 The Helix DESTROYS it, The POD HD series DESTROYS it, the AXE FX SUPER DESTROYS it, etc. etc. etc…. I never leave reviews, but this thing sounds like garbage. Get a better company to pay you to do reviews, or AT LEAST don’t b.s. people about the product, just call it like it is, or don’t bother!

Mauricio Caranicola says:


LarryUK says:

My Hughes and Kettner Switchblade sounds like this with its built in effects. Test one.

Fred Zungri says:

Sad thing is the advanced players see the cocky idiot you are, you far from a polished player or person, watch your own videos and see what an idiot you are…


Reminds me, especially the logoing & colts/fonts of my old trusty
TubeWorks MosValve Combo, but way clearer; technology marching on!

Scott T says:

Sorry, but the pedal just sounds cheap and digital (cuz it is) – kind of Line6 circa many years ago. Get a good tube amp and save up for a couple Strymons, Eventides, Empress mega boxes….

Music_360 says:


Pascal Dily says:

Je prefere mon Zoom G7

Michel Doucet says:

sound like shit man it was in a craker jack pop corn gift ?

Za7a7aZ says:

I am so convinced of the fractal ax8 quality that I am willing to swap my porn collection for one.. 😉

rey hykary says:

in mi opinion , for the 300 us, i think that boss ms-3 is a better option.

R. McCloud says:

Mesa lone star xotic sp ac soul driver boss octave EH memory man


‘Cerberus’ was the Greek’s 3-headed guard dog of the gates of Hell!

RobVoyles says:

sounds very artificial.

Bflatest says:

is this better than the MOOER 200 thingy?

Rick Danner says:

love your stuff , hope you answer this comment . I go to a gig with my deluxe reverb and 4 pedals and a tuner pedal . Its always a pain in the ass I hope I can find an easier set up watching this video thanks

Todd Stefl says:

Sounds like a great unit.
Nice licks, too.

Michael Mirabal says:

I own a lot of different amps, from Line6 Spider Valves to Marshall’s and Fenders. I also own top end Line6 effect pedals. I kind of gave up on pedals and actually wish I had kept some of mine because the pricing on those is now astronomical. I kept the Line6 stuff and my Yamaha delays. But, I found NUX. I am the first guy to be very wary of EFX from China (cheeseball comes to mind), but these guys and a couple of others have impressed me. I own the NUX Time Force and the Roctary. First the Roctary. The most sought after Leslie simulator is the Roto-Vibe for guitarists, outside of using a Leslie 122. But they have become extremely pricey and are limited. The Roctary is amazing. It not only simulates the horn section of the Leslie but the bass section. And, when you overdrive a Leslie, you get that cool tube distortion. The Roctary allows you to simulate that overdrive. They put a lot of thought into that pedal and then, on top of it, throw in a polyphonic octave effect. I assume that the Roctary engine is the same one in the modulator section of the Cerebus pedal. (I love that name Cerebus, reminds me of Amon Duul II). The Time Force, another great pedal. Many different delay models, not just a delay, like almost all effects. It gives you tape loop, analog and a few others. It is not noisy but it likes to have batteries for lunch.

Anyway, this pedal probably does a lot more than most are showing. I find it very versatile and like the patching. Most pedals, in one end, out the other. The ones touting Axe/FX forgot to mention the Kemper. There will always be someone who thinks theirs is the best because they spent a couple of grand to purchase it. But with music, money doesn’t always equate to sound and quality. A lot of hit records prove that. Like with guitars. No one wants a Mexican Strat but they play just like an American one (I have a few Strats of both regions) and some Mex Strats sound better. I own an HSS Mex Strat with a locking tremolo. Nice guitar, not cheap either, in price and quality. And Music is Win, thanks for taking the time to demo this.

James Garcia says:

You got some skills there bro…loved how you finished the intro jam, with
that last lick…

dezionlion says:

sounds shitty, maybe it’s the guitar?

Jerome Sutton says:

Spelling mistake here… best=worst!

jaypee manait says:

i m a happy owner of line 6 helix…

Scott Fox says:

I am a proud owner of a Zoom G9000, just lay my hands on the neck and sound like Bonamassa, lol!

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